Kevin Butler Has Gotten Interview Offers

Kevin Butler has done wonders for the PS3, helping to inform and entertain consumers for the past year with his imitable style. He comes off as genuine, real... perhaps a little too real. When asked by IndustryGamers if fans write in like he's a real person, SCEA exec Peter Dille gave a surprise response. “That has happened, and while you might think that a consumer or two might be that naive, we've gotten contact from media people that aren't aware that he's a character, asking for an interview!” he said.

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Acquiescence4647d ago

Our prime source for giggles.

Red_Orange_Juice4647d ago

they say Kevin Butler is not real... BUT IS. ;p

handheldwars4646d ago

You're damn hot! Will you be my girlfriend?

*your 1 bubbled trolling makes u look so cute!!*

ohh god I could squeeze you!!

Leathersoup4647d ago

He reminds me of King Nerd. You know when you'd see a bunch of nerds in school and one of them bossed the other ones around? That's Kevin Butler.

heroicjanitor4646d ago

"with his imitable style"

You mean inimitable :/

branchedout4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )


capable or worthy of being imitated: She has many good, imitable qualities.

Actually, imitable is a much more appropriate word.

Edit: Unless you're saying he can't be copied. Though funny, someone can indeed copy Kevin Butler.

heroicjanitor4646d ago

Ah good point, imitable is usually mean as "capable of being imitated", but I'll choose to read it your way then, "worthy of being imitated" :)

branchedout4646d ago

A bubble for you. You didn't attack back like the normal N4Ger would after someone acted like a jerk as I, copypasting a definition.

I reread my post and thought to myself, "Wow, you're a jerk."

donniebaseball4647d ago

Kevin Butler probably is the best marketing move that SCEA has ever made. He's a great personality for the platform.

DaBadGuy4647d ago

yeah but then they had to go and ruin it with the "step ya game up" kid. I swear when I saw that commercial, I had 90's flashbacks.

Dragun6194647d ago

If you guys check out the new issue of Gameinformer, They have an interview with KB. Pretty funny. It greats to hear the dude enjoys playing as a Sony VP.

PS360WII4647d ago

I say give him the interview :)

nickjkl4647d ago

i saw my first commercial on TV(keyword) yesterday on disney for some reason

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