Video Review: Lair (3/5) & Stuntman (3/5) + New footage of Uncharted, Haze & More

Watch for the reason GamerTV gave Lair 3 out of 5 or 6/10. They give Stuntman: Ignition the same score (3/5). Free Radical's Dave Doak talks TimeSplitters 4. New stunning footage of Uncharted, Jericho, Haze, TimeShift and other games is shown and the entire TV episode is availabe for your viewing pleasure. Special thanks to PS3forums member Apollo.

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MK_Red5215d ago

They are really stupid to give same score to both Lair and Stuntman IMO. Lair deserves much more. Also, Uncharted looks stunning and Jericho looks sick. Both are day one must have for me.

nasim5215d ago

however who cares about this GAMERTV

PSW gave LAIR a 8/10

PLAY gave LAIR a 9/10

ChekkinChinz5215d ago

Yeah, Lair deserved at least a 7.5/10 man. They say Lair has no innovation, but it does have innovation by effectively using the sixaxis motion sensing controls. I guess the Wii can only be called innovative for motion sensing controls. Stuntman suxxx...Who even buys Stuntman?. The showing of HAZE is way too dark to make out anything.

ALI-G5215d ago (Edited 5214d ago )

liar deserve at least 3.5 ot of is the ugliest game of the year
PLAY GIVE IT 9 although it has framerate an bugs issues, based in promises of the developer to resolve this issues.
what next KILLZONE 2 will get 10/10 because the graphic are amazing and the developer promise that it will be good game ???

get over it people

)lair+=average game+ugliest game of the year award (UGOY)
)HS=average game+half assed not even goddess of war, it like female devil may cry( enemies are not there to ttack you but to let you preform combo in them)
)warhawk=goodgame but no singleplayr mode- not even full game -download- online not everyone can enjoy it
)ratch and clark= teen,prefer the WII
)GTpolygon dowload with around 10 cars
)madden,football games,NHL08 @30fps
)multi-platform games you get it late and .......
)eye of judjement:you ave to buy the extra cards to get te powerful cards( i am sure go and check the reviews) = how much is this goig to cast???
)AFRICA???may be not sure

just it is not the Playstation year, it still not the right time to buy PS3

InMyOpinion5215d ago (Edited 5214d ago )

Have you played them? I've only played the demo of Stuntman but I enjoyed it enough to rate it 3/5. I have'nt played Lair yet so I would not know what score it deserves. But you have?

It's funny. Everyone said Lair was gonna be THE game of 2007, and get scores like a AAA Bioshock. Now both Heavenly Sword and LAir are getting 8's out of 10 and Ratchet gets bashed for having poor visuals and last gen gameplay ( What's happening Sony folks?

Sovannah Phum5214d ago

"Ratchet gets bashed for having poor visuals"

wow you just lost all credibility right there.

felidae5214d ago

Jenzo wants a PS3 so badly.

Sad dude .. really sad.

InMyOpinion5214d ago

Did you read what GamesRadar had to say? They bashed it for it's visuals saying it basically looks like it's PS2 predecessors but with a little more next gen polish.

rubarb235214d ago

dude, don't even worry about what ps fanboys have to say. one of the games they were looking so foward to was lair and in the end, it's no where near as good as they hoped it would be. it's just average. lol, so much for one of sony's killer app.

dantesparda5214d ago

And how bout your much hype Bioshock? all its got is graphics, otherwise its just a suped-up Condemned, with a "Alice" like world. And i dont like things based on the 50's/40's. Ok game, but nowhere near what they made it out to be. Injecting yourself with sh!t to get magical like powers? wacky! The whole premise of the game is whacked

RelloC5214d ago

so.. you have obviousy never played bioshock...

uxo225214d ago (Edited 5214d ago )

"Injecting yourself with sh!t to get magical like powers? wacky!" I'm sure you were kidding right? I mean it's a video game. Rachet is some type of racoon or something with a pet robot, come on man if that's not unrealistic then what One could almost relate injecting yourself and getting magical powers as using steriods (smile)

But, a gun toting coon with a robot side kick now that's wacky. Just kidding man, I think both games are incredibly nice and represents what they are very well. I just think that it is unfair and dishonest for you to say Bioshock is wacky, I am almost sure that if it was coming out for the PS3 you WOULD buy it in all it's wackiness.

To a certain extent, it okay and sometimes cool to be a fanboy of sorts, but you know you've gotten it bad when you call something garbage that you really know is not, just to annoy someone else.

Bottom line: Both consoles have GREAT games out and coming out, lets get back to giving credit where credit is due. The 360 to this point has a better lineup, the ps3 is more reliable and has a nice blu-ray player. Here is a non-fanboyish look into the future. The PS3 will have Multiple AAA titles out, and .65mm 360 will be out, and BOTH consoles will become great well selling must have consoles for non-psycho-pathic-dedicated fanyboy game console fans! (Wii already is.)

dantesparda5214d ago (Edited 5213d ago )

RelloC, yes you're right, I've never played the game, just cuz you think so. I've only beaten the demo.., oh, i dont know, like how many times? Yes buddy, keep making them [email protected] assumptions of yours, it'll get you through life real good.

And to Uxo, I own a 360, kid. And i didnt say it wasnt "realistic" but rather wacky. Injecting yourself and shooting out lighting bolts!? Come on! That's wacked! And i dont care about no fvcking Ratchet or Clank. Just cuz thats fake doesnt mean that Bioshock isnt. The game is just graphics with a wacky theme. It reminds me of Alice on the PC while having the weapon fighting mechanics of Condemned. With a 40's/50's theme thats underwater. Who the hell thought that was a good idea. The game is not bad, but is really just more graphics to me than anything else. And i dont hear you b!tching when 360 fanboys talk sh!t

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23478ueyur_9382235215d ago (Edited 5215d ago )

Simply to be on the safe side, I'm going to cancel my Lair preorder, and switch it to COD4 (which looks mindblowingly awesome) and wait for IGN and other sites to review the final build before deciding if I want it. I'm still hoping that Lair is fixed up a bit in its final build. It seems though that their biggest problem is with the missions.

But with COD4 I have no doubts that Infinity Ward will make an absolute monster of an FPS, and I'm dying to use my FragFX with some more games.

Daishi5214d ago

I have very high hopes for COD4 myself, but also for Haze. I can only imagine what MP will be like if everyone plays dead :)

Loudninja5215d ago (Edited 5215d ago )

ANd was it not the main reason people fear Lair because of the controls?Yet they do not have problmes as well.SO thats good .That repectitve stuff depends on the person who playes they game, they might not find it repeective.

MK_Red5215d ago

Awesome point. Stuntman looks mediocre, has bad controls and story plus its repeatative and yet it gets the same 3/5 as Lair? Talk about biased reviews.

gEnKiE5215d ago

the first stuntman sucked, definitely not looking to touch this one....

InMyOpinion5215d ago

No one thought Stuntman would get more than 3/5. Try playing the demo before judging. What's disappointing is Lair. Another overhyped garbage title. I see empty promises being broken.

jay35214d ago

Seethat's what ive been thinkin this whole time. The thing is, PS3 fanboys, no ones saying the game is crap, but it's just not that good. It's like COD3 good. It's good, but it isn't great.

InMyOpinion5214d ago

Exactly. It's probably good but not great. Not the milestone in gaming as it was said to become. Uncharted is the only PS3 game this year that I think has the potential to deliver on what it has been hyped up to be.

Daishi5214d ago

TombRaider meets Prince of Persia?

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socomnick5215d ago

In the Review they said the controls were good. They said it game lacked innovation and looked messy from a visual point. Stuntman sucked though man that game sucks. Haze in the video looked crappy.

Bloodmask5215d ago (Edited 5215d ago )

is an average game according to most reviews. This is the 3rd negative review I have seen.

It will never achieve the legendary status of the Panzer Dragoon Series.

If you want a truly breathtaking dragon riding experience I recommend Panzer Dragoon 1, Zwei, and PD Saga(RPG) for Sega Saturn. Or Panzer Dragoon Orta for XBOX1.

Bathyj5215d ago

Thats the problem with a crap (ill informed and inaccurate) review coming out first. Its so easy for others to just jump on the hate bandwagon. You'd know all about that wouldn't you? All you bots are declaring Lair a flop based just on EGM, even though they admit they review an incomplete copy. But you still take that as gosple because its what you WANT to believe. The sad thing is, the easily swayed actually let in bother them. I guess thats why you keep talking.

Bottomline, it looks gorgeous, controls well and there is nothing else like it on any other system. The fact is CANT be done on your system is reason I think you're trying so hard to tear it down.

This game was never going to be 10 out of 10. Its either your cup of tea or its not, but its still top quality and looks like lots of fun, so I dont reall care what GTV, EGM or YOU, think. The fact you are a well know Sony hater means any opinion of your on anything Sony related is redundant.

Captain Tuttle5214d ago

You're going off the deep end. It seems that you've made up your mind about the review and reviewers (they must be biased and ignorant) if it doesn't go your way. You used to be one of the more open-minded people on this site. Now you're starting to look a bit desperate. What happened man?

Bathyj5214d ago

I dont know Captain. Maybe I'm letting the people who only ever bring negative and never add positive rub off on me.

I Dont think anything I said was really that over the top. Bloodmask is a very anti-Sony person, so I think my response was proportionate to his posts, both current and previous. Hey, if he doesn't like the game he could always just skip the thread, its not like he owns a PS3 or ever will.

Maybe you think I took a cheap shot at Xbox and that upset you. I guess its kinda true, when defending sometimes you have to shoot back but I really didn't say anything I dont believe. I just dont think Xbox could do this game. Thats just my opinion, but for the record there lots of things I dont like about Xbox or M$ but I'm still glad to have one. Overall its a great machine despite its problems.

I fully admit Lair wont be for everyone, but I think it deserves a chance and shouldn't be written off because of the EGM "review." We all know what the story was there, I dont have to go over it. And having watched this video right now I want it even more, and the reviewer seemed to give an average score, more for the fact it lacked multiplayer than anything. Thats doesn't bother me at all and I dont see Bioshock being marked down for it, and nor should it. It was a conscience decision. It goes back to what I said first, if this game had received only 9's from the start he might not mark it down so much for that, but since EGM already muddied the waters why not be a bit harsh. At least you wont be standing there alone.

Anyway, my 2 cents.

Captain Tuttle5214d ago

Thanks for the response.

Don't let the bastards get you down! lol

Bathyj5214d ago

Hey, I'm a Bastard myself, but thats my parents fault, I had nothing to do with it.

Daishi5214d ago

I would agree with some of what you are saying. Look at Dynasty Warriors, gets average reviews at best but still fans play the heck out of it because it's their cup of tea. Personally I'm a big fan of Factor Five and generally know what to expect from them. As for not being able to run on the Xbox I'd agree, but it would definitely run on the 360(a little joke, I know what you meant) The only part that wouldn't work on the 360 would be the motion controls, everything else is possible. One last thing is that there are other games like this such as Drakengard for PS2, so it's not 100% original and I think the reviewers took this into account. People should listen to the reviewers "opinions" and stop staring down the number at the end of the review.

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