What do YOU make of Capcom's new Dante?

If you're a Devil May Cry fan, you've probably seen the all-new, 'reborn' DMC from Ninja Theory.

Which means you've also seen him. Dante Mk.2. The boy.

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Brewski0073865d ago

Which means we've probably seen im plastered on a poster that says "Twilight" somewhere too.

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Dragun6193865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

I dunno, Lets ask the Real Dante from DMC for his thoughts on this.

He is not impressed. I am disappointed in Capcom. Should of keep the Clover studio alive. Now, Capcom is just seeking western developers to develop their IPs rather than themselves, next might be Resident Evil 6.

Lovable3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Next time how about putting a link THAT WORKS?

The new Dante looks awful by the way..

Well that's because he fixed it after I pointed it out.

Bhai3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Ninja Theory's own TAMEEM ANTONAIDES...

Fu(k I didn't know they'd make him the next Dante...

Totally sour hearted folks, hate this emo sh!t :(

Lovable3865d ago

Lmao. Dude that was fricking awesome haha

I see a resemblance I swear!

Bhai3865d ago

Excellent rendering of him man, bubbles 4 ya :)

JsonHenry3865d ago

They should have finished this new character by giving "him" a bottle of prozac, longer hair, boobs and a vagina..

-Alpha3865d ago

That's exactly what I was saying, he looks like a Twilight Vampire with sexuality issues.

Brklynty13865d ago

Seriously Capcom, WTF is this? he looks like he should be a damn zombie in Dead Rising.

bnaked3865d ago

omg, and the next action flick is with Enrique Iglesias instead of Jason Statham?

unrealgamer583865d ago

lol virgil will be modeled after justin beiber.

HAHAHAHA (SIgh) I need a drink

Aleusia3865d ago

the original dante wasn't emo at all. you seem to not know what emo means.

Alcohog3865d ago

I lol'd @ Emo's May Cry. Bubbles, my friend.

DigitalAnalog3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Nowadays, gamers are fighting for 9.5+ averages, nasty ports, changing development (FFXIII), Japan being LESS competitive, COD are top sellers, Kotick is being an ass, Nintendo goes casual, Devs complaining about 1m sales, SEGA removing content in Y3, publishers considering charging extra for used games, DRM, Halo: Reach can't do co-op in 4GB consoles

and then there's

Twilight may cry.....

WORST gaming generation. PERIOD.

-End statement

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MexicanAppleThief3865d ago

Combat looks decent but its not DMC3. :/

dredgewalker3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

DMC 3 is best of the whole series.

zetsuei13865d ago

No offense but this "West" thing that Capcom and Square is trying to make us accept its getting really annoying.

Just look at Nier and this new wave of games, wth.The worst thing its about to happen, RPG's based on this shit too. Oh dear god.

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TheBatman_Fanatic3865d ago

When it comes to JRPG's I stick to Tales mostly because Namco is not trying to 'westernize' it.

Gregard3865d ago

yeah... they are definitely not trying to 'westernize' tales.... They are not even releasing them for the west at all! :P

TheBatman_Fanatic3865d ago

lol that too, but it keeps the japanese touch no matter what. Vesperia for 360 wasn't changed at all.

Game-ur3865d ago

Funny thing, the picture describes the state of the DMC series right now.

NateNater3865d ago

Why change something if it doesn't need to be changed? They should have just left Dante the same.