What We Want From DmC: Devil May Cry

NowGamer evaluates Capcom and Ninja Theory's newly revealed TGS trailer and looks back at the series history and lore to determine what we could encounter in this new prequel - "Now that Capcom has blown the lid off DmC, a prequel to Capcom’s original Devil May Cry series, we thought we’d rundown what we’d like to see from developer Ninja Theory based on what we know so far."

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Otheros003865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

1. the old dante
2. get Hideki Kamiya to direct the game
3. use art style from dmc4 or dmc3
4. make his sword stay a sword (DANTE'S SWORD DOES NOT MORPH!!! EVER!!!)

fastrez3865d ago

Kamiya at the helm would be a great move. Still such a great creative force in the industry after so many years.

Varodor3865d ago

amount of emofobia is begin to scary my

Reibooi3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

This article is retarded.

It's taking storyline from the previous games into account when this is supposed to be a reboot. Who says Dante will ever have the Devil May Cry shop?

Who says that Vergil is still even in the games story line or part of the mythos?

Everything else is so changed and horrible they probably threw out all the good parts of the original story and made up a new one.

I Still don't like it. This will have to be VERY different from the impression we have gotten of it so far for me to even give it a chance. What they have shown as done nothing but turn fans of the series off completely which considering Capcom was trying to help it reach more people seems pointless.

Even if this game does appeal more to a western audience it doesn't appeal to both fans of the series and Japanese fans in particular so they are more then likely gonna LOOSE sales.

This is all without taking game play into account either. It needs to still feel like DMC. If the game plays like Heavenly Sword or Enslaved with a new skin fans of the franchise are going to hate it.

Godmars2903865d ago

But he picks up different weapons. If this "a Dante" and not "the Dante" it makes sense that he'd have a different weapon with different abilities.

What I'm wondering is if he'll be able to use the environment, chuck cars and such.

Eamon3865d ago

bring back old Dante and REBELLION

bustamove3865d ago


I want the old Dante back, not some emo kid on meth.

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vgcgames3865d ago

total agree with you guys. it's time for DMC to become good again. no more lame camera angle either

Baka-akaB3865d ago

What i want is impossible , that capcom loan or sell the property to platinum games .

fastrez3865d ago

Would you guys think it's fair to say that Bayonetta essentially is Devil May Cry 5 if it were made by Platinum. Assumedly they can't use any of Capcom's assets (Dante, the game world etc), so in some ways Bayonetta is their own take on the series.

I agree with you though totally. Bubble up!

Eamon3865d ago

yeah, it's sad to say this but Bayonetta is the true Devil May Cry 5 and not this bullshit.


StarScream4Ever3865d ago

Ninja Theory would be wise if they change Dante back to his real younger self ala DMC3. Works for another well known developer... *Looking at Sucker Punch*

JsonHenry3865d ago

I'd like it to be an open world action RPG. (heavy on the action)

But that is just my opinion.

Baka-akaB3865d ago

nah i think dmc would benefit from being open actually . The whole manor corridor thing was due to hardware limitations , now if jap devs get on with the program they can certainly do better .

DMC4 was only a hd ps2 game , and a gameplay that wasnt even as good .


That corridor feel is what I actually like about the game, it gives you this creepy feeling.

All they really need to do is continue the story from DMC3 with all the same characters and just update the graphics.

But nooooooooo they have to reboot a franchise that didn't need a reboot.

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