Theory: Devil May Cry Reboot is Based in Purgatory

There is next to nothing out on the story thus far, but I do have a theory on what it could roughly be about. When I consider the trailer which makes mention of "Heaven and Hell," and the artwork which notes a place known as "Limbo City," I can only assume the story is set in purgatory.

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Game-ur3866d ago

It’s the DMC fans that are in Purgatory right now.

morventhus3866d ago

that statement made my day bubbles for you making a connection I didn't even notice.

Eamon3866d ago

you deserve a tasty bubble, my good Sir.

3866d ago
Baka-akaB3866d ago

the only devils in that story are capcom and ninja theory ...
And we are the ones crying

raztad3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

I dont care about how Dante looks provided it doesnt look like Bayonetta. Worst character ever.

However, gameplay is what got me worried. I hope the fast action combo based gameplay at 60fps survives this reboot otherwise, I'll be forced to play Bayonetta to get my DMC fix.

Eamon3866d ago

raztad, you probably joined in this gen or not but

we old DMC fans loved the series for its main character.

It's just not DMC without him.

raztad3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

"raztad, you probably joined in this gen or not "

Not exactly I was a former PC gamer only, but back in the PS2 days DMC3 was one of my biggest draw to the PS brand. Played both DMC3 (Special edition or something like that) and DMC1. Didnt bother with DMC4. Yeah Old Dante is cool and everything but sorry if I dont care.

cemelc3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Well perhaps hell be progresing during the game to a more dante like character. I mean he has white in his hair, perhaps that will progress to a full white hair, same with the rest (i hope).

My take is Dante as a character doesnt need a reboot but plot wise the game needs it.

BTW just my opinion, no harm to anyone.

dredgewalker3866d ago

Good Lord...Capcom rename this monstrosity something else! This is not Dante! This is not Devil May Cry! This is not the character I played with since the PS2 days! Just rename it something else and we'll buy it, but make a real DMC game!

xAlmostPro3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

i dont see the issue here.. theres nothing wrong with a change? better than it being the exact same with different levels isnt it?.. this is bringing a new setting and style to the franchise..

and will attract alot of new fans.. ive never been a big fan of DMC i played abit of the 1st & 2nd.. but this seemed quite appealing to me :/.. i'll keep my eye out for it i think

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Snakefist303866d ago

Hey Ninja Theory Bring Back The OLD DANTE

chazjamie3866d ago

i am okay with this dante. it would of been so cool if the two brothers were killing demons in the trailer. Vergil can stick with his white hair, and dante can stick with the black.

oh my word it would be so awesome. they would both be so young, and probably hate on each other.

vickers5003866d ago

Stfu, it's because of people like you that beloved game franchises go to sh*t.

chazjamie3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

dude i said i am okay with the new dante. meaning i am content with it. if it was up to me i would of kept the new dante and resurrected vergil.

BUT ITS NOT UP TO ME. and how does the idea of dante and vergil kicking ass again not sound awesome.

dmc3 was the best in the series. and the only reason why i was interested in dmc4 was because nero might be related to vergil. but they didnt say anything. so it was nonsense. so NO ONE SAY THE STORY IS BAD, its not.

i am obsessed with dmc, i use to go to the to learn how to jump cancel properly. i want dmc to stay with the younger dmc 3 dante. and this is probably going to be the closest it will get.

lastly do not get angry at me for their choices. i like dmc and i am excited that another one is coming out. they will probably change him, like sucker punch did with cole.

vickers5003866d ago

Maybe the stfu was a bit much, but still, the new EMO Dante just looks awful.

I can't think of a game where a character overhaul (while still calling it the original character)has ever been beneficial.

It's a bad idea, and a slap in the face to all of the original supporters.

mac_sparrow3866d ago

if you're hoping they'll listen to you like sucker punch did then may I join you in that hope. Don't think they will though, they'll be too busy whining about enslaved before too long.

Customer: "Hey, Heavenly Sword was pretty damn good but a little short. I'd have liked more of it."

Ninja Theory: "Oh there were so many things wrong with it, we didn't enjoy making it, we made no money off of it, and we shit on it every chance we get. Basically we think you're a moron for enjoying it. But please do buy Enslaved."

Customer (in this case me): "Ohhhhh Tescoooo Rennn-Taaaaaalllllll.

Fishy Fingers3866d ago

Make it just like the old games please. I dont want change to a franchise I like. Now I must find a COD thread to tell the sheep how lame they are for wanting the same game over and over.

Baka-akaB3866d ago

yeah lets revolutionize it and shake things up with the same dull western hack and slash gameplay we see all the time .

goosepoose3866d ago

name these hack and slash we see all the time.

wtf is wrong with you people. are all of you bitches. dante's face is stil there, its his hair that changed. bunch of fags crying over a hair cut. for what its worth there is white in his hair. right on top. ja and you right. its your semen.

disparage3866d ago

Well that would explain why he's all beat up. And is it just me or does the game seem a bit slow paced in the trailer?

Homicide3866d ago

Yeah it looked slow paced to me too. I hope this isn't another DMC2.

Longsama3866d ago

(looking at Dante's jacket) so apparently Dante's also British?

Bhai3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

its painted all over him... dirty old 18th century Britain, emo-guy the likes of which Jack the Ripper would snuff at. Today I understand why Jack the R was many a people's hero ;)

disparage3866d ago

I noticed that too. Guess an American flag would've been deemed "too western". (rolls eyes)

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