Are gadgets, and the Internet, actually addictive?

When the users of BlackBerries could not send or receive e-mails for 11 hours in April because of a glitch in the system, hospital administrator Paul Levy pronounced it a "national disaster" because of all the BlackBerry "addicts" forced into withdrawal.

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INehalemEXI5090d ago

"No static, Got an automatic , to much of anything makes you an addict" -Slick Rick (i think it was).

MK_Red5090d ago

Well I believe in one thing: "Internet" IS addictive.

spammy_nooo5090d ago (Edited 5090d ago )

i really do think it can be an addiction, but how do you tell?

seems to me a lot of the people with blackberries would be stressing out so seriously because they have business to get done and they cant do it.

i know id be really upset if i had to publish a clients website and my internet was down.... come to think of it that happened about two weeks ago. and yes, i was.

my point is, im not addicted to the internet, but i have things to get done using the internet so when i dont have access, i get stressed: e.g. 'withdrawal' symptoms

extra info: I feel inclined to say this, just because its an odd reason for internet to be down. My internet was down for the second time that month. the first time i called in(i knew the problem was on their end, cuz id checked everything), the guy said he'd fix it, and he did. the second time i had the exact same symptoms, so i called in and this time i was a bit more assertive and got them to tell me what the problem was. it was on VACATION MODE! somebody who knew my address called in and set it several times. yah, thats right, you dont have to have a password apparently. i learned my lesson and made them set a password, it hasnt happened since.

btw my isp is Verizon.

Rooted_Dust5089d ago

I wouldn't say modern gadgets and the internet are addictive, it is that they have become neccesities for living in a modern world. Whether it is for work or personal use. If we can't connect we are cut off from the world.