Sony Tokyo Game Show 2010 Press Conference Live Stream

The Tokyo Game Show – the last big industry event before Gran Turismo 5’s November release – is almost here! Just a short drive from Polyphony Digital’s headquarters, TGS is nearly always eventful for GT fans, and this year Sony is expected to begin aggressively pushing GT5 as their flagship 3D title.

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jack_burt0n4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

are there anymore shows before the sony one?


KiasuKiasiMan4572d ago

Microsoft press 2-3 hours earlier

nickjkl4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

Microsofts conference is going to be the best of the year

Scotland-The-Brave4572d ago

Dont hold your breath mate, if there conference is anything like E3 2010, which was pants.

nickjkl4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

dam 9 disagrees how about we chage the into there so it reads

"Microsofts conference is going to be their best of the year"

just because i made a spelling mistake

CernaML4572d ago

Disagreed. Only because it made absolutely no sense. Can you find your mistake? :)

WhittO4572d ago

Dam the Sony Conference being so late! Thats like 5:30 am here in UK.

Would be happy if I woke up to a new FW though?? Sony???

Biggunz4572d ago

maybe a stupid question since I've never really followed the TGS...will it be in English or Japanese?

ELite_Ghost4572d ago

could be THEIR best, cause all the other ones sucked!

hikayu4571d ago

I really hope so . i dont care whatever you are , surprise me ! make me drool ! sony , microsoft , nintendo , or hideo or watever you are .


I don't know if MS conference will be the best (there is some games appearing for kinect that look a little less lame in theory - if they will work is another matter - but still I don't see people speaking of nothing else than kinect games) but considering how they went on E3 and Gamescom, MS can only improve.

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gtamike4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )


What like the M$ E3 :P


Scotland-The-Brave4572d ago

ITV is a main british television broadcaster

DevilsJoker4572d ago

But i can't find the actual link to the stream or anywhere that will be the live stream soon. Anyone?

totallysane4572d ago

and acutally the sony pc is at 1am est not midnight

wsoutlaw874572d ago

why do think that 1pm japan = midnight est

mugoldeneagle034572d ago

Even though I wont understand a thing they say

Christopher4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

Stream is now active.

First part, sales and product overview.

Second part, technical specifics of PS Move. Standard game line up, but they did show an extremely small clip for ape Escape for Move.

Third part, 3D.

Not sure if they're going to actually show anything new here. Looks like it's an executive summary of the business model or something like that.

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Alcohog4572d ago

Is this tonight in US eastern time then?! Too bad I'll be at a Lady Gaga concert. Being a good husband FTL.

PirateThom4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

Midnight, eastern.

P-P-P-Poker face, p-p-poker face.

jmare4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )


SovereignSnaKe4572d ago

-i just flashed on that South Park Episode Whale Wars! HA! :D

Comet4572d ago

5:00 AM British Time
6:00 AM Central European Time
1:00 AM US Eastern Daylight Time
9:00 PM US Pacific Daylight Time (15th September)

AuToFiRE4572d ago

midnight eastern? i thought it was 9pm eastern

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Why o why4572d ago

god on off to the emirates...champions league

jack_burt0n4572d ago

least its on ITV for me :) should be good.

zootang4572d ago

Off Topic:

Do you still get to watch replays on your PSP in the Emirates?

Venatus-Deus4572d ago

Why? There are two massive screens to watch replays. Having said that, I don't own a psp, so didn't know that was possible.

jack_burt0n4572d ago

good game :) the wilshere and fabregas show

Why o why4572d ago

...he's gunna twitch in a min-nit

....twitch in a minnnnnnit

.....he's gunna twitch in a minnnn_nit

6-nil...that'll do

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Da One4572d ago

Lady Gaga huh, well we can't always win now can we.........damn that's still ****ed up though.

Wanna drink?

nickjkl4572d ago

dammit i forgot it was TOKYO GAME SHOW

9/16 is really 9/15 over here

totallysane4572d ago

cannot stand that woman its amazing what passes for music these days.....

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Dnied4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

site says 9pm eastern

deadreckoning6664572d ago

Yep, its 9pm tonight for New York

Crazyglues4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

Can't wait, should be good... Don't worry if you miss it, I'm sure will have video up by tomorrow of everything in the form of a beautiful Youtube video

-so no worries

I'm really excited to see more on the weather effects.. -

and of course what's on everyone's mind how good is the damage looking? I guess we shall soon see.


IceMan5164572d ago

Its Midnight For NewYork

cygnuszero4572d ago

^ Lol, that guy is arguing with what their own site says.

DarkFantasy4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

wait how do you know its at 9pm est .. everyone else says 12am

Apocwhen4572d ago

Doors open at 9PM EST, Sony Live conference isn't until 12AM EST though which is what most people will be interested in anyway.

vickers5004572d ago

What's the start time of it for Central? (tired of trying to figure out which time is right)

Otheros004571d ago

11:00pm for central usa

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redDevil874572d ago

Does anyone know GMT time fot the show?

bjornbear4572d ago

guess have to catch up with it later...- _ -