movements5052d ago (Edited 5052d ago )

It's not gay, dude? Seems you have nothing to say......

Post comments that make sense

qface645052d ago

wait what? that doesn't make any sense whatsoever

EYEamNUMBER15052d ago

how can you be jealous of a trailer?

qface645052d ago (Edited 5052d ago )

aww how cute your talking about posting comments that make sense yet you just edited your comment to remove your comment that made no sense

Forbidden_Darkness5052d ago

Movements original comment:

"Jealous much?"

nix5052d ago

probably he meant "weak".

- Ghost of Sparta -5052d ago

LULZ I SMOKE I'M KEWL! Face fucking palm, R.I.P Capcom.

Danteh5052d ago (Edited 5052d ago )

Fuck yeah the franchise which make me buy a PS2 rebooted!!!!!!!!!!

I still remember when I went to some shop to try that cool new PS2 game which combined sword and guns to make insane combos and kill fucking scary puppets.

I had never tried something like that before.

Although I had been a Nintendo fanboy my whole life, I just begged to my parents till they bought me a PS2 and I went over to the dark side :P


nveenio5052d ago

As someone who has never had any interest in the DMC series (and hated the demo of 4), I have to say that trailer actually made me want to play the game. And, even if some of you say he looks 'gay', he could still kick your that makes him alright in my book.

rockleex5052d ago (Edited 5052d ago )

Sorry but Dante was already one of the coolest and most awesome characters ever in a video game, and he doesn't even smoke.

Just because they failed with Nero in DMC4 doesn't mean they need to change Dante.

What kind of retard decided that the lively and charming Dante needed to be changed? Why do you think people love Johnny Depp?

We want DANTE! Not someone else trying to live up to his name, nor his game!

I have to ask the question. Why are Japanese devs so intent on screwing over their fanbase to target some audience that DOES NOT GIVE A F*CK about them?

Reibooi5052d ago

That was terrible......

Sure the action looked pretty cool but aside from that it didn't feel like DMC AT ALL. Why even call it that? If they named it something else no one would ever think it was supposed to be a DMC game.

Honestly I know it's supposed to be a Reboot(which the franchise didn't need) But they didn't need to change the way Dante looks. He looks like crap. Dante is a iconic looking character design and changing him for no reason is utterly retarded.

bjornbear5052d ago (Edited 5052d ago )

so...Westernized and cheap...maybe the gameplay will be great, but to change the image of a great franchise after 3 great games = sad.

they should have just made it a new IP....

DMC Franchise = reCYCLED...and dead to me...and I LOVED the 1st and 3rd dearly...='(

fallingdove5052d ago

Devil May Cry used to be one of my favorite franchises. Unsurprisingly, Ninja Theory have ruined Dante. Almost as much as the horrible character design, I am concerned that this game is being handled by a company that has said a few times that Story is more important than gameplay. Thanks for nothing Ninja Theory you are a black mark on the video game medium.

ABizzel15052d ago

I don't see the problem besides the new character model. The series needed a reboot. It was going downhill after DMC 5.

Dante was way over powered and Nero was a crybaby. The new character looks a little awkward (his in game design doesn't look as good as the concept art), but other than that the game looks pretty good.

I can't believe people are really in love with a digital avatar. Do you really want to play with Dante's sword and Ebony and Ivory that bad.

Commander_TK5052d ago

*Yawn*. DMC died after that piece of shit known as Devil May Cry 4

goldensfree5052d ago

gameplay looks like it could b epic graphics arnt the greatest but still good nough if its fun.

as for the gay well if he turns you on... the gf says hes too kidish for her.

UnSelf5052d ago (Edited 5052d ago )

WTF IS THIS?!!??!?!



if this is real you better tell me right now!!

gaffyh5052d ago

This looks worse than DMC4. Also he needs to have white hair.

I'm being 100% serious.

magnifier5052d ago

It makes sense at this dude isn't fucking Dante, and he IS wickedly gay

evrfighter5052d ago

"I can't believe people are really in love with a digital avatar"

um you have heard of a small game called World of Warcraft right?

Millah5052d ago

WTF has gotten into Jap publishers this gen? Seriously. Get your shit together Japan. You guys used to create the best and most original, influential games in the industry. What happened?