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movements4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

It's not gay, dude? Seems you have nothing to say......

Post comments that make sense

qface644576d ago

wait what? that doesn't make any sense whatsoever

EYEamNUMBER14576d ago

how can you be jealous of a trailer?

qface644576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

aww how cute your talking about posting comments that make sense yet you just edited your comment to remove your comment that made no sense

Forbidden_Darkness4576d ago

Movements original comment:

"Jealous much?"

nix4576d ago

probably he meant "weak".

- Ghost of Sparta -4576d ago

LULZ I SMOKE I'M KEWL! Face fucking palm, R.I.P Capcom.

Danteh4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Fuck yeah the franchise which make me buy a PS2 rebooted!!!!!!!!!!

I still remember when I went to some shop to try that cool new PS2 game which combined sword and guns to make insane combos and kill fucking scary puppets.

I had never tried something like that before.

Although I had been a Nintendo fanboy my whole life, I just begged to my parents till they bought me a PS2 and I went over to the dark side :P


nveenio4576d ago

As someone who has never had any interest in the DMC series (and hated the demo of 4), I have to say that trailer actually made me want to play the game. And, even if some of you say he looks 'gay', he could still kick your that makes him alright in my book.

rockleex4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Sorry but Dante was already one of the coolest and most awesome characters ever in a video game, and he doesn't even smoke.

Just because they failed with Nero in DMC4 doesn't mean they need to change Dante.

What kind of retard decided that the lively and charming Dante needed to be changed? Why do you think people love Johnny Depp?

We want DANTE! Not someone else trying to live up to his name, nor his game!

I have to ask the question. Why are Japanese devs so intent on screwing over their fanbase to target some audience that DOES NOT GIVE A F*CK about them?

Reibooi4576d ago

That was terrible......

Sure the action looked pretty cool but aside from that it didn't feel like DMC AT ALL. Why even call it that? If they named it something else no one would ever think it was supposed to be a DMC game.

Honestly I know it's supposed to be a Reboot(which the franchise didn't need) But they didn't need to change the way Dante looks. He looks like crap. Dante is a iconic looking character design and changing him for no reason is utterly retarded.

bjornbear4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

so...Westernized and cheap...maybe the gameplay will be great, but to change the image of a great franchise after 3 great games = sad.

they should have just made it a new IP....

DMC Franchise = reCYCLED...and dead to me...and I LOVED the 1st and 3rd dearly...='(

fallingdove4576d ago

Devil May Cry used to be one of my favorite franchises. Unsurprisingly, Ninja Theory have ruined Dante. Almost as much as the horrible character design, I am concerned that this game is being handled by a company that has said a few times that Story is more important than gameplay. Thanks for nothing Ninja Theory you are a black mark on the video game medium.

ABizzel14576d ago

I don't see the problem besides the new character model. The series needed a reboot. It was going downhill after DMC 5.

Dante was way over powered and Nero was a crybaby. The new character looks a little awkward (his in game design doesn't look as good as the concept art), but other than that the game looks pretty good.

I can't believe people are really in love with a digital avatar. Do you really want to play with Dante's sword and Ebony and Ivory that bad.

Commander_TK4576d ago

*Yawn*. DMC died after that piece of shit known as Devil May Cry 4

goldensfree4576d ago

gameplay looks like it could b epic graphics arnt the greatest but still good nough if its fun.

as for the gay well if he turns you on... the gf says hes too kidish for her.

UnSelf4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

WTF IS THIS?!!??!?!



if this is real you better tell me right now!!

gaffyh4576d ago

This looks worse than DMC4. Also he needs to have white hair.

I'm being 100% serious.

magnifier4576d ago

It makes sense at this dude isn't fucking Dante, and he IS wickedly gay

evrfighter4576d ago

"I can't believe people are really in love with a digital avatar"

um you have heard of a small game called World of Warcraft right?

Millah4576d ago

WTF has gotten into Jap publishers this gen? Seriously. Get your shit together Japan. You guys used to create the best and most original, influential games in the industry. What happened?

HammockGames4576d ago

I'm not planning on pre-ordering any of their games in the near future.

They've stopped innovating, and they've stopped listening to their fan base. So what appeal is left?

The only novel thing they've really introduced this gen was Dead Rising. I had high hopes for DR2, but with Capcom's recent history I'm almost expecting to be disappointed...

I'm still pissed at them for the internet sign-on required for Final Fight. What a jackass move that was.

webeblazing4576d ago

capcom proved all the post i made against them this is some BS. i didnt want to be right but yea new SE here this is the beginning. look like weaker combat system, graphics dont look better then dmc4 ( dont bash cause was mp), char design is corny like all they new games ( how can you mess up SF char design, and marvel chars. marvel char is the easiest things to draw).


our voice need to be herd jus make a new game if you wanna try something new. times is hard lets reward devs that love they craft forget pub telling them to make dumb games. they make alot (pub) reward devs for making something new or refreshing.


I just opened the GamingVault link (orignal one wasn't working for me) and right next to the first image was an stupid ad with some Twilight quiz... I couldn't stop laughing at it for 4 minutes. LOL

Now seriously, what where they thinking? The Original DMC was the great one, the second one was mediocre, the third one was good again but not thanks to stupid young Dante and his smartass attitude. DMC4 was crap again thanks to annoying Nero kid... If there were one thing they should have learned was that we don't want a newer Dante, a cooler Dante... He was cool out of his badassary, as he would deal with it all with a grim smile on his face, not becuase he fashion synthony or what he listens in his iPod, we don't want to hear crap teenager vocabulary on the dialogues all the time...

So what they come with? An emo kid that is some kind of subject, not even a half-demon anymore, and a grafiti logo. Thank you Capcom, but I think I'll pass. Already bought DMC4 and RE5 this gen... Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...

PS: NT is on a roll! They are just releasing Enslaved, which most of us agree don't even look that interesting, but they are already signed for Ni-oh from Koei and DmC from Capcom, what are those Japanese publishers thinking? Or was the Ni-oh being developed by NT only a rumour?

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CrazyForGames4576d ago

this looks like crap already AND WE STILL HAVE NOT seen the western feel capcom was talking about.... this is no DMC

RosoTron364576d ago Show
Orange4576d ago

dude, the japanese are big time smokers.

theKiller4575d ago

are they doing it by purpose or they are that stupid?

smoking is bad for the health (kills 5+ million every year) and the people near by and contributes to global warming!!

if such a thing is ok, when can we promote terrorism (all type of terrorism included)? rape? incest?

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Mizz_mai4576d ago

Typical western disrespect for an eastern property.......the redesign is AWFU....if that was a new character i'd be cool but NOTHING ABOUT THIS GUY SAYS if you dont excuse me i have to phone my boyfriend to tell him why his copy of heavenly sword is in pieces

TheGameFoxJTV4576d ago

It's Dante's great-great-grandson. XD, the cars look more modern than the ones in previous games. XD

bustamove4576d ago

Jealous of what? I want the real Dante back. This guy is a freaking disgrace.

RealDante4576d ago

So He doesnt even look like this in the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom 3 game so why did they change his design????? Someone help me

MurderMyDoll4576d ago

guys relax. the new Dante will just take some warming up too I love the old Dante but I for one am insanely excited cause you know what ITS THE GAMEPLAY THAT MATTERS and we have a new Devil May Cry. The franchise is gonna be renewed and fresh and hell you don't know how the games gonna pan out could be a prequel ending with Dante slowly becoming the one we know and love or maybe this is his son or whatever so don't hate on a game for a two minute trailer it looks insanely awesome so like just be happy guys

EYEamNUMBER14576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

we shouldn't have to warm up to a new dante when the old one was VERY liked and unfinished

you have to remember as its been said so many times in here this game is going to have a WESTERN FEEL to it capcom was making a big deal out of it meaning things wont be the same

also you have to remember this is a TOTAL REBOOT of the series so it means this DMC will have nothing to do with the rest technically speaking

i for one am not looking forward to this at all because if it was just only about the gameplay then id just go play bayonetta

4576d ago
THE TRUTH4576d ago

Epic fail! Last time capcom westernized a game was Lost Planet 2! I will not be spending my money on this.

qface644576d ago

silly how can you forget such amazing westernized capcom games such as Bionic Commando, and Dark Void Big successes and jewels of gaming (sarcasm)

Christopher4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Could he be more emo?

I don't see where they're going with this reboot personally. Need to see the story behind it before I say whether it's a good or bad idea.

Trailer didn't impress with the whole "I, Robot" killing spree and that was about all it had that one could draw any conclusions off of.

Gue14576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

edit: Forget my argument, I just hate this crap.

look at this:

Is that an emo kind of make-up or what?

ZombieNinjaPanda4576d ago

I was gonna state a comment about how people do not know what emo is blah blah blah...

But yeah, that is actually emo.

Solid_Snakeps34576d ago


Dannagar4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

This game trailer is Aweful!!! Why would Capcom give us this. I didn't ask for a girly, petite, Emo Dante. I didn't ask for the whinny Nero either. What was wrong with the Bad ASS Dante of days long since past?

Drebin 9284576d ago

Do all you complainers seriously want the developers to never change things up? I like it when series that have been doing things pretty much the same way over and over reboot and try new things. If you give it a chance, you may actually find the game more compelling and Dante 2.0 an all around more interesting character, than the cocky, wise cracking, 1 dimensional Dante we're used to. After playing through the forgettable experience that was DMC4, I think this reboot looks a lot more interesting. Here's hoping they improve the cheesy dialogue and the fight music too.

Bottom line: Don't be prejudice because it's different. Let the actual GAME speak for it self.

RememberThe3574576d ago

This is not about the game being good, it's about the game being DMC. Dante is/was the most badass yet cool ass character I've played with.

You seem to be more interested in troubled teens then myself but don't expect us to be to share your opinion.

I actually have no doubt that this game is going to be awesome gameplay wise. I don't like the direction they have taken on of my favorite characters. And frankly, I'm going to speak out against it.

Drebin 9284576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

I suppose I'm just not nearly as concerned with the actual appearance of the main character, as I am with all the other aspects of the game, such as (hopefully) improved story/ writing, music, and gameplay (and better visuals are always a plus).

I just hate to see a game ripped to shreds over a 2min trailer with no gameplay. Especially, when I believe Ninja Theory is gonna deliver an exceptional game just as they have done in the past.

-Judge_Fudge4576d ago

if it aint broke dont fix it---dantes look wasnt the thing thats wrong with the game so why should capcom fix it?

cy-anide4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

anyone that is taking the d!ck that capcom is shoving up their ass obviously are not die hard DMC fans. this new dante is sh!t and the trailer is sh!t . despite the reviews DMC4 got which IMO wasnt even that bad of a game this looks like sh!t. this is what happens when japanese developers give in to the ultimately gay western gaming. cmon halo reach 10/10 and now this gay as stunt. capcom is going to regret this decision. i dont know why the hell they assumed people would not want to blow up their offices after seeing such a shitty reboot. id rather be sentenced to play DMC2 for eternity than see this new DMC see the light of day. no sword ? seriously cigs? gay americanized look? where is the DMC we all know and love. japan needs to say fuck the west and needs to continue to make their own games. this is the reason why genres are dyeing. i forgot westerners just like cig smoking fags that shoot shit.

Drebin 9284576d ago

I just found this rather disturbing post in a forum as to why Dante looks the way he does...

[Rayge said: I know the story as to why Dante looks like that. Once upon a time there was a lead designer by the name of Tameem Antoniades who worked for a company by the name of Ninja Theory. One day Ninja Theory got the contract to make the next DMC and stuck Tameem Antoniades on the development team. Due to him being vain, conceited, and arrogant he decided to make Dante into HIS likeness because he thinks that he's that awesome.]

Uncanny resemblance eh...If this is true then I kinda am pissed...

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WildArmed4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )


(except the new dante look is FUKING BS)

The gameplay will be good atleast

noprin4576d ago

this game looks gay,the main character looks gay,the movements and action looks gay!
Why cant we have A real DMC like DMC1 and DMC3??
why the hell are they ruining the franchise???
whats with that cigarette?does that suppose to look cool?
I'm really disappointed *_*

RememberThe3574576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

"Western" does not need to mean making Dante an English angst teen rebel.

This guy looks and acts like a little bitch you see on BBC, not the Dante we have known for years. I don't want to play as him or really even see him again. This is so disappointing for me as a Devil May Cray fan, I'm having a hard time putting it into words.

Since when was Dante a f*cking emo?

CimmerianDrake4576d ago

Bubbles for the lulz.

As soon as you said "This guy looks and acts like a little bitch you see on BBC" I was cracking up. Thanks, I needed the laugh today.

On a related note, why does that Dante look like Iggy Pop?

webeblazing4576d ago

not really dr who looks harding them this dude. if they what to capture the west all they had to capture the realistic way the char act which come in many forms ( drake= ave crook, gear= ave military dude, heavy rain= detective, halo= solder) hopefully your see what im getting at char that make since and understandable in personality. everybody hate watching a movie thats completely not understandable. itlooks like they dumbed down everything when they had a strong fanbase.

madara0sama4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Well said. Even Nero is gaylesser if that's a word. F*ck this emo wolf wannabe vampire fagg*t that is teenagers these days.

tinybigman4576d ago

is by far the worst character redesign in the history of redesigns.

hot-sauce4576d ago


Devil May Cry

I'll miss you. You were one of my favorite franchises.

ThanatosDMC4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

What in the blue bloody f*ck was that sh!t?! Where the hell is my silver haired awesome character god?!

Sad days... they f*cked up DMC4 and now they completely f*cked up DMC series. What the F*CK!!!

Also, Dante doesnt smoke! He hates the smell of it according to the novels and the anime. Also, the whip chain thing... are they copying God of War too?!

I'm gonna be filled with hate today...... the f*ck?!

PhoenixLight4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

anime any good?

ThanatosDMC4576d ago

Yeah, it's good. Watch the japanese dub with english subtitles since the english version is horrible.

MmaFanQc4576d ago

but i think i wont bash the game and will wait for more info since its not THAT bad

Aaroncls74576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

This would've been a perfect April's fools joke....

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NYC_Gamer4576d ago

that trailer is just painful to watch for old school DMC fans

Simon_Brezhnev4576d ago

This will literally fail hard in Japan i dont even like the trailer.

vickers5004576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

I only played Devil May Cry 4, so I have no personal investment into the Dante character, yet even for me, this trailer and the character was painful for me to watch.

I for one, am not getting this.

I'm 19 years old and live in the U.S., and haven't played a DMC before. I'm pretty much their target audience (excluding the pre-tween twilight emo bullsh*t), and I'm not getting it. That should say something about how much they've f*cked up. When I saw the headline of the article, I thought to myself "F*cking awesome, now I'll get to play a classic, very well respected franchise with a new astonishing coat of next gen graphical paint, and perhaps some gameplay improvements". I was excited... until I saw the screen shots, then later, the trailer. F*ck this game, Capcom needs to learn to not f*ck with their fans (even though I cant consider myself a fan of DMC having only played the 4th, I can understand the pain of the actual fans), and needs to be boycotted.

clank5434576d ago

@vickers; I'm the same age you are here in the U.S. and this is not appealing to me at all. I'm guessing that they watched the twilight movies and said to themselves thats what a western audience wanted. I haven't trusted Ninja Theory since they complained so much about developing Heavenly Sword and how hard it was on the ps3, and this just gives me another reason to hate Ninja Theory.

wazzim4576d ago

We didn't ask for a reboot...

chazjamie4576d ago

they should of concluded dantes story before they did this. i know dante doesnt have a story (such as mgs or gow), but a reboot after his story would makes sense. this was out of the blue. and i never heard anyone asking for one, i heard complaints about dmc 4 but never to the point that they should start all over again. and by doing so, starting with the protaganist.

i am excited that a dmc is coming out. now we just wait.