Full Auto 2: introduction to the areas + new pics

Check out all the details on the PS3's upcoming racer Full Auto 2 where destruction is the aim of the game.

IGN went and asked the Full Auto what the new game will include....

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achira5392d ago

looks good for me, perhaps i will buy it. the graphics looks promising.

bumnut5392d ago

i wouldn't get your hopes up about this game full auto 1 on 360 was terrible. twisted metal on ps1 was better. hopefully sega will learn from full auto 1, get a grip and make a decent game

Gamer135392d ago

The graphics looks the same as FA1.

mikeeno75392d ago

Full auto 2...where to start.
No i can't bother to rant about this game, let's just put it's sh#t!

Marty83705392d ago

This game has been redesigned from the ground up for PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.