Call of Duty Graphics Comparison (2003 - 2007)

A video showing the graphics comparison of Call of Duty series since 2003 (Call of Duty) till 2007 (Call of Duty 4).

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PS360PCROCKS5088d ago

Their is no comparison between COD3 and COD4. COD 3 should be taken out of that as that game sucked. COD4 blows the competition away by a far margin. Plus it looks ten times better in motion.

Ignorant Fanboy5087d ago

I do agree that the game sucked, but this is a comparison of graphics.

And, COD3 had great graphics.

So stick to the topic.

I cant wait for COD4 Beta!! I hope I get the questions right!

BUM5088d ago

I agree with you.

This is more a video showing graphically evolution of Call of Duty series with the comparisons between them.

LosT---SouL5088d ago

they all look pretty sexy

akaFullMetal5088d ago

for some reason i thought 3 looked a little better than 4 in some areas, but that is because of the different settings of the terrain they are on i believe, but either way this game is going to kick a$$, cant wait

Jdash245088d ago

ahh isnt evolution great

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The story is too old to be commented.