1up : Atelier Rorona:Alchemist of Arland Review

1up writes "Easy as it is to lump Rorona in with other low-budget JRPGs, it's a clear cut above the Trinity Universes and Cross Edges of the world. The move to a new console is rarely without a few bumps, but Gust seems to have weathered the transition nicely; as such, I'm happy to recommend Atelier Rorona to anyone looking for a good JRPG or slice-of-life sim on the PS3."

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Lucreto3969d ago

This wasn't on my list but I might get it.

Gue13969d ago

great score! I was looking for a new game to buy and I was between Bayonetta, Lost Planet 2 or MotorStorm 2 but I prefer a jrpg. =)