Perfect 10 Sues Microsoft for Copyright Infringement

Perfect 10, Inc., a publisher of tasteful model and supermodel images, today announced that it filed an action against Microsoft for copyright infringement, relating to Microsoft's operation of its MSN search engine, after attempts at settlement failed. Perfect 10 is currently in litigation against Google and Amazon for similar claims.

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spammy_nooo5144d ago (Edited 5144d ago )

this should just be thrown aside! those search engines use crawlers to find information and links to useful sites, and if they were to avoid everything of this sort, in the process they would weed out a ton of useful info/websites.

if this goes through and they win, p10 will achieve the EXACT opposite of their goal(improving the internet/world). they are trying to sound all noble, but this kind of stuff just happens, deal with it.

piracy is IMPOSSIBLE to stop without severely limiting freedom and/or privacy. not gonna happen.

edit: im not gonna change it now, but dont you just love my use of periods in this comment? haha, wow.

clownfacemcgee5144d ago

This is completely frivolous. You can't sue someone because they linked to a site that pirates something of yours. Microsoft isn't controlling what their search engine links to. If it happens to link to a pirate site, sue the pirate site. Don't sue the people that lead you there. It's like shooting the messenger.

Bnet3435144d ago

Everyone wants to sue these days, it's the only way for the small guys to make money.

clownfacemcgee5144d ago

Is it a bad thing to sue someone if they do something illegal that wrongs you? I think in this case, it's frivolous and they should be thrown out on their asses, but often times it's not. Often times people like to be anti-lawsuit because they think it represents "the establishment" or "those rich lawyers" or something of that such. But often times lawsuits are justified. Sure there are the fair share of lawsuits that are frivolous, but that's par for the course. The way to uphold the law is to make sure it's enforced, and in civil cases, that means suing someone when it's justified. I just feel like you're implying that all modern lawsuits are bad.

bung tickler5144d ago

perfect 10 doesnt have thier sh!t straight if THEY had secured thier images properly THEY wouldnt have this problem, if an image can be found via googles/msns/yahoos image search it can be found via normal web browsing. If THEY dont want thier images displayed then THEY should do what the porn industry does and secure it. fools.

nodos5144d ago

you sir, have a very good point. Why dont they just secure their images? Oh wait, that means they wouldnt be able to sue frivolously. sigh...