Both Sony and Microsoft are ready for digital distribution after the PS3 and 360. How ready are we?

A lot has been made of games moving to digital distribution; in fact, both Microsft and Sony have told Gamasutra they don't expect physical media to be around for much longer. The PS4 isn't expected to have a physical media drive and Bill Gates has said that HD-DVD/Blu-Ray will be the "last physical format there will ever be." While we're not there yet, it's not hard to think that in five to ten years, buying games in stores may be a thing of the past. What are we lacking right now?

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shotty5391d ago

Trust me it will still be here in 5 years. Imagine it or not not everyone is connected to the internet. Microsoft already has it's online business set-up and arcade games can pretty much only be bought online on xbox live.

Marriot VP5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

THIS IS HOW IT WILL PLAY OUT. At best for digital distribution, developers will give you a choice. Either you buy a set of DVD's to download on your massive Hard drive...OR...electronic distribution. Either way it'll be the same game.

But the clincher is that e-distribution could be offered cheaper. Like 5-10 bucks, kinda encourage everybody to get on the same page. It still shocks me how people think e-dist. would suddenly hit the market. There's a lot of jobs at stake here and it's bad business to e-dist. Think of every eb games and gamestops going out of business in the first 5 years cause they don't have half the demand of all the next gen titles.

TheMART5390d ago

Why should they give a choice? Anyone that is not connected to the internet can carry it's 360 HDD, or any other consoles or other stand alone device HDD with him/her to the shops, to download the game overthere.

So the retailers can still earn some bucks to get it. While I guess someone with no internet just goes to a friend/family with internet to get it for free.

No, progression is no problem if it suddenly hits the markt. Jobs @ stake? So we should keep normal distribution and pay others, burn own economic sources to get others going?

If they thought like that in the automatical period, when machines games in factories, or the digital time area when computers replaced humans, the world could have never grown into what's it's now with wealth and so on.

Those people can shift to other positions, what I just said, still people come with their HDD to the store, but also in the chain shift. Just like when the computers came. Production workers got fired, but people got educated to work with the computers. And look at IT business and jobs now. One of the largest sectors with lots of work.

EB Games and Gamestop need to switch their corebusiness I guess. Every company needs to review the market once in a while.

Paul, your comment is a bit strange if you ask me. Wanna be like the dinosaurs? Like to wait too long changing things. If gameshops would have half the demand of the gametitles, they would have to cut half of personell @ sales, but if they manage to get other business in they can work on that part. If they can't get it up, they're not creative enough and new companies will fill their place.

It's just that. If you like it or not. Oil companies, petrol stations will have to switch also in some years because there will be no oil or petrol, but electricity or other natural gasses or who knows what

specialguest5390d ago

i fully agree with you on this one. no need for me to reword what you just stated.


what happens if your hard drive stops working? what about people without high-speed access? slow download times? what about piracy? what happens if you buy a PS4 and its as bad as a PS3?

TheMART5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

Well that is to bring down all to one question really:

What if Sony does it the same as they did with the PS2?

Giving you a bad quality drive (so the BR drive stops working after a relative short periode of time), give you no service at all (MS service gives a new 360 within one or two weeks) and all the lies on PS2 graphic power/TFLOPS (were do we see this again... mmmhhh...) when Dreamcast and XBOX actually gave better visuals and the lies about other things like online service that never came of the ground with PS2? Sony always seems to overpromise and underdeliver

Too much uncertainties there. XBox Live offers all a gamer wants right here, right now. Paying 600 dollars for uncertainty? I think the best advice if you are dying waiting for the PS3 is this one:

Don't buy a 360 yet. Wait till 17th of November. Watch the reviews on online service and compare the games. Go play Gears of War and Forza 2 on the demopods in the shops.

I bet every gamer will be convinced

THE TRUTH5390d ago

do you work for M$?

Just enjoy your system and let it speak for itself.

what happens if you buy a PS4 and its as bad as a PS3?

Umm in case you haven't noticed PS3 isn't out yet.

These are the kinds of comments that turn me away from the Xbox community, instead of just enjoying a great console and accepting it for what it is, you "must" downplay the competetion everyday. If you don't like it don't buy it otherwise "live and let live"

The Snake5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

And that's not the case with the PS# community? Either you have selective hearing (or reading I guess) or you consider Sony fanboys the mainstream and only the XBOX fanboys are bad.
These are the kinds of comments that turn me away from the PS# community, instead of just enjoying what is almost definitely going to be a great console and accepting it for what it is (or will be), you "must" downplay the competetion everyday. If you don't like it don't buy it otherwise "live and let live."
Couldn't have said it better myself.

gnothe15390d ago

if there so convinced that e-distrbution is the future, then whay are the pushing blue ray so hard, trying to make people buy it, is it just for a quick buck, you know,to try an make money off one of there inventions before we start downloading evevrthing. I can see MS reason, there offering HD-DVD JUST BECAUSE sony is offering blue ray, no other reason!!because other companys follow suit, if e-dist takes off well, then we can say by by to all physical media, cd,dvd,hd-dvd an blue ray so why bother!!! im not bashing just wondering

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