Why ESPN NFL 2K5 Is the Most Overrated Game of All Time

Back in the distant time of long long ago, 2004, there was something called competition within NFL video game circles. Madden hadn't yet obtained its exclusive license that would become the bane of many sports gamers' existences and the ESPN NFL series was coming into its own. It was Sega vs. EA. People perceived it as a clash of the titans. The biggest showdown since Gameday had gone under. But here's why this competition was the biggest joke in sports gaming history.

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NYC_Gamer3231d ago

NFL2K5 is still the best in my opinion and outclasses even the latest Maddens

TheHater3231d ago

More the like opinion of 99% of everyone that played NFL2k5

GuruStarr783231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Agreed, it was cheap too at launch, wasn't it like $20 when it came out?

I have not bought a football game since 2k5, played the madden games, but just could'nt get into them.

I've still got it, I loved how they would interview the player of the game at the end of every game, and if it was your created player, he looked just like you created him.......thats something that not even madden did, but it was the little things in that game that made it so special.....I can't wait till 2k gets back in on the NFL games when the EA monopoly is over.......only thing is, is that it might be NFL "3K" by then.....

FragMnTagM3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Agreed. If anyone needs proof, just click this link:

EA should be ashamed that a game from 2004 stomps all over Madden 11.

I mean come on, last gen graphics look almost as good as Maddens.

Blaze9293231d ago

Overrated? The game was selling brand new day one for $19.99 and outshined Madden NFL 05 in EVERY way possible. Hell, 2K5 is STILL better than Madden in some aspects to this very day.

So overrated that EA shat their pants and had to buy up the NFL license exclusively huh?

Darkspade3231d ago

NFL 2k5 has everything Madden 11 has plus more.. All i can say is why is there no online Replays???

If NFL 2K5 would have been able to continue these last few years, maybe we would have seen a better Madden but with No Competition you don't need No Advancement.. Can Wait until 2012 when NFL will have to sell License to everyone..

Kevin McCallister3231d ago

This is what really made 2K5 better than Madden for me:

An actual halftime show. Six years later and this, as well as any ESPN integration is still missing from Madden.

nnotdead3231d ago

all i know is, i haven't bought a football game since 2K5.

ReservoirDog3163231d ago

So many lies! This goes past opinions!

Best football game ever. Doubt Madden can steal that title.

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albel_nox3231d ago

ESPN NFL 2K5 truthfully is the one of the most overrated games of all time. It did have its strong points but I actually preferred Madden 2005 over ESPN 2K5.

GiggMan3231d ago

You and me both. The only thing it had going for it was it's cheap price tag (and the fact that it's fashionable to hate on Madden). The game was too arcade y and each play felt like it was being fast forwarded.

Still I would like to see what they could do with an NFL license now.

(NBA 2k* on the other hand can't be touched.)

albel_nox3231d ago

Yeah I wouldn't mine seeing what they could do with the NFL license today myself. I don't in any way condone EA buying the exclusive rights to NFL videogames. Also 2K is indeed way ahead of EA when it comes to basketball. Definitely no denying that.

Apocalypse Shadow3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

EA went and bought the AFL license.

bought the NFL license.

bought the ESPN license.

already had the football(soccer) license with FIFA.

already had the College Football license.

and if the XFL didn't die,they would have bought that too to prevent visual concepts from making another football game.

each year,EA have attempted to duplicate NFL2K5's presentation,style,animation and build structure of players to look like NFL2K5.

yup.that game is so overated.i'm surprised EA didn't copyright and patent the word "football" and "players on a field in a sports video game."

GiantJedi3231d ago

Still better than Madden

Nikkelz3231d ago

wayyy better than madden,and i actually buy madden...every single year....visual concepts will always have a special place in my heart bro.....they been doin it the best ever since nfl2k on dreamcast,but hopefull the american needle case changes things for them and they can get back to making the best football games in the world

peace and game on

Donnyskillz3231d ago

who writes this crap,...the must be ea advocates because i remember when it launched,...people were taking madden back to gamestop in droves because it was not able to compare. they had so many copies of used madden on store shelves it was, i even remember ea dropping the price of madden a couple of weeks after it please stop writing this crap.

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