Sony Japan Files Patent For New Generation Console To Previous Generation Console Adapter

Siliconera: "Most PlayStation 3s are not backwards compatible, but Sony may be investigating an external adapter to act as a bridge. Japanese message boards are buzzing about a patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan for a new generation to previous generation console adapter."

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iamnsuperman3930d ago

Interesting..... hope something like this comes out but I can bet if it does it will cost a bit

gtamike3930d ago

Put tekken tag in 60GB PS3 and see what happens ;)

UltraNova3929d ago

Is it me or only Sony's patent applications get leaked? Like always!?

Matthew943929d ago

patents arent secret... ^^^

ThatArtGuy3929d ago

Microsoft's and Nintendo's patents are reported too. The only thing is that Nintendo's usually don't have too many and MS patents everything under the sun so most of them aren't newsworthy.

UltraNova3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I didn't mean secret by saying leaked ^^^ They strike me as odd when they get 'revealed' as if they were secret ;)

Wobbuffet3929d ago

Sony patents are always jumped on by the critical media.

Prototype3929d ago


Tekken Tag Tournament arcade version :D

rockleex3929d ago

I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

I used to mod my PS2 just to play different region games like the Naruto games that take YEARS to come to America.

EvilBlackCat3929d ago

"Is it me or only Sony's patent applications get leaked? Like always!?"

NO not just Sony patents. MS and Nintendo too but here Sony patents get posted more and guess why.

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Solid_Snakeps33929d ago

AWESOME! I can finally play some MGS 2 and 3... cant wait to see how this turns out

superrey193929d ago

As long as it's small, aesthetically pleasing and costs less than a current PS2 (<$100) I'm all for it.

gameraxis3929d ago

that means they won't be sticking with blueray, and maybe moving to a faster drive... which kinda sucks... they should just make 2 lasers to read blueray or the faster spinning blueray or whatever, anything but an adapter... its because they want the money for it... sad

Liquid_Ocelot3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

A 'wtf!?' brother.. No brother, you deserve the whole 'What the fuck!?'

On topic:
I hope this little thing is inexpensive and hopefully this will let those of us who want to revive those gems that we played 'back-in-the-day'(c 9;mon, they're not that old :).)

And for those who always wonder 'why would one want to play PS2/Xbox/GameCube games on their PS3s/360s/Wiis?' Well.. simply, some of us would like to beat our Metal Gear Solids/Halos/Zeldas from the very first one(no matter if it goes way back to 'nintendo' days) 'till the very last one that came out. At least, that's how I feel.. It'd be nice if Xbox 360 got one of these aswell, to fully support their past gems too. :)

Ps: sorry for the wall-of-text and please excuse my english.

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Xwow20083930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

PS2 to PS3 adapter to run ps2 games on ps3!!....that's just stupid IF its happen.
EDIT: software emulation is the way to go.

UltimateIdiot9113930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Software emulation is limited and will always be inferior to having the proper hardware. So it's not stupid at all if this happens, in fact, I can see a lot of people buying it.

I for one gave my PS2 away but still want to play some PS2 games but don't want to buy another PS2 for it. If it has upscaling and cheaper, I definitely will get it.

This also might extend PS2's life, not the PS2 itself but the game sales. Also you don't have to worry if a game works or not if it's through hardware. So I don't see how this is a bad thing.

evrfighter3930d ago

The way I'm seeing this. You need both consoles.

Why would you need an adapter when you can hook the other one up? It's not like you need to unplug the ps3 to play the ps2 to begin with...

fr0sty3929d ago

The adapter is likely going to be a heck of a lot smaller. a device like this could work like this... PS3 reads ps2 disc, sends it to (much smaller than a ps2 slim) device which then loads the data from the disc onto some internal memory. being that this device is specially built to play ps2 games, it doesn't necessarily have to BE a PS2 in a box. therefore it could theoretically take those games and allow you to do things like AA and higher resolutions as well. after rendering the image, it could send the frame back to the ps3 for display on your TV.

i'm no expert in the field, so i'm not sure if USB would impose latency restrictions on the idea, but it seems like you could build some really cool features into a device like this that would make it better than just owning a ps2, especially if it's a much smaller device.

asyouburn3929d ago

on the ps3 kinda sucks. i like how it upscales and all, and its cool to be able to play some ps2 stuff on ps3, but if this device allows me to staay logged in while i play them, or give me general xmb support, then hooray! make it! ill buy it.

tplarkin73929d ago

Xbox 360 plays original Xbox games at 720p. NeoRage had options to tweak the look of sprite based games.

Of course, some arcades had physical hardware, like Q'Berts "thunk" sound made with a pinball coil, where software emulation can't replicate.

Theonik3929d ago

That is very true but Software emulation has its advantages in exchange for that accuracy and performance. One of them is that it can do things that the original hardware was not capable of doing. Hopefully this dongle increases the native res of the game although i doubt given Sony's policy of selling PS2 games with increased native Res for the PS3.
I really hope that they add a memory card reader on it too.

ChickeyCantor3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

"Software emulation is limited"

Actually it can offer more since you can enhance the initial "hardware" capabilities.
Unless you mean the power to run emulation i could say you have a point, but if they make good use of the Cell, why not?

I mean looking at lots of Emulators they offer AA for example, I do not remember the PS1 or N64 have such feature.

ChronoJoe3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Then why can I play Windwaker on my laptop, in HD, at 120FPS. Ya, it's so 'inferior'.

Of course it'll use more system resources to emulate, than run the games off of appropriate hardware, but if you have the resources software based emulation definitely has the potential to run the game at greater quality than was ever originally intended.

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nsnsmj3929d ago

It says it has a dvd encoder/emulator (not drive), a sound processor, graphic processor/ and its own processor. So I assume you would put the disc in the ps3 and it decodes it or whatever to work with the adapter. I also assume it will upscale it and have better audio for ps2 games because of the built in processors.

I don't need it since I have a BC 80gb ps3, but if I didn't, I would definitely consider buying it. Yes, I still play ps2 games every once in a while.

jack_burt0n3930d ago

If it upscales well and offers 100%, for people with massive ps2 disc libraries its a great way to end the ps2 lifecycle.

ps2 emulation is tough whatever way you look at it.

Ocelot5253929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

upscale? no we want native resolution improvement of PS2 games, like what the PSX2 emulator offers

and also AA and AF

PirosThe4th3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

forget about that...
then there is no point in doing most of the HD remakes...
Hell FinalFantasyX on pcsx2 looks incredibly great on fullhd. I just couldn't believe that the game it self looks that good.
If sony goes ahead with what u want... then there is no point of most of the remakes cash-ins.

I will take the remakes anytime though with true widescreen support, better textures and trophies XD

UltimateIdiot9113930d ago

This is something I might buy to play some of the older games with upscale but only if it's cheaper than a PS2.

NateNater3930d ago

I'm pretty sure this would sell a lot if released. Backwards compatibility is one of the most wanted PS3 features. I'm just glad I adopted early and got a nice 60 gig thats loaded with everything :)

princejb1343929d ago

i dont think is really one of the most wanted features like that
i bought a ps3 for ps3 games, even though their are alot of great ps2 games to replay
is just a feature people like to complain about cause the first models had the emulation and now they dont

i prefer hd collections in my opinion