RUMOR: Biohazard 5 only for PS3 in Japan?

Could Resident Evil 5 be a PS3 exclusive. PS3.qj has reason to believe its true and if you want to know why just click the link.....

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Asuka5392d ago

one way or another, it will hit the states. Now if it hits on other platforms besides PS3, who knows?

wakkiwakko5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

Is it region free? Hmm. Then I take back my comment. It's good that it's region free.

Asuka5392d ago

PS3 is region free also. but still, sometime down the line, Res5 will end up in the US on almost all the platforms, just like all the other Res. games.

Marty83705392d ago

All PS3 are region free,and will hav all lanuages included on Bluray disc(meaning costs should be less as packaging for different regions won't be needed).

Watapata5391d ago

They have only stated that they COULD put all languages on a single disc, but not that each game will include them in that way...

Asuka5391d ago

Resistence is going to have all the languages on one disc.

Watapata5391d ago

I'm aware that some games will, Resistance included, but no where has it been mentioned that every game will.

TheMART5391d ago

I think the statement means something different, read it again:

"Although it is entirely possible that only a PS3 version is coming out in Japan, given the fact that the Xbox 360 isn't really selling like sushi in the Land of the Rising Sun."

I guess there will be no Japanese 360 version, but there will be English versions on 360/PS3. Just because 360 has no large fanbase in Japan to sell enough to make up the costs for a special Japanese version.

That's all folks

achira5391d ago

lol, its a joke to see how you twist everything to make your xbox360 shiny.

THE TRUTH5391d ago

lol I agree achira, it's sad really. I say just enjoy your console and let it speak for itself.

btw it's 8/9/06 (Dead Rising release day) so maybe we can get peace while some 360 fanboys "should" be out playing...... that is how I will judge the game. (btw I got it on the way via gamefly)

Watapata5391d ago

You are both a little skewed in this, TheMART could very well be right on this. It doesn't say that it will go to the 360 even in Europe or the US, but it mentions that it could be exclusive in Japan only since the 360 has sold so poorly over there.

Say's you5391d ago

is Region free unlike PS3 games all of it is region free god you gamesr don't read anyfacts anymore from any websites and plus they might change there minds over here as well making it exclusive for the PS3 in the U.S knowing that RE serie's has been on exclusively for the playstation and sometimes on the Nintendo

so really if there going to make it exclusively in Japan thier going to do it here to.

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The story is too old to be commented.