Warhawk 1st Review- 9.6/10

One thing the Playstation 3 has an abundance of are over the top action titles from Resistance Fall of Man to GRAW2. This ain't a bad thing by any means, so when article source's site heard that the development team behind the outrageous Twisted Metal series where bringing back Warhawk to the beloved console, there was certainly something to be excited about. Warhawk is Sony Computer Entertainment's answer to the lack of air to ground flight titles currently available across all platforms this generation and are hoping to garner increased interest in the Playstation 3 with this exclusive title. Incognito are to be commended for branching out and creating one of the most stunningly beautiful and immersive titles this year.

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Maddens Raiders5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

-- "Graphics aside, its all about gameplay. It doesnt matter how visually beautiful a game is if the core gameplay is dog poor , thankfully gameplay here actually surpasses whats viewed on screen. You have an absolute treasure chest of options available to you here which all help create some spectacular battles. If you want a 32 player battle over a tiny area and literally throw your opponents into the biggest masacre available onscreen then off you go. If you want a more skill orientated dogfight then you can create a match up over a massive map and have one of the greatest multiplayer battles of your life." --

Not the best written review in the world, but my sentiments are the same:

this is waiting.....patiently, patiently waiting to play this game. =]

hella whip5093d ago

It says gameplay surpasses graphics yet gives graphics a higher score in the breakdown?? As much as i think Warhawk is gonna be excellent this review doesn't to neutral, The game will probably end up in the high 8 low 9 category, Just because it has no single player which is lame.

boodybandit5093d ago

"Just because it has no single player which is lame."

It would be more than lame if a reviewer took points away for no single player while rating this title. It is a MMO and reviewers know going in single player doesn't exist.

Lifendz5093d ago

Where do you guys find these sites? This is a very good score but, just like Lair and Heavenly Sword, I'm going to wait and see what IGN, Gamestop, and maybe even Game Informer have to say about these games. Lair got a 6 from EGM but a 9 from Play. That's a big difference. Not saying I doubt Warhawk is good, I'll just be waiting to see what it gets from a more established site.

beavis4play5093d ago

egm reviewed lair and it wasn't even a finished game. i'm not buying lair, but i've never been impressed with that magazine. probably one of the reasons ziff davis is going bankrupt.

nasim5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

WARHAWK looks way better than GALO3 though.

NOW ps3 has tooo many good games in SEPTEMBER


september is a month of PWNAGE

BTW LAIR got 8.0 from PSW.

take that GAYGM

STICKzophrenic5093d ago


Ummm Xbox 360 owners have been playing DiRT and GRAW2 for a while already, and StrangleHold is multiplat.

F*ck you're a moron.

ALI-G5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

-we alrady played GRAW2 and DIRT ages ago ..oh DIRT play awsome with true force feed cannot yet enjoy that.
-we will finsh playing stronghold befor PS3 version goes gold -warhawk with no single player get such high review(PSN!) ? i will wait for second review
- i thought you will be playing BIOSHOCK in your PC ATIX1900XXX-which you do not own.
-LAIR=did you see the reviews
-HS=half assed Goddes of war more like Devil May Cry.10 enemies in screen 1 will attack u while the rest will wait for u to attack them( bring on NG2 )

IN THE END OF THE DAY:i did not know that HALO3 making you sh1t ur self too much that you have to bash it in every post.just remmber 15 days befor 25sep until afteer the christmas do not log to the internet/or watch tv/or drink DEW/ or go to game shop/ do not even go out of your room since your family will be playing HALO3 OR eting takeaway with HALO theme in the box ,so you will have real nightmares and you will hate your system


Daytona5093d ago

This gamnes game play maybe a 8.3 out of 10, maybe. Graphics 7.8.

They purposely lied on this review b/c BIOSHOCK is kicking everybodies ass.

Warhawck is a joke, delyed 4x, and still only decent at best. Another loser title that;s still in delay process by

Armyless5093d ago

Do these children's internet time go unchecked? I shiver to think these are grown men.

Why, God?

hazeblaze5093d ago

It actually isn't lame at all! Like they said in the review... it actually seems to be a better game by their strict focus on multiplayer.

Before being invited to the beta, I wasn't even sure I would pick up the game (definitely wasn't going to be a day one purchase) b/c of the lack of single player. Now it's my most anticipated game for the PS3 until Haze & UT3. If you like online games, this will be among the best to come out this year.

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resistance1005093d ago

I loved every minute of the beta (couldn't even get off it to make the most of my halo3 beta time) Gald to see its getting the praise it deserves

jared817995093d ago

i was on the beta for this game and it was amazing. this game is well worth the wait. my only complaint was the damage mitigation. it was alittle off but im sure they fixed it by now.

Vip3r5093d ago

I don't know whether to get this or DiRT? Both games looks great though. Still nice to hear it got a good review.

MACHone5093d ago

Well, do you feel like racing or destroying everything in sight? DiRT's not bad, but I definitely think Warhawk belongs in every online gamer's PS3 showcase. Plus, the Jabra BT125 headset included in the retail version is a huge bonus in my book.

Vip3r5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

I was wanting another racer but the MP on Warhawk looks soooo good. Plus it comes with a headset. I guess I'll just have to wait until after my Royal Air Force selection before I decide which means the 15th.

skinzfan5093d ago

Come on man. Warhaw,its not even close.

tfur5093d ago

If you want a racing game... Dirt doesn't even come close to Motorstorm...

I think you have to get Warhawk.

masterg5093d ago

I love racing games.
But Dirt is fun for about half an hour.

Compared with Motorstorm or Burnout I would take those two any day.

Daishi5093d ago

If your not a big online gamer or have lan parties it wouldn't make since to get Warhawk. If you are a racing fan I would highly recommend Dirt over any of the other racers. Burnout and Motostorm are not for normal racing fans, more for people who like to blow stuff up(like me). The car physics in Dirt just blow the other racing games away and it's probably longer than both Burnout and Motostorm combined. It's completely up to how much time you want to spend online having to deal with other people.

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Lex Luthor5093d ago

What kind of homemade cheap ass site is nextgenireland?

Wait for proper reviews, please stop being desperate.

A Man5093d ago

But there was no need for that. Stop hating.

DJ5093d ago

Definitely getting this game on Release Date!

Ri0tSquad5093d ago

The beta was awesome and I wont be the only one to tell u since every other person who was in the beta would also agree. And if something is wrong with the game it could EASily be addressed with an update so im not worried about any negative things about the online.

fenderputty5093d ago

The game is awesome. It's insanely fun.

boodybandit5093d ago

Someone surely is desperate here LL and it's not people interested in hearing positive things about games they are contemplating purchasing.
grow up

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