Gears of War could be Available before Nov 12

Speaking to the Gearheads of War Blog, which his brother actually works for, Cliff Bleszinski (aka CliffyB, the Gears of War Icon) has said that some retail stores might actual start selling the game before November 12, which is the official release date.

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Shadow Flare5396d ago

you know, microsoft first of all claimed that halo 3 was gonna launch the same time as ps3. And considering thats never gonna happen, now they're trying to release gears of war 2 in time for the ps3 launch

lol, whoever says microsoft isnt worried by the launch of the ps3 is a fool

original seed5396d ago

Bill Gates said Halo 3 would be out at the same time PS3 came out. Soon after that it was officially anounced that he was wrong. The game is going to come out when its ready as per Bungie. To tell you the truth the PS3 will not have any outstanding launch titles and Gears of war will be more than enough to keep 360 fans happy not to mention grab the auduince Sony looses due to shortages and lackluster games.

Gh0stDrag0n5395d ago

It is the first Gears of War, Retard.

TheMART5395d ago

Actually I think he meant that there will be shops supplied or sold to before the 12th not end consumers. But the shop owners can play them and sell them 'illegally' before the 12th sure

Gamer135395d ago (Edited 5395d ago )

Because we all now GOW will be a solid shooter.

And the sooner this game release the better, Can,t wait to play it thou.

Say's you5395d ago

ShadowFlare she'sh is he retarded or what did they say anything about Gears of War 2 "NO!" so there actually talking about the first one you "moron!".

Dusk5395d ago

Actually, I think it's the other way around. I think Sony is the one sh1tting their pants. Sony was the king, remember. They are the ones with the bad press recently. They are the ones losing exclusive games by the day. They are the ones losing fans to MS, not the other way around. They are the ones who have been in the red for years now, and if bluray doesn't succeed, will most likely splinter or go under as a company.

MS has more money than many nations and will not be in any financial trouble any time soon. Sony just took out a $700,000,000 loan. MS has been solidly gaining ground on Sony's marketshare and this is just another attempt at it, and a good one I might add.

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