Game-Based Movies: The Good and the Bad

The ones that fail and the ones that stay true to the game.

MMGN: Games often make great premises for movies due to their engaging stories and enthralling settings. Whether they are sci-fi, cyber punk, fantasy, or real world, a great movie adaptation captures the atmosphere of the game and stays close to its roots. We’ll start off with the bad movie adaptations, and then the good ones to show how it should be done.

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NovusTerminus5006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

W.T.F... Why is Resident Evil was on the good list, and Advent Children and Degeneration just got an honorable mention?

ZombieAutopsy5006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

Most likely due to the fact that RE movies are some of the most successful Game to Movie adaptions yet(money wise).

MK shouldn't be an honorable mention on the bad list (MK:annihilation yea it should), yea it was cheesy but for the time it was a pretty good movie, and come on who can forget YOUR SOUL IS MINE.

FiftyFourPointTwo5006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

I highly recommend watching Future Cops, a 1993 HongKong adaptation of Street Fighter. Very funny movie. One of my favorite movies when I was a kid.

Here's the trailer

CatGlue5006d ago

I thought RE was pretty well done... I love zombies, give me any game or movie with zombies in it, i will pay money for... maybe that's why.

Jeannius5006d ago

Advent Children and Degeneration were obviously good because they were animated with the same characters.

ABizzel15006d ago

This was a horrible list. Everything on the bad list deserved to be there except Mortal Kombat, it was actually decent.

Everything o the good list was decent at best.

The only good video game movies were the good Honorable Mentions.

Silent Hill, Resident Evil: Degeneration, and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. They actually stayed true to the material and evoked the vision of the games the best. The sad part is that 2 of the 3 are CGI movies.

ReservoirDog3165006d ago

Really though, the only one that actually held my attention and in retrospect was pretty good, was Hitman. Except for that sword fighting piece, it was an incredibly solid movie.

Better than those 3 on the good list too.

Myze5006d ago

In my opinion there has NEVER been a really good video-game movie, ever. There have been some that are decent, and worth watching, but that does not mean they are really good.

Just because a video game movie stays true to the source and such, does not make it good. Video game stories often times work for a video game, but don't work for something like a movie. RE is a good example, the games are great (well, a lot of them are), and the story is really good in some of the games, but the movies are bare bones, nothing but action. Some of the movies' stories are taken from the video games (well, parts), but for a series like RE, it was more about the immersion than the actual story (same with Silent Hill, although it was better than the RE movies). At least the Silent Hill movie was a thriller/horror movie (not great, by any means though, but one worth watching). RE movies are little more than action movies with zombies.

I think the problem is, most of these lists are about movies that are "good" for the genre, which sorely lacks anything of high quality.

Mortal Kombat (only the first), Silent Hill, Advent Children, and Prince of Persia are the only movies I would consider worth watching. Most of them I would even consider very enjoyable, but not above "pretty good."

I'm not trying to sound snobbish, because "pretty good" is better than 90% of the crap that comes out in any genre, it's just that I'm waiting for that one video game movie that really helps the genre step into legitimacy and away from a "sub-genre" with cool special effects and a "sub-culture" demographic.

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Gaetano5006d ago

Advent Children wasn't that bad. You just need to REALLY know the FF story (if there is such a thing).

Super Mario Bros. is also the worst ever. Good list otherwise!

Pilkingbod5006d ago

There's a few movies missing, but good list overall. It's good to revisit such god-awful films...

Now I await your 'Movie-based Games' list, in which the 'Bad' section will be overloaded.

Jeannius5006d ago

I fear that Movie-based games list, are there any that are even good? =/

Gaetano5006d ago

Goldeneye, G-Force, most games based off Pixar games, Terminator Salvation wasn't bad either.

tom0475006d ago

I think goldeneye is the only one of those that cut it for me :P sweet article though, good work.

ReservoirDog3165006d ago

LotR 2 and Spiderman 2. Some of my favorite games overall from last gen.

Whoooop5006d ago

Game-based movies based articles... Enough already.