Call of Duty: Black Ops splitscreen online multiplayer confirmed; no co-op campaign

Have you ever had a friend over and wanted to play some Call of Duty online but found it to be a hassle tossing over the controller every round? Well, we got some great news for you, all you need is a second controller! That’s right, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be the first in the franchise to feature a two player splitscreen multiplayer as well as a offline combat training mode. But, a sacrifice seems to have been made, the co-op campaign known from Call of Duty: World at War will not be returning.

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Nitrowolf23725d ago

personally i like this
Co-op campaign would be awesome and all but everytime i try to game online at a friend house with my PS3 we always have to take turns killing.

TrailerParkSupervisr3725d ago waaaay better than split screen MP. Just my opinion.

Lombax3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I agree, but having split screen play at all is a plus.

On a side note: It seems that Treyarch is really trying to take it's place as the #1 CoD studio.


Yeah, but if you had both, you could make a float! :D

WildArmed3725d ago

They are different to me.
Would I rather prefer a coke or ice cream?
Well I like em both, but if i had to chose, I'd pick the online co-op.
(sorry I kinda lost track of the analogy along the way)

MAR-TYR-DOM3724d ago

I disagree. How many of you have a brother or sister at home and can only afford one ps3? If you fall into that category then rejoice!

thehitman3724d ago

I personally like both as to som1 with lots of friends/family. Only thing about the split MP is that it has to come with bots that are smart and really good that fills up the game to make things fun. But these days split-screen co-op is rare to find and I like usually ANY game that has it.

HSx93724d ago

here come the boosters that have like 12 PS3s!

WildArmed3724d ago

I have share my ps3 between my brother and sister.
But we rarely play splitscreen (since we all never can sit down to play at the same time)

I get home @6pm.. my sister gets home @3pm (She rarely plays, and only plays LBP and WKC), My brother gets home at 1pm.
So it usually works out fine w/o splitscreen, but I gotta say in Summer, I had the best time ever paying R:FoM campaign split-screen! ^^
R:FoM splitscreen story is one of the bigggest highlights of this gen for me

Takoulya3724d ago

I disagree with that. Perhaps you have siblings who have a PS3 while you have an XBOX360. Perhaps you don't see the point in buying two of the same game for one household. There are many different factors.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3724d ago

Can someone confirm if the Online splitscreen will allow the second player to use a different gamertag or psnid or will it be played as "guest"?

mcnablejr3724d ago

will almost definitely be classed as guest.

remember the xbox live subscription fee. recovering gamertags every time would be too much hassle.

might be possible on psn tho,

lynch3724d ago

u can sign in four gamertags at once on the xbox. and u just put your gamertag on a usb or memory card and bring it where ever u want, allways do it with halo 3 at friends houses.

Pillage053724d ago

That's a good question for the ps3. Resistance 2 now allows you to sign in with 2 completely different PSN it is possible. Hopefully they use this feature as well.

WildArmed3724d ago

on 360 I'm VERY sure that you can log into ur Gamertag (that is if u bring ur Live account on a USB stick or w/e)

On ps3, not so sure.
If they took pointers from insominiac (they are doing 4 psn-id log ins in R&C all 4 1), they could work out the double PSN log in (like R2 has)

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Blaze9293724d ago

hell yeah. more games need that

gtamike3724d ago

same old cod think of this game like a mod cause thats what it really is.

TROLL EATER3724d ago

man halo had 4 player online for long time. good to c da rest cathin on

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Natsu X FairyTail3725d ago

That's a step in the good direction thats fore sure.

StanLee3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Finally my wife and I can play online together like we do in Gears of War.

Checkmate3724d ago

i cant tell if youre joking or not...

Shoko3725d ago

I've always enjoyed this feature. Wish more games would use it, like Halo 3 did.

Jake3603725d ago

Yup, i hope more games can bring back Split-screen in general, split-screen online is great! :) I hope KillZone 3 will have this as well.

Still no word on zombies then? It's a big selling point for me...

Typical Gamer3725d ago

My most fond splitscreen moments would be when I played GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, so much fun! :)

RBLAZE19883724d ago

The hardened edition comes with 4 zombie maps from [email protected] put into the black ops engine so there will be a zombie mode.

DORMIN3724d ago


This almost has me sold. I've been dying for more games that have splitscreen online. Great feature! I wish it were 4p splitscreen online and also I hope the splitscreen isn't those two box splitscreens, but rather full splitscreen.

CountDracula3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Yay moar like HALO!

Finally, PS3 gamers can try out a great shooter everyone won't forget about immediately...

FENDR3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

yeah we get to play different types of games not like the 360 were there only good at making generic FPS's

crzyjackbauer3725d ago

"yeah we get to play different types of games not like the 360 were there only good at making generic FPS's "

are you being sarcastic dude?
like COD is not generic

saint_john_paul_ii3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

"are you being sarcastic dude?
like COD is not generic"

i dont know whether i should laugh at this statement or feel sorry for you....

SpitFireAce853724d ago

I'ts called variety which you can only dream off..

wsoutlaw873724d ago

wow thats all you need to have a great shooter so thats why you can say halo is the best while being serious and i thought gameplay mattered guess thats why i liked UC2 and KZ2

NotoriousWarrior3725d ago

This is great but wouldn't this increase lag?

jdktech20103725d ago

it doesn't really with Halo...if they do it right, it should work fine

ELite_Ghost3725d ago

well halo had pop-ins for split screen... they obv turned down the graphics

crzyjackbauer3725d ago

yep looks like the graphics from cod BO look a little more washed up from MW2 just looking from the beta videos they are less shinny

TotalPS3Fanboy3725d ago

They better sort out the lag otherwise, this feature will be pretty much useless.

WildArmed3725d ago

It shouldn't.
But P2P servers are a bitch to deal w/.

Bungie did a great job w/ it.. but on the other hand Army of 2 bombed it (horribe lag).

Resistance had dedicated servers so it's another story..

Hopefully they can pull it off w/ the P2P servers

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