PlayStation makes Move on Wii- The Province

The gaming world is abuzz at the release of the new PlayStation Move, er, thingy next week, but the kind folks at Sony Canada sent me one early to check it out. The best description of it is probably a peripheral. It's like a new controller with a camera that records your movement and lets you play in a much more interactive fashion.

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jaredhart3418d ago

Got mine locked up on preorder.

R2D23418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Day one purchase 4 me.

Seferoth753418d ago ShowReplies(9)
peyote3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

**comment deleted** but was basically an insult directed to seferoth for being such a-

jneul3418d ago

Seferoth75 is a delusional what do you expect, those of us who have played move and wii will know that move is no copy and he is just jealous, like most of his kind, I'm having the same delusional complaints being splatted in my face at vgc right now, but they are looking sillier by the minute every time I post links to prove my facts, all they are are all words and no evidence lol

AWBrawler3418d ago

hypocritical HD fans. you crack me up. I'll be busy playing my Wii and soon the 3DS

PoorMansGT3418d ago

what makes you think the same people that bashed wii motion is the same exact one's in here? Motion is cool but i rather have a regular controller. How come Nintendo still puts regular controls on most of their games? They know it too...

peyote3418d ago

Because idiot fanboys can't think for themselves and are more sort of a blobby mass of brainwashed opinion that deserved to be lumped into one group?

strickers3418d ago

What makes you think similar is the same?It's like saying because you don't like the red Hyundai,you can't like the red Ferrari?They look similar,do the same job basically but one handles better and is faster than the other.It just feels better.

jneul3418d ago

3ds has a pretty nice resolution, although it's not HD, I thought you lot was happy with wii graphics, you lot are the hypocrites not us..
also don't lump us all in the same bandwagon i own a wii and a ps3, played on wii motion plus and move, sorry but move is no copy at all and it is far more precise and adds to what wii brought in the first place, proper 3d tracking, proper 1:1, augmented reality and object modelling, but when wii2 gets an HD update let me know lol bet you will drool all over it

AWBrawler3418d ago

I'm not getting 3DS for graphics, i'm getting it for the nintendo franchises and awesome 3rd party games i know it'll have, that and i never experienced 3D before Period.

tiamat53418d ago

First of all, ignore Seferoth75. I have realized he is a very obnoxious person and is one of the reasons people think gamers are anti-social basement dewelers. Second, why does everyone think Sony made the Move to compete with the Wii? Are you telling me me they planned to compete with the Wii 10 years later? Or that they tossed it aside to watch to see if Nintendo would succeed, then grabbed it back up to work on it again? From a buiness stance that is very illogical and not very viable. More likely according to Sony's MO they took their time to to perfect their tech which makes them more reliable e.g. PS3. Finally don't listen to the people on N4G. If you buy the Move don't use it like a Wiimote. It's not a Wiimote no matter what the fanboys say and you will enjoy it a lot more if you stop thinking of it as one. In my opinion ten years well spent Sony.

Nathaniel_Drake3418d ago

exactly my thoughts, the Wii can't do HD so, saying its just an experience you get with the Wii is just wrong. It's more accurate and does things the Wii was promised to do. This just like other components of the PS3 just keeps increasing the value of the PS3. More games, more variety

jneul3418d ago

there already videos out there showing people trying to use it like a wiimote and failing at table tennis, also in real life if you try that wrist flick move you will fail.

N4g_null3418d ago

Unfortunatly the move will only compete with the wii. The next nintendo console will be hd nintendo has already started this move. One componet is advanced shaders the other is actualy hd resolution at 60fps.

The people who own a wii aren't hypocritics we never complained about hd resolutions. I think wii owners dislike of all hd comes from shallow game play non fun mechanics and hype based on stories and graphics only. Why else would Sony exclusives not sale more?

Serf is pretty extrem. Yet there is some truth to his madness the move is almost the same sdk as the wii. Lots issues found in the wii are inherited by move. Sony's problem is nintendo is going to advance motion controls rather than copy.

I believe going beyond line of sight tracking is only part of their next move. Basicly making the move obsolete in a few years.

We all know it's going to happen even Sony does it seems. The move is a wait and see jester of good enough which actualy just more of the same.

Just wait till you get to try these move games they are just hd wii games with out nintendo franchise and game play.

I really do hope the hd guys do get move in large numbers yet some thing says it won't happen. So much of sony's support seems to be because of other reasons rather than them being a great video game power house.

This release will be the most watched release since the move is being billed as the hardcore gamers motion control. The industry wants this to happen but it won't till next gen I believe.

It's seems sony's biggest issue is their high horse right now they are ignoring some many other gamers just to fill sega's shoes for the cool console and the list goes on.

Another thing is look at the ps3 gamer response. They only support the move when it's going head to head with kinect. Their focus is clearly on winning 2nd place or the 1st of hd set top box gaming only.

That narrow mindedness will help divid the fan base. If Sony does have the code base that will be some kind of magic bullet then they better put it out their. The industry is expecting an excellerated dust collecting trend to happen to move.

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