Halo: Reach last minute pre-order deals, midnight launch store openings, in-store deals

Halo: Reach is launching in just a couple of days on Tuesday, September 14th. If you are looking where to get Halo: Reach first, or where to score some of the best pre-order or in-store deals, consider this your Halo: Reach pre-launch planner!

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CountDracula3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Why pre-order?

It's gonna be on store shelves everywhere so theres no point.

...Unless you wanna look like a looser but with great power armor. lol

awiseman3425d ago

Preordering givs u better deals. Ur comment is as stupid as it is ignorant. You get GURANTEED street date delivery and gift and promotion cards form most retailers. Some even sell the game for less than the msrp.
Educate yourself fool before you start bashing SMART gamers.

I pre0orsered mine form amazon

AMAZON FTW!! 99 cent street date delivery.

jonw723425d ago

You get just as many deals without pre-ordering. K-Mart 25.00 gaming coupon Best Buy 20.00 giftcard. Toys r us 25.00 giftcard. You can walk into any of these stores and pick one up on Tuesday. Pre-ordering is just a way for stores to get your money quicker. It's amazing how much interest these company's make from the money they get from pre-orders. 2 million plus pre-orders for Reach, do the math.

3425d ago
Tres213424d ago

im sorry i disagree wit that now if microsoft is as evil as we all believe them 2 be then they set up those deals cuz i dont go 2 best buy as much but i didnt kno they offered $20 gift cards on games yr round.

but i cant lie they caught me i figured a extra $20 never hurt no 1, specially wit other games i wanna get comin out