OXM UK | Halo: Reach Review

OXM UK: The FPS epic comes full circle. Pure quality

-Disc crammed full of features
-Campaign built for replayability
-Firefight gets match-making
-MP ranking addictive as ever
-Unbeatable customisation tools


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user94220773418d ago

Official Xbox Magazine giving one of the biggest 360 exclusives a perfect score... who would of thought?

N4PS3G3418d ago

Ohh! So that's why they gave Halo: 3 and ODST a 9.0 ?

Oh the logic :)

Red_Orange_Juice3418d ago

I think metascore for Reach will drop to 91 within a week

Xx Ziyad xX3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

well its higher now it used to be 93 but now 94 ..

A7XEric3417d ago

...but was a game that really deserved maybe a 7.5?

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T9X693418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Official Playstation Magazine gave one of the biggest PS3 exclusives a perfect score....who would of thought?

It's not like Halo Reach has been getting countless amounts of perfect 10's or anything. /s

There's only about 25 so far. Can't imagine why OXM would give it a 10.

Natsu X FairyTail3418d ago

Its only a problem when its xbox360. We're on N4G afterall.

tinybigman3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

who lives for scores are sad people. just go the buy the damn game without thumping your chests because your favorite game scores good marks. same goes for PS3, and Wii gamers.

i hate the halo series but im buying this one not because of the scores, but because this halo seems a lot more interesting to me and doesn't involve master chief.

i like the team aspect of Reach, and there's 6 distinct personalities for the main story.

gamers this generation SUCK fighting over plastic discs, and boxes full of wires.

-Alpha3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

You don't have to take OXM's word for it, but if you are trying to imply some sort of bias you only have to look at all the other scores to see that this game is getting great reviews overall. A 10/10 isn't surprising regardless of the fact that this is from a magazine intended for Xbox enthusiasts.

Game-ur3418d ago

The problem is in the manner of the review, whether it's an official mag or not, it has to respect the reader, and it just hurts the credibility of the score, they shouldn't give Halo Reach special treatment, it doesn't need it. It's like helping an A student cheat.

happyface3418d ago

Team Sony kids really struggling with Reach's reception

ChronoJoe3418d ago

With respect, based on critical reception alone - it's the 4th best game released this year. That doesn't exactly make it particularly special. Albeit may be so to shooter fans.

cool cole3418d ago

It seems like for every one PS3 comment on a 360 article, there's at least three 360 fanboys countering him, and vice versa, so don't act like you guys are the saints of the industry.

lowcarb3418d ago

Definitely not saints but to act as if countering fud is a bad thing then I don't know what you expect. It's normal for PS3 fans to spread false info and create rumors so of course 360 fans will set them straight. If not for the few here on N4G I fear all newcomers would be lost to what's really going on this gen. Countering truthful knowledge is the only way to call out and correct Sony fanboy and Sony media propaganda.

cool cole3418d ago

Ya but the same shit happens on both sides, PS3 fanboys will troll on 360 articles and then 360 fanboys counter them, and the same goes for PS3 articles. And don't act like 360 fanboys never lie and make their system sound better. N4G is a site full of ALL fanboys, you just act like it it's only PS3 fanboys.

ASSASSYN 36o3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Ok the same shit happens on both sides... but where are your comments now? Stirring drama over the issue in a Xbox specific article. Right.

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Bnet3433418d ago

Yeah, because NO ONE else has given Halo Reach a 10/10 right? (IGN)

The Lazy One3418d ago

OXM UK is actually harder on a lot of 360 games than some other publications.

OXM not so much, but the UK version.

kissmeimgreek3418d ago

haha its already gone up to 94 ( i know its 1 point im just saying)

and i hope your not sad enough to buy and judge games solely on scores and metacritic.

XactGamer3418d ago

You mean like how PSM gives high scores? Guess you must have missed the front page today with all those 9.5 and 10s.

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coolbeans3418d ago

lol that made me scratch my head as well. While Reach is more than worthy of a 10, finding no cons in a games means you're just not looking hard enough.

-Alpha3418d ago

But if you look for a con that is arbitrary and insignificant people will start complaining that you are are looking TOO hard. You can't satisfy everybody :)

despair3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

it pretty easy to find one con in the game even without looking hard, from what I've seen the one con is that its more of the same formula that the previous 4 games followed. Also the fact that matchmaking is not available for custom game types is really annoying, I mean how many times do people complain and they still haven't fully implemented it.

Its a small problem and considering how good the Halo formula is that's not exactly a bad thing and the online is still top notch. I mean if someone who dislikes Halo like me can see this game for how great it is even before playing it, then it means that Bungie did something right.

The Lazy One3418d ago

@"from what I've seen the one con is that its more of the same formula that the previous 4 games followed."

like every other sequel/prequel ever.

coolbeans3418d ago

There is that point but whenever I'd give something a 10/10 I point out the most glaring flaw I saw and show how insignifcant it is to the game as a whole. Not trying to judge OXM too harshly but that's just my two cents.

Kahvipannu3418d ago

@"from what I've seen the one con is that its more of the same formula that the previous 4 games followed."

With that logic God of War 3 is the worst sequel ever.. People want the same formula, but fresh, and looks like Bungie is delivering it.

lowcarb3418d ago

You make me wish this site not only had an agree or disagree button but also a neutral button if you feel both. Part of your comment I agree with and the other have I disagree with.

edit alpha: Any more bubbles and your account is going to pop. Keep up the fair comments. bubbles

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Chuk53418d ago

All I gotta say is wait till novemeber comes around. When GT5 comes out and some outlets rate nfs: hot pursuit higher we'll see a firestorm.

OneSneakyMofo3418d ago

Why? Hot Pursuit is an arcade Racer, and GT5 is a sim. Some people prefer one over the other.

Kahvipannu3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Yes, but some people (N4G) think that if f.ex. strategy game gets 98, and racing game 97, the strategy game is in fact better.

I just wish they wouldn't give scores to games at all, maybe just good or excellent game words. That way people would actually read the reviews, and could judge if they agree with the writer, theyr opinions after all.

XactGamer3418d ago

What does GT5 have to do with Halo Reach OXM review?

Chuk53418d ago

people are throwing around black ops,shooters and even uncharted 2 to undermine halo reach's achievement even though they are different games. Similarly, people will throw around other games other games at GT5. Although admittedly, I pre-ordered nfs today.

Counter Strike3418d ago

Best magazine ever with EDGE... For me is what i buy

Cheeky Gamer3418d ago

While I do believe Reach deserves a 10 - heck, it's been getting enough of them - I don't for a second believe that there are no cons whatsoever. OXM could have pointed out one or two cons and still given the title a perfect score, because 10/10 doesn't mean that it is perfect - not in a review anyway.

playnation3418d ago

totally agree, that 0 cons thing really makes u think... anyway fanboy magazine = review without critics (and im talking for both sides) so take this review lightly, it's always better to "review it" ourselves. ;)

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