First art of Valkyria Chronicles 3

The news has been making waves, now there is some character art to go with it.

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silkrevolver3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

...and their obsession with unrealistic boobs...

Aquarius3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

this better be for PS3 with trophy support and they might as well patch the first game while they're at it

I mean, come on it already has in-game MEDALS

despair3420d ago

they won't bring trophy support for the first one, even if its almost tailor made for it...idiots, but the new one if on the PS3 will have trophies, its now mandatory that all new games have to have trophies.

rdgneoz33420d ago

Hey, they are realistic. Its just how fitting the clothing is that isn't.
And excited for the game as well, loved the first one.

silkrevolver3420d ago

...and their obsession with making boobs appear as unrealistic as possible...

maruyuki3420d ago

because marvel and dc make breast look completely different from japanese artist

seriously silk whats wrong with you

TotalPS3Fanboy3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Oh guys...
...and their obsession with unrealistic boobs...

CimmerianDrake3420d ago

There is almost no such thing as unrealistic boobs, any guy who has seen a porn video on the internet can tell you that. If there are women willing to do it, surgery can make there chests bigger than your head. So, not really unrealistic then is it. Stupid? Yes. Unrealistic? Just type in Epic Boobs on Google and let the Motivational pics do the talking.

frjoethesecond3420d ago

They aren't particularly unrealistic. Similar to my mother in her earlier years I'd say.

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tinybigman3420d ago

love the 1st game best RPG i've played this gen. i have to play part 2 now on psp to gear up for this beauty.

tinybigman3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

someone trying to tell me what my favorite rpg should be this generation instead of this game. whoever you are blow it out your read end lol.

Omar913420d ago

then is wouldnt be a problem to make some trophies... uncharted did it

Aquarius3420d ago

loads of games done it after the July update and before January 2009

RandomGamer3420d ago

I hope that stupid looking blonde guy isn't a main character.

Natsu X FairyTail3420d ago

Could be support character or some bad guys. That boy do look like a douche.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

This game will most likely see a PSP only release. It's just wishful thinking, thinking that it will be a PS3 exclusive. Well maybe PSP and PS3 at best.

For all we know it could be PSP and DS as the first Valkyria Chronicles didn't do to well on the PS3 alone.

@Parapraxis: It may have done well in our eyes but there is a reason Valkyria Chronicles 2 was only released on the PSP....

Parapraxis3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Actually it did quite well considering it was
1) a new Ip
2) a very niche genre, with unusual graphical stylings
3) barely advertised outside of japan

"there is a reason Valkyria Chronicles 2 was only released on the PSP.... "
Yeah, they wanted to make a PSP game.

BTW you are bloody delusional.
VC PS3 outsold VC2 by more than a ratio of 4:1

Parapraxis3420d ago

LOL I got a PM from M4ndat0ry_1nstall
It reads as follows:
"I was going to reply to your post but I can't edit anymore.

Which of my points or opinions were you addressing. Was it: "It may have done well in our eyes but there is a reason Valkyria Chronicles 2 was only released on the PSP" or something else? If it was the former, then your point about ratios makes zero sense.

Explain. "

wow..if he needs explaining on something as basic as this I feel bad for his school teachers (elementary?)

UltimateIdiot9113420d ago

There is, Sega told us why they did that.

They wanted to alternate and keep a speedy development on the VC franchise. It takes too long if they make another game on the PS3. Also, they wanted to get the game more known in Japan which people do not pirate on PSP as much as they do in other countries.

Kamikaze1353420d ago

You know, rather than bash a game, if you did your own research you'd realize it did well in sales and reviews to warrant a PS3 game. It didn't do as well as larger games, but it did well in Segas eyes.

Reibooi3420d ago

Fist off the game did well both in sales and reviews. The sales part took awhile to take off. In the US it was a slow burn and it slowly sold over the course of about a year to a year and a half and in Japan it didn't really sell well until the anime based on the series came out and Sega Re released the game.

Also the comment about it maybe coming to the PSP and DS is retarded. Sony owns a stake in the franchise because they were part of why the game got a anime adaptation(they own the studio who animated it). The 3rd game no matter what will be exclusive to a Sony platform. So it will either be PSP exclusive as the 2nd one was or it will be PS3 exclusive as the first one was.

TotalPS3Fanboy3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

"...there is a reason Valkyria Chronicles 2 was only released on the PSP...."

The reason is so that people like me can play Valkryie Chronicles 2 on the go. Yes. On the go. Amazing isn't it?

On the go. That means, on the bus, at work when the boss is not looking, on a bench at the park, on a subway in the dark, in a box with a fox, or on a plane with snakes....

...basically, for the portability of it.

NintendoForever3420d ago

you can play the DS on the go also and i have a better idea if not the ps3 sega would be smart to make it for the nintendo 3DS 2 times more powerful then the psp and it will blow psp's graphic out the water by a huge mergin..

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Omar913420d ago

i hope this is for ps3. i havent played the first one. i probably will never play the second 1. because i havent played the first and 2. because i dont have a psp.
i just hope they make this for ps3 so i can buy the first one... and idk i guess ill have to make due with not playing the second.

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