Self-confident? That makes you type Xbox

Anderson Analytics' psychology study reveals the personality traits associated with gaming brands

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Shadow Flare5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

I thought this article was interesting. Cos it showed that in the groups of playstation and xbox boys:

"boys who were exposed to xbox pictures were "higher on power motivation" and had higher self-confidence scores"

"Furthermore, images of the consoles themselves also had different effects on the respondents. Interestingly, boys in the Xbox group had higher levels of distrust after seeing the ad, while this phenomenon was not observed in the PlayStation group"

It makes for an interesting read

BIadestarX5392d ago

I agree with this article. Most PS fanboys are fanboys because their friends are fanboys. They bought their PS because someone told them to. They are not confidence enough on their own judgment so they allow other (like Sony) to decide for them what games to play. Xbox owners usually separate themselves from the rest of the people and try something new. So if you are buying a PS3; you have a low self- confidence and should seek professional help immediately, before you end up eating your own feces (the elimination of fecal waste through the anus), end up working on McDonalds flipping burgers for the rest of your life, or becomes someone b*** at work or school.

PS3 Owns All5392d ago

That's bs me and my friends own a PS2 and we both had an X Box then returned the X Box. We found out WHICH was the better system. PS2. And which will be the best of all best? The PlayStation 3!

TheMART5392d ago

So please give facts that can be tested:

Graphics, xbox wins hands down on PS2
Online, xbox wins hands down on PS2
Gameplay, that'll be about the same
Best game online, xbox with Halo
Hardware quality not breaking down, xbox wins due to bad quality drives on PS2

Furthermore, we all know by now that 360 and PS3 will gave about the same graphics in the end, but the PS3 is harder to program so it takes longer to get there. If games are not delayed/cancelled because of that (high costs longer programming).

Self confident is also because of the target group. Playstation, the name already says it, play=toy, target group mostly kids under 18. Main target group xbox/360 is 18 to 35, adults who are more confident about themselve

Watapata5391d ago

PlayStations target group is NOT mostly kids under 18. Microsoft and Sony have both stated before that they essentially have the same target audience, while Nintendo mops up those younger.

Jay da 2KBalla5392d ago

So far 5.5 million consoles have been sold in the U.S. Europe and Japan

mikeeno75391d ago

You mean 5.5million worldwide. Not in the U.S, Europe and Japan.

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