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Kane and Lynch: Dog Days is the sequel to the 2006 Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. The game takes us to the underbelly of Shanghai. The game leads Kane and Lynch on one gun fight after another as they try to do one deal right for once. Of course this doesn't go smoothly and they find themselves up shit creek without a paddle, yet again. The game for me was not what I had hoped for. After much criticism of the first game I was sure that the developers would take all they had learned under consideration and make a better game. However I do not think they did. In fact I truly feel I enjoyed the first game more than this new game. The new game had a few things that left me most displeased;

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ian723415d ago

I have only played the demo but 1/10 seems a bit low, even for this game. The demo played ok, just like a typical TPS.

TrailerParkSupervisr3414d ago

And with all due respect to the author, this game has been review this many (flashing fingers) times. We all know it sucks.