Photos from Kinect Beta

The various photos of Kinect Beta, shows the new Xbox 360 Dashboard

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Red_Orange_Juice3421d ago

interface is designed for kids

deadreckoning6663421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

@Hyrius- What a surprise. People who dislike Kinect are in Kinect articles. Sad sad people. The lengths you need to go to downplay something you don't like is astounding lol.

sack_boi- Mmhmm, to me its like, if you've never had anything positive to say about Kinect, why would you REPEATEDLY go into Kinect articles to express your negative opinions on something you "supposedly" have no interest in.

These people really need something better to do with their lives. Every one Of Hyrius' comments are either outrageously pro-Sony or anti-360. Therapy ftw.

sack_boi3421d ago

Even the trolls can't resist, they want it so bad, but the can't afford it.

timmyrulz3421d ago

Dude you didnt finish your comment, you missed off "you aint crossing my bridge billy goat gruff"

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Seijoru3421d ago

Yeah! I get to spend 150$ to navigate the dashboard!

sack_boi3421d ago

No one is forcing you to.

Godmars2903421d ago

Why are people getting excited over a UI face-lift? Especially when you have to spend $150 to properly utilize this "free" update?

Godmars2903421d ago

I'm getting disagrees, but no explanations...

FragMnTagM3420d ago

You don't have to have Kinect....dur. What do you mean properly utilize? Doesn't the controller work better? Oh yeah that is right, I forgot the Sony cult members are aloud to say anything they want and keep their bubbles. If I remember correctly controllers and buttons are better, so in keeping with the past Sony fanboy comments Kinect wouldn't PROPERLY utilize anything anyway.

I meant there are not buttons so obviously it is full of fail anyway (sarcasm), so why would you care enough to comment? I just don't get that mindset. What goes through your guys head?

"Oh, I HATE MS and everything to do with it, so I know what I must do now.... go to N4G, hit up every article that talks about MS or Kinect, and spread my hate as hard and as fast as I possibly can. That will show them stupid idiots that want to pay for a piece of crap device that I hate." -Sony fanboys.

I realize there a few crazy MS fanboys to some arguably more crazy than some of the PS fans, but come on, Sony is supposed to be the "mature" platform, so why don't the fans act like it?

Godmars2903420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Not questioning kinect, but rather the pointless excitement surrounding the remodeling of the UI to make it more easier, more functional, to use with Kinect.

Hell, the 360's UI been reworked at least once before and on that occasion it was like someone had reinvented the freakin' wheel.

I don't give any real damn about Kinect, I just want to know why the 360 fan cult go insane about something they're either going to take for granted in a few months, or insult when the UI gets remodeled again.

That a $150 - or however much the thing costs, not buying it so I'm not looking it up - add-on is involved is almost besides the point.

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niceguywii603421d ago

Love the redesign of the avatars

xAlmostPro3421d ago

wonder what the bottom of an avatars shoe looks like? could i see that yeah? :P

PeterGriffinSays3421d ago

...and destroyed PS3 and 360. Don't underestimate Kinect just yet.

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wat6343421d ago

Wonder when this comes out.

cobraagent3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

does playstation informer post Kinect pictures? Also, why is there no "Kinect" tag and the type of story is not "screenshot" but "news"? Someone please enlighten me

Convas3421d ago

The new dashboard looks sweet, but I'm still not buying Kinect.

Aquarius3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Gosh that camera looks ugly as fuck.
Why the hell is it so wide?

I thought M$ took the processor out?
Didn't know a 3d camera needed to be that big. I mean even the human head isn't that big and its got a brain in it.

timmyrulz3421d ago

"I mean even the human head isnt that big and its got a brain in it"

Another one you didnt finish off the comment, you forgot to add the disclaimer "excludes fanboys and trolls"

Aquarius3421d ago

@ disagrees

doesn't change the fact that Kinect is already outdated compared to the PS EYE before its already released according to the specs and that it will go the way of the HD-DVD.

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The story is too old to be commented.