Where did 10,000 Halo: Reach players come from? gets a crazy screencap from Halo:Reach showing an insane amout of players playing the game before launch.

From the news post: "Halo: Reach is a hugely anticipated game. It comes out two days from now. Yet there are over 10,000 people playing it online.

Don’t believe me? Check out the screen cap, after the jump."

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TrevorPhillips3417d ago

Those 10,000 players are going to cop a big fat one.

mercsfan3417d ago

Not all, alot of ppl in the UK got it delivered already,a long with a handful of stores selling it early. But hell, that's a lot.

sack_boi3417d ago

The game is already out in France as well, also more than ten people in my friends list bought and are playing the game right now.

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Red_Orange_Juice3417d ago

I don't think it's that much. More than likely legitimate copies.

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JsonHenry3417d ago

No way they are pirates. These people just got it early. Otherwise it would be like most games - you simply can't get online because the matchmaking servers are not up and running yet. Which means MS has allowed this.

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gameraxis3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

the photo reads only 2,000 plus players.... where is the 10,000 coming from? EDIT: ohhh there we go... second pic...damn those mf's they're getting a jump on the skill i HATE hackers that do bad in the gaming industry... its like the CIA will hire hackers that crack their system because they obviously have better code/interfaces than them... why don't all these intelligent hackers go make millions with their knowledge instead of stealing stuff all the time...

i'm a little tech savy, but intense code and engines is where i can't tred, i know about ram and cache and all that kinda stuff but i wish i had the skills to do what they do and apply it to a huge corporation or game company... I'm sure I'm not alone, its not exactly jealousy, its more like "damn i wish i could do what u do, why don't u do yourself good with it" instead of eventually getting a ban hammer to the face lol

and the most intelligent of these people didn't learn it at MIT, becuase those are the peeps that work for the fbi, hp, sony, ms... the TOP tier hackers are maybe MIT rebels or just pure genius and learned it all from out source... aaaaa... who knows

Kurt Russell3416d ago

Zavvi delivered there pre-orders on Saturday :P

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Emmettcelticfan3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Not surprised retailers always break street date

Persistantthug3417d ago

So if I have a small electronics or game store and I've got a product to sell (even if its early), and I've got customers that want it RIGHT NOW....

Business 101 says I'm gonna sell that freakin product no matter what Microsoft says.

Because rent is due, that's why.

Redrum0593417d ago

i like the way you think.

welcome to the real world fellas

FragMnTagM3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I worked at an electronics store selling games on all systems and the reps from MS and Sony both said there is a fine for breaking the release date of every copy sold and/or delaying future shipments or cancelling more shipments altogether. The reason the conversation came up is that this girl that worked there never bothered to check when a game came out and always put them in the case early. The reps would see it and tell the manager.

IHateYouFanboys3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Microsoft have banned stores from selling their big first party games because they broke the release date of big titles. not just a little 2 week ban or anything - they literally do not ship them any more titles that are published by MGS.

happened with Forza 3, among others iirc.

10 000 isnt too bad to be honest. remember, thats players - not copies. im sure many people have played 4 player split screen, so thats 4 players counted but only 1 copy.

id say most of those copies are legit, just sold early. one of my mates already has it as he owns a video game shop, and hes played it, yet its still 10 hours til the midnight release here in Aus.

TrevorPhillips3417d ago

Not only pirates my friend, some stores have broken the street date and decided to sell the game early to people.

TLG19913417d ago

not really, as nearly all online retailers send copies out early and when u have a stupid release day on a tuesday retailers send it way before the weekend to make sure you get it. all release date should be on a friday all over the world like in the uk (apart from this one of course)

peeps3417d ago

also independent retailers.

My copy got dispatched on Friday. Don't expect to receive it until launch but obv stores will have been getting it in stock over the last few days. Not everyone playing the game early will have pirated it

vhero3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Natsu for once your right people hate you though so you get a ton of disagrees even when your right lol. Breaking street date is one thing but I bet theres been that many players for over a week now as its been on the scene (as pirates call it) for well over 2 week now.

madpuppy3416d ago

Wouldn't you think that MS would be banning all the consoles that have a pirate copy?

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TrevorPhillips3417d ago

I cannot pick it up on monday which is of course the day of midnight launch, I have to pick it up after college on tuesday.

Convas3417d ago

Over eager retailers breaking the street date. It's cool though, they can have their fun, all stats are going be reset Tuesday, September 14th, 12:01 AM ;)

chanto233417d ago

someone reported earlier that you can start playing now for good...stats won't be erased...

m233417d ago

I think they have already reset everything, so now its good for everyone to play. Still kinda sucks those people have a few days head start.