Rockstar: Where is the love? Pt 2

The Glue at Immature Gamer writes: So it’s been a while since I noticed that Rockstar most likely wasn’t going to make good on their promise to be “very, very good to PS3 gamers” in 2010. Unless of course, you count their releasing the PS3 versions of RDR and it’s DLC packs at the same time as those for 360 as being very, very good to PS3 gamers…in which case I’d suggest that you’ve led a pretty pitiful life if that is indeed what you think.

Now, it’d be really easy for me to just sit here and hurl vitriol at Rockstar for turning their backs on the fans who made them in the first place. I (as well as many others of the original Metal Milita) did it to Metallica for years, and once they realized the stupidity of their move, they tried to “go back to their roots,” which only resulted in their original fan base continuing to scoff and their newfound fanbase deserting them in favor of the lastest Nickelback offering.

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pixelsword3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

If Rockstar just focused on making a PS3-centered engine in the first place (because it translates better to the 360 than the other way around) they would have an engine to improve on, which would make later games easier and faster to create in the future. I can't fault them for wanting the quick money, but I can't let them off of the hook for the production problems down the line either.

Eiffel3414d ago

I just want them to get control over the porting issues, I just recently bought Episodes From Liberty City for my PS3, my god the quality is awful. I first thought something was up with my HDMI but, the quality is riddled with issues, low gamma, awful screen tearing, the shows on the in game TV are pixelated to the point it's like watching a youtube video at 240p.

That's my only real issue with Rockstar, they really need to address the porting issue, or in fact develop on the PS3 before hand.

CernaML3414d ago

Screen tearing? Tthe game is vsynced on the PS3.

creamydingle3414d ago

Its pretty obvious Eiffel has not played Episodes from liberty City on the PS3 because everything you have said is not true at all take your lies else where you dumb xbot.

Eiffel3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Blow me.

Don't go throwing assumptions at people you don't even know. Good way of getting pwn'd. Try harder next time.

Arnon3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Playstation fanboys... are just... so stupid. Everything that is remotely questioned about the Playstation franchise results in you being called a fanboy of something. You might as well have called him a Saint's Row 360 fanboy.

nickjkl3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )


Exhibit 1:

arnon i think your ebeing oblovious to the comments on that page

Arnon3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Congratulations. You just proved my point.

nickjkl I think I've read enough comments to see that "the ps3 has only been out for two years" and "the ps3 has better graphics, but the 360 has better games".

I don't need to read every comment from an article dating back to 2006 to try and help justify whatever point you're making, even though it's basically moot at this point in time. I mean... it's sort of a no brainer that the 360 had better graphics when the PS3 just came out. There were what, 3 exclusive titles when it released?

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Charmers3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Rockstar are artists at saying bulls**t. I love the way the reporter claims that Playstation users "made them". Last time I checked it was PC gamers that were the first to buy into Rockstars products and support them, so you could call PC gamers the "original fanbase" and we all know how well Rockstar treat the PC platform now.

It wasn't till Sony bought timed exclusivity of GTA 3 for it's PS2 that it suddenly became a "playstation" franchise. Rockstar goes with whomever writes the biggest cheque. It amazes me time and time again that people fall for this bull from Rockstar regarding exclusivity.

Rockstar does not see the PS3 as special, they do not see the xbox 360 as special nor do they see the PC as special. All they see is three systems that they can milk for maximum profits.

DigitalAnalog3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

So far, the only game I actually felt was worth playing from R* was RDR. I haven't tried LCS yet but quite frankly GTAIV was more of style then substance. Never in my life did I sleep in the middle of a gaming session and even horrible games don't do that to me.

-End statement

The Glue3409d ago

Buddy...only hardcore PC gamers knew who Rockstar was before GTAIII. However after GTAIII hit PS2, Rockstar became a household name.

Playstation users "made" Rockstar.

The "original fanbase" comment was directed at Metallica. Thanks for reading the piece, tho. It's nice to see that it touched a nerve.

I too, think Rockstar are shameless sellouts.

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