Strategy Informer Halo: Reach Review

From "So, this is it then? Bungie's last Halo, the game that brings together ten years worth of work, the game that takes us back to the beginning, and the game that's supposed to be the most definitive title in the series. As someone who's been a fan ever since the first game, this has been a very singular experience. It's not often you witness a definitive event in a franchise that's shaped you as a gamer, and it's even rarer to be in a position to pass judgement. This definitely wasn't the most straight forward reviews I've ever done."

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CountDracula3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I thought this was game informer for a sec

FAIL too many indie review sites nobody cares about!

T9X693416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

What do you expect? A big game like Halo Reach comes out, and indie sites review it to get hits. No different than big games like Uncharted 2, and if I remember correctly, on N4G over 300 sites reviewed it.


389 to be exact.

StanLee3416d ago

That's just crazy. 80% of those sites aren't even relevant.

All_4_One3416d ago

Yeah, and Uncharted 2 maintained a 96 Metascore with 105 reviews, which is more than any other game I have ever seen, and it`s not even a year old yet. Unbelievable.

lowcarb3416d ago

Are you implying UC2 is a better game then Reach?

coolbeans3416d ago

I know, so many bankrolled PS sites. amirite?

All_4_One3416d ago

Uh, no. I was implying that Uncharted 2 maintained a fantastic score despite being one of the most heavily reviewed games. I was just adding on to t9x69`s comment. Why get defensive over it?

lowcarb3416d ago

"Why get defensive over it?"

No not defensive at all. Just trying to understand your comment.

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3416d ago