2010 the Xbox 360's year? Halo Reach should seal the deal

Last year was easily and Playstation 3′s year with exclusives like Uncharted 2 winning so many critically acclaimed awards as well as also doing well in the retail sector selling 3.61 copies worldwide. On the hardware side of things, the Playstation 3 picked up on it’s previous sales figures which was previously dominated by the Xbox360 in the non-motion front. So 2009 was definitely perceived Sony’s year with the Playstation 3 exclusives bringing it home.

2010 certainly looks like it could easily be the Xbox 360′s year and with the sales of it’s exclusive software leading the way.

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Meisadragon3420d ago

it kinda equal, PS3 has GT5 and LBP 2 as well both are goty material.

Natsu X FairyTail3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

I dunno in terms of sales cause i Dont really care bout all the digits but it was pretty decent in Terms of Games compared to 2009.

Mass effect 2 , SplinterCell Conviction , Alan Wake , Halo reach , Fable 3.

Now if only next year they could come With More original games that would be very sweet. New Jrpgs? New Platformers? New Hack n slash? All welcomed instead of shooter.

edits: (-_-) So Hyrius comments isnt labeled as trolling yet? and he gets 14 Agrees for Obvious trolling and I get 10s for saying the truth? I just said the Xbox360 had a Decent year. I dint even say that It was it'S Best or anything Then yall wonder why I'm at war against the LAMES? I'm cool right now. Dont start me. cause if I go off yall gon be after me saying i'm annoying.

-Alpha3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Yeah the 360 has had a pretty good year with Mass Effect 2 and Halo Reach being the absolute high points.

Hopefully MS has more for 2011, they tend to announce games and release them in a shorter time frame than someone like Sony so we will see.

As for Xbox sealing the deal, pull your pants back up zombiegamer, this year is delivering the biggest games for all platforms:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii
Halo Reach for 360
Gran Turismo 5 for PS3
Starcraft 2 for PC

It's cheesy and overdone, but this year really does belong to the gamer of any platform. I can care less sales-wise.

3420d ago
8-bit3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

PS3 just has more exclusives than Xbox does but I'd say GOTY contenders are GOW3, GT5, LBP2, Reach, RDR and ME2

The good news is, all of them will be playable on the PS3 but Reach.

fr0sty3420d ago

traditionally, the Gran Turismo series has always outsold halo. The first 3 GT games have outsold the entire Halo franchise to date. GT5's "glorified demo" GT5 prologue sold 4 million copies, and that's back when PS3's install base was much smaller than it is today. Don't underestimate the power of the GT brand, it's hugely popular, especially in Europe.

fooltheman3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Look this is the year of everyone...

Information Minister3420d ago

@ Natsu - If you like Pepsi more than Coca-Cola, that doesn't mean Pepsi is better and that's "the truth". It simply means that's just your opinion. Other people might have a different perspective.

Don't present your opinion as indisputable fact. You're just inviting further disagrees.

IcarusOne3420d ago

GT5 will be awesome but it shouldn't be GOTY. Gow3 was fun, but again, shouldn't be game of the year. It's a glorified graphics demo. GOTY should be more encompassing: ME2 and RDR both come to mind.

I play my 360 more than my PS3, but I wouldn't call this 360's year. They just don't have the exclusives to back it up.

@ Hyrius: I can't tell if you're trolling or just being a douche. We're all well aware that the PS3 does native HD better than 360. I've never understood why pixel-count is a factor in how fun and absorbing a game is. That's like saying something shot on HD can't be as good of an experience as something shot on film. (District 9 says hello.)

tehReaper3420d ago

@Information Minister

Please point me to the part where Natsu said his opinion was fact. That was just a straight up personal attack.

Bigpappy3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

1. The sales improvement this year, when many were questioning how they would overcome the momentum of the PS3 slim and lack of 1st party studios.

2. They are releasing the big games with good spacing amound them. Almost every month 360 has a big title to keep them in the News.

3. The slimmer, quiter, more reliable and more featured 360 was huge as far as console appeal (better sales due to "peace of mine" for customers.

4. Kinect for the casuals. Major move by M$. Watch the holiday numbers and be amazed. I know I am calling this one pre-maturely. But I have no doubt what so ever base on what I am seeing from the reaction to games like Dance central, Kinect Sports, Fitness Games, and for the little girls: Kinectamals. This will be a major purchase this holiday season.

5. XBLA is still the king of online. It is where most core gamers prefer to hang out, even though they have to pay. The experience on live is seemles and comfortable. It is great for friends to just chat it up while doing their own thing. Party mode is a major plus for XBL. Much bigger than cross game chat was. Add to that the selection of downloadable games and Movie rentals, and you have yourself one hell of an entertainment system.

Information Minister3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

@ dem0n - Sure thing, how's this quote: "...and I get 10s for saying the truth"? Clear enough for you? I don't think my comment qualifies as a personal attack any more than your comment does.

EDIT @ below - He never said his opinion should be viewed (shared?) by everyone? Really? Because he clearly pushed his opinion as fact and then proceeded to question those who disagreed. In fact, if there's any personal attack here, it came from Natsu towards Hyrius, but I guess you didn't see that. I would hardly call that "throwing him under a bus for no good reason". Respect other people's opinions, and I will respect yours.

tehReaper3420d ago

He didn't say anything wrong.

He never said his opinion should be viewed by everyone. All he said is that the 360 had a decent year. Only a fanboy would disagree with that. Then we have you throwing him under the bus, for no reason.

My comment to you wasn't a personal attack, I just didn't understand why you called him out like that.

Game-ur3420d ago

The 360 did have a good 2010 but so did the PS3 and the PS3 wins it by a game or 2.

MS had a cold 2008; they may have another cold year in 2011 and focus on Kinect.

No racing game can be more encompassing than GT5

georgeenoob3420d ago

Something called console exclusive. Ever heard of it? You mad?

Heisenberg3420d ago

So Information Minister points out to you where he stated his opinion was the "truth" etc. And you just ignore that you were proven wrong, and your argument changes to "He didn't say anything wrong."

tehReaper3420d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Is it not true that the 360 had a decent year? They released a redesigned console, which is definitely boosting sales. They released several games, some also on PC, but still did very well this year.

Just because you dislike the 360, doesn't mean it didn't have a decent year.

If Natsu would have said "Oh yeah, 2010 is the 360's year hands down.", THEN it would have been pure opinion.

Hyrius's comment was riddled with pointless logic trying to downplay Microsoft's year. So what if a game is also on PC? Microsoft secured those games for the 360, and in ME2's case, they secured that game before the PS3.

Exclusive or not, Microsoft has games. It's on their console platform to make money, and on PC to make even more.

If you disagree, fine, but I don't see how anyone could say Microsoft had a terrible year. If anything, they had a terrible E3.

3419d ago
0mega43419d ago

the game will still win GOTY for an xbox exclusive as there is no real competition on xbox
as for GOTY overal much better titles like SC2 out for it to take that title

& sales wise i expect that reach will preform up to par with the sales of GT5

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aceofspades3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )


chuk, were talking about a little thing called games(not hardware software bs).

darkcharizard3420d ago

will win most of them..

GT5 will win all Best Racing Game awards, and I mean ALL

LBP2......... i really don't know what it will win, since a superior platformer "SMG2" is out there dominating this year!

-Alpha3420d ago

"LBP2......... i really don't know what it will win, since a superior platformer "SMG2" is out there dominating this year!"

As a platformer, yeah, SMG2 is bound to be the standard, but LBP2 is just as worthy for GOTY as any other title.

Even more than GT5 and Halo Reach I predict LBP2 is the most likely to get 10/10s. If you've been following the game you'd know there is a lot in store for the game.

fooltheman3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

and alpha male played Littlebigplanet2...

Problem this time around is that littlebigplanet isn't a pure platformer anymore...
So what you say is actually right...

fooltheman3420d ago

But saying that smg3 will doninate is pure speculation...

Sackboy is cuter than mario

darkcharizard3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

won many more awards than LBP.. It was also better recieved by critics. The sequel, SMG2 has been deemed a masterpiece by many. It's the highest rated game this year --

expect it to win most of the GOTY awards.

nickjkl3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

charizard you know in litttle big planet 2 i can make super mario galaxy 2 and more

@charaizard yes you can

darkcharizard3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

you can't.

Dude, don't overestimate that game... you may be disappointed if it doesn't meet ur overly high expectations

Cheeky Gamer3420d ago

Without trying to troll, you do realise that that's a better score than GoW3 right?

Persistantthug3420d ago

AIAS awards = Oscars of the Gaming industry.

Little Big Planet = Game Of The Year

Super Mario Galaxy was nominated in its respective year, but it lost to COD4.

When SMG (1 2, or even 3) wins its Oscar, you can then celebrate a major award win.

darkcharizard3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy won the biggest BAFTA video-game award; GOTY.

It also won the biggest award - GOTY - from many many different reviewers. IGN, Gamespot, Gametrailers, Edge, Games Master, Kotaku, Metacritic and Time magazine to name a few.

Plus it's a 97 on metacritic, whereas LBP is 95.
It's the second highest rated game on Gamerankings, and LBP is nowhere - even in the top 20.

None of the big reviewers like IGN, GS, 1UP, GI, GB, GameSpy, GT or Kotaku gave LBP GOTY awards. Plus, it was overshadowed by GTAIV and MGS4 which were by far better games.

This year, SMG is bigger and better. The same can't be said for LBP until it's release.

I just went through ur comments, and there's no doubt that ur a PS fanboy. One of ur comments went to the extent of being

"N64 had some great games...
But there's no question N64 was obliterated by the PS1....No question"

What nonsense. If u want to play sales, i have no problem in Wii vs PS3 or SMG vs LBP.... hmph!

there's nothing left for you to say, just shhhh.

-Alpha3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )


Um, no, you can't "make" SMG2 on LBP2, either you haven't seen any LBP2 footage or are being incredibly ignorant.

You can make something LIKE it but it will still be limited to the nature of the LBP2 creation tools.

Persistantthug3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Unfortunately, it didn't win "THE OSCAR".

Little Big Planet did.

I'm a musician, so if a competing artist/musician won all kinds of MTV and VH1 still pales in comparison to me winning a GRAMMY AWARD.

I'll take a Grammy, OSCAR, Academy, and in this case, AIAS award over any of the minor awards you mentioned.....respectfully.

Maybe SMG2 can finally win an AIAS Award for this year.....maybe...but it still has to go up against LBP2, which is a winner.

We're not arguing...we're just talking, right? :)

Edit....Yes...PS1 did Obliterate N64 for that gen. I still have an N64 connected to one of my bedroom TV's for when kids come is a straight up beast of a system...but that doesn't negate the fact that it was ran over and left for dead, injured rather, by the PS1 for the 5th generation.

N64 had Great games...but it still was dominated HEARTILY by the PS1. Who's gonna disagree with that? If that's not a SHOULD be.

handheldwars3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Anyone who says Super Mario Galaxy was less critically and commercially successful than LittleBigPlanet is an idiot who is blinded by his own fanboy-ism can't accept facts of life.

There's no question that SMG2 will remain the most critically acclaimed game of 2010, no matter what LBP2 throws at it.


Your comparison of AIAS to the Oscars is stupid and childish. BAFTA is a much more recognized award ceremony.

darkcharizard3420d ago

I couldn't agree more. BAFTA is much more recognized than AIAS... and fanboyism his is extreme! He calls himself a musician, when he's just a wannabe 12yr old pre-teen who looks so stupid after editing his comment multiple times... lol!

Persistantthug3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Edit...I'm the peen?

But I'm not the one who just resorted to personal insults when we were simply talking about video games.

Sorry sir...but I wasn't the peen here.

I suggest you get your emotions in check.

Edit2....For the record...the only "stealth edit" I performed, was for spelling/grammar.
It's a shame you couldn't have a conversation like an adult without going all "HULK SMASH" when you get angry....

Maybe next time, champ.

handheldwars3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

see how he used "stealth edit" -- rofl.. a liar on top of fanboy!

I'm going to some other thread, and i think you should too. Arguing with simple people is a waste of time -- because ur just don't get anywhere. In this case it's because 12yr olds have can't appreciate greatness, and they're wannabe musicians! lmao

Persistantthug3419d ago

Second, yes...I said stealth edit. If I edit something, as you see, I'll put "edit".

If I was a 12 year old, I would be a better 12 year old than your friend, Mr. darkcharizard.

I'm able to have a conversation and debate or what have you, without calling people names and getting all personally insulting.

I mean, What was that for? Just because we didn't agree about a video game? If I wasn't the bigger man, I would take some bubbles from him, because what he said was asshole'ish...and it was for nothing.
Just because we argue about video games, just like some people argue about sports, that doesn't mean people have to be indignant and mean.
That's totally uncalled for.

Interestingly, you dismiss that, though.

Have a great day, regardless....both of you.

(Notice I'm still polite)

handheldwars3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Let me stop you there, son.

"We're not arguing...we're just talking, right?"

Persistantthug3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

You can call it arguing, debating, PASSIONATE conversation, or what ever you want to call it....

Just as I argue LAKERS vs. CELTICS on a regular basis as well.

I still haven't insulted you or your friend, sir.

I'm respectful. Those who CANNOT be respectful should stop talking about video games....that's what I recommend.

You seem to disagree with that.

At this point I'd have to ask if you are darkcharizard, since you seem to sanction such disrespect.

With that, I'm not the one that failed the argument/debate/conversation.

Take care, handheldwars......or darkcharizard.....or whomever you are.

(I'm still polite lol)

LAKERS 4 the win!!!!

handheldwars3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

ur so cute -- all worked up; trying to defend ur epic FAIL comments!

Did I hurt your ego, dear? I'll say I did ;) but don't feel bad! It's all gonna be okay.. just like in fairy land!

It was fun watching you prove that you're nothing more than a worthless 12year old when u said that you're 20 ... *chuckles* ... you still have a lot to learn, kiddo!


P_Bomb3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

@cheeky gamer

GOW3 was sitting at a 93 metacritic a few months ago with 99 reviews until the irrelevant Richard Naik and his bias moustache over at (check out his Heavy Rain rants) decied to give it its last review and for review #100 gave GOW its lowest score ever...a 75/100...which knocked it down a FULL metacritic percentage to 92.

Point is all it takes is one guy who wants to stand out for hits, even 100 reviews later, and there goes the average. With only 22 reviews, Reach is NOT a lock to stay at 93. A lot can change.

Hideo_Kojima3419d ago

2005 GoW 2
2006 Gears of War
2007 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
2008 Little Big Plannet
2009 Uncharted 2
2010 ???

Could be Halo Reach, LBP 2, GoW 3, GT5 or Mass Effect 2 (which I am counting on for 2010)

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ipwnall3420d ago

It's not even close to equal. How does Alan Wake and Halo Reach make the Xbox 360 have the best year? It's mind boggling.

The PS3 got U2, Demon's Souls, Killzone 2, Ratchat ACiT, and Infamous to beat out the 360.

This year, the PS3 gets God of War 3, Modnation Racers, Gran Turismo 5 and Little Big Planet 2. I'd say that's better than 2 games on the 360.

-Alpha3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

The writer, for some reason, is talking about sales for 2010 to award 2010 to the Xbox, but refers to 2009 as PS3's year for its exclusives. So I don't understand the shift in standards.

I'm confused myself. Articles like this are just jumping the excitement wagon. Reach scores are just coming in so it's hard for people to think reasonably and leads to "Zomg, best game evar!!" sort of conclusions. It happens with all games, just wait for GT5.

siyrobbo3420d ago

replace Modnation Racers with heavy rain and you'll have a better argument

coolbeans3420d ago

Being really good games to the reviewer, maybe? Try to looking more towards overall library of this year then make a debate.

Bigpappy3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Some people think the anual winner is the console the gets the GOTY title game for that year.

Some think is is console sales that determine the winner.

Some think it is the console that sole the most big titles.

Some think it is the console with the most titles in Metacritic top 10.

But yeah. I think of all console makers, M$ is the one who has the most to brag about at the moment and probably will at the end of this year.

homer3419d ago

How so? In your opinion, how did Microsoft set themselves apart from the competition?

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krouse933420d ago

Don't forget God Of War 3.. That was one of the most fantastic games I have ever played.. For me it is a much more enjoyable experience than a Halo game. Not saying Halo games are not enjoyable but that God Of War 3 was one of my all time favorite gaming experiences.

3420d ago Replies(1)
bjornbear3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

one game doesn't make any consoles year


all 3 have had a HUGE year

Nintendo with SMG2 and Metroid other M + 3DS announcement = huge

MS with ME2 (timed though - not so big) and Reach + slim + kinect = HUGE

Sony with GT5 and GOWIII +LBP2 (not sure how that will sell but it will be critically acclaimed for sure) + move = HUGE
even PC with Star Craft 2 = HUGEEE

so no, it isn't the year of the Xbox, its more like the year of the gamer because all 3 platforms have pretty much topped themselves with quality

is 2010 a better year for the xbox360? HELL YES. compared to last year 360 is on fire.

i'd say out of the 3, Wii had the weakest year (darkcharizard don't rape me with SMG2, i don't doubt its brilliance but thats ONE BLOODY GAME! You can't only play SMG2 all year around, you need VARIETY!)

Immortal3213420d ago

no, it takes more than that to declare 2010 to a system.

after e310, and the rest of the conferences, the 360 is no where near the console of the year.

TrailerParkSupervisr3420d ago

Off Topic: Last year was easily and Playstation 3′s year with exclusives

How can you take an article seriously when the very first sentence has a major grammar flaw? Seriously?

PeterGriffinSays3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Don't get it twisted lol.

This is 360's year without a doubt. GT5 will be amazing, but Halo Reach is the bigger Superstar here. The 360 redesign + Kinect + D-Pad Revamp also pushes this slightly over the edge. PS3 Move is "better" than Kinect as many say, but Kinect will be the more popular item. Kinect may not be that amazing for games, but it will be a cool dashboard controller I'm sure.

However, 2011 may be the year where PS3 starts to run laps around 360 since Reach is Bungie's last Halo game, and it appears that there are no more big exclusives coming out for the system.

mastiffchild3419d ago

Why is Halo a bigger "superstar" than GT5? I'm not arguing but I also know that both games sell like crazy and with this being the first full game on it's system compared to Reach being(if we rule out ODST and Prologue as the short change they would be for full games in their respective series)the second then there's every chance it'll sell equally well and not impossible for it to outsell Reach-or at least sell faster but you take my point. I just wouldn't want to say either game was the bigger franchise when they're both THAT massive.

Had Ninty got a better game out of TN with Other M(seriously let down as a Metroid fangirl of many years standing)then with the 3DS announcement, Other M, SMG and the charming Epic Yarn Wii could easily lay claim to having the better year. Fact is I've still played more PS3 this year but certainly my 360 got more use than in 2009 and I loved RS2 and SMG2 on the little white box as well as a slight return to more PC gaming myself and with SC2 possibly among the biggest releases all year in many ways as well.

Just a good year, I'd leave it at that. Still gutted about Other M, though, just not what I wanted it to be at all.

vhero3419d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA HALO!?!?! HAHAHAHA Sorry but without trying to sound like a fanboy here Halo is a shadow of it's former self. How about a real game for the 360?? 360 needs a real killer game something that screams buy me because I'm actually worth every penny. To be fair no game on PS3 this year has done this either. LBP2 should do this and maybe GT5. The only game I can see on 360 that screams buy me is gears 3 and thats 2011 baby.

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r0gueZA3420d ago

True in terms of goty, but in the ms sales should push the 360 in front imo?

Chuk53420d ago

Ms is already infront of ps3 if we're talking about the hd war in terms of sales. It's the ps3 that still has catching up to do.

Chuk53420d ago

IT HAS SOLD MORE. I am talking aout straight sales and the install bases of each.

Studio-YaMi3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

or are we still gonna ignore them like we always do...hmmmm ?

XBOX360 = US sales in front
PS3 = International sales in front (and lacking in US sales only)

it's like saying,hey the 360 still needs to catch up to PS3 in Japan,now isn't that stupid ? :|

think before you talk please

and the Bubble system REALLY needs a "misinformed" bubble,since 60% on N4G are like that,they are not trolls,they are simply misinformed,sigh.

Chuk53420d ago

I'm talking about overall. The 360 has sold more units. FACT.

Studio-YaMi3420d ago

ok now I know you're just another toll,later then :) !

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Emmettcelticfan3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

So basically this guy reads into the numbers only, he must really like maths. mass effect 2 is not 360 exclusive he fails to mention LBP 2. And he brushes over the achievements of god of war and especially the huge gamble that was took with heavy rain which in my opinion was a brilliant game and is my goty so far. Things like this should not be approved on this site all he has done is pull fake numbers from VG charts. and has been approved by a rabid fanboy with 1 bubble

r0gueZA3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

i do like maths, and as it stand ME2 has only sold on the 360.

I said in the article that sales should push it ahead AND that Reach could possibly take goty thus giving the proverbial 2010 crown to 360.

TheLastGuardian3419d ago

The 360 can't win just from Halo Reach alone. Mass Effect 2 was on PC and it's coming to PS3 so they can't count that. Splinter Cell always comes to xbox first and gets ported to Playstation so that's just a timed exclusive. Crackdown 2 was so short and barely improved on the original so it could've just been DLC. Alan Wake was good but didn't completely live up to the hype. Halo Reach and Fable 3 is all the 360 really has this year and most 360 fans don't even like RPG's.

Like always the PS3 has the most exclusives. Not only are they not on PC the variety of genres is much wider. Halo Reach, Fable 3, Crackdown 2 and Alan Wake can't compete with God of War 3, Heavy Rain, MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3, 3D Dot Game Heroes, The Sly Collection, Modnation Racers, Gran Turismo 5 and LittleBigPlanet 2. #40

Why o why3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

games i have and will get for my my ps3 and 360

Heavy rain, God of war 3, Demons souls (Europe),GT5, Lbp2

vs Alan wake, Halo Reach

There were more games released on the 360 like crackdown (not real quality), metro xx whatever (not real quality) and that one mieon twoops game (again, not real quality)



Hands Up For Games3420d ago

Why dont we all make lists to prove that our opinons are valid? /s

Fanboys and lists go together like strawberries and cream.

Not saying you're a Fanboy but you really shouldnt make a list like you just did :)

Why o why3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

and ModNation Racers and yakuza 3

not too shabby

when did forza get released and i should add mass effect 2 even though i didnt buy it because its quality.

It seems the articles all about sales..*sigh* if thats the case then it'll probably be best to wait until the end of the year as each of the ps3 exclusives have sold well apparently.....oh forgot to add splinter cell. This year was by far the 360 best year for games. Better than their 07 imo

dont get me wrong....its not a pissin contest im trying to start im just expressing 'through a vs list' that claiming anything 'can seal the deal' is silly from both a quality OR sales standpoint

Hands Up For Games3420d ago

Its even worse, its a Vs list ;)

I appreciate you're happy with the Games you have purchased its just that I also own a 360 and PS3 but Game more on the 360 so my 'list' looks comletely different to yours.

Does this mean im right and you're wrong or vice versa? No. It just means that were all different and like different games and genres, so making lists are futile and unproductive apart from offering someone the ability to create their own comfort blanket. I wouldnt have thought you needed a comfort blanket ;) ?

mastiffchild3419d ago

Yeah, the prime things behind a non fanboyish preference, in myh eyes, are things like preferring the list of exclusives on one pla5tform or, which is the main thing with me, controller preference and a big issue with paying for Live. I could just as easily prefer the 360 pad and Halo and Fable to the DS3, GOW3 and GT5(not5 that these actually represent my views you understand but my point is made anyway)or maybe feel the feature on Live mean paying extra is fair enough.

I think nit's pretty human to have a preference in any generation, almost unavoidable for me anyway as, though I always manage multi ownership I always end up playing one more than the others. I often think here on N4G fanboy gets mixed up with fan and you instantly become a fanboy just because you admit a preference when, IMHO, pretty much all of us will have one if we're honest. I've just had a blast this gaming year and it shows little sign of letting up(sure, I've felt let down by a couple of things-Other M not being what I'd hoped and the way either MS or Remedy ended up shafting PC gamers over AW but they've been fewer than in most years and with the number of big releases that's really impressive)so, whatever your tastes you'll have found plenty to keep you poor.

In fact, this year, had I had ENOUGH cash to buy everything I';d have liked to I'd just never get through them all-I've also never felt so much like I've rushed through so many games that deserved more time(the exception there being FF13 which dragged for me-even after the "tutorial!)-and I didn't even get to play ME2 til the summer lull and even then felt it stole RDR time from me! Just an epic, epic year. Now, if we could get the industry to take a longer term approach to gaming and gamers things would really look up, love would break out, pirates would be shunn ed out of existence and all would be good with the world. Or our bit of it anyway.

Jikla3420d ago

Super mario Galaxy 2 is also an contender for goty. Super mario galaxy (1) won 7 goty awards in 2007. And was the game that won most goty awards that year :S