Tron: Evolution Hands-on Disaster

GN writes, "Hurling the disc with top-notch precision, flipping off of the face of an enemy, and tumbling underneath their attacks flowed wonderfully, even for a novice console player. With opponents beginning to focus-fire me, I leapt for a ledge to recover some health. Instantly I was stopped in place. My adversaries continued destroying me while paralyzed, and when I looked to Patrick for advice, he merely shook his head and smiled: "That's not supposed to happen." I asked him if I had been hit with some sort of stun, "No, I haven't seen this bug before. Strange." We reset the game, this time hoping for a less glitchy result.

The second time I didn't try anything fancy - no need to break things, right? Whipping out my disc and getting into a combat-ready stance, an epic fight would be soon be underway. Unless, of course, the screen goes black... which it did.

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