8.0 Halo: Reach review Halo:Reach review. One of Norways more trusted gaming sites has reviewed Halo:Reach and here it is. They also made scores for singleplayer and multiplayer. Singleplayer got 7/10 and multiplayer got 9/10. Michael H. Groven conclusion:"Halo: Reach is a bit more mature than their predecessors, more human and serious. It is a sentence from Bungie, a thanks and goodbye to a nearly ten-year partnership with Microsoft on a series that has defined the console shooter. Still can not single-player campaign to convince properly. I do not get the feeling of grandeur and desperation when I play it. Although most of the gameplay elements work well, fails the storytelling and the artificial intelligence.

Reach is so much more than a single-player title, so the game should be assessed accordingly. Reach rises immediately in co-op, and over Xbox Live multiplayer capabilities so much that one can immerse themselves in the weeks and months." some typos and grammar faults but a good read.

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Jikla3422d ago

some typos and grammar faults but a good read.

fooltheman3422d ago

artificial intelligence?
well didn't omega say it could have the best AI ever seen? and that for 40 enemies at a time...

Well omega, stop believing things they say without seeing them...

(but I won't judge Ai, I didn't play the game...but if they are good on the multiplayer front, it gives ps3 owners something to look forward too)