PlayStation Home fantasy miniature golf “Dragon’s Green" coming soon

A while ago when Jack Buser was getting interviewed about PlayStation Home on a daily basis, there was a brief mention of a brand new mini-golf space arriving soon into PlayStation Home.

Now it’s been revealed that Dragon’s Green is the new “free-to-play fantasy-themed miniature golf game”. This comes after some users reported the Central Plaza ticker suggesting they check out “Dragon’s Green from the Navigator”, only finding it doesn’t yet exist.

Screenshots and video of this new space now available.


Releasing in Europe and America this Thursday, 16th September

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lodossrage2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

You all can sit and talk about HOME being a waste, a hassle, or whatever else. But make no mistake,it's evolving and profitable.

callahan092960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

That sounds pretty fun. I had to go into Second Life recently for something, and I was astonished at how crappy that program is since Home has been out. Home has more people to talk to, awesome graphics, tons of games to play, and so forth. It doesn't have the versatility where you can make your own stuff like Second Life, but everything it does do, it does INFINITELY better than Second Life does it. Only thing it needs is voice chat.

cubehouse2960d ago

Voice chat is a shame at the moment, originally you could have voice chat anywhere in Home, but it was modified to be limited to private spaces, like clubhouses and apartments.

And I agree, Second Life cannot compare to Home. Not to mention Second Life is just creepy.

sloth33952960d ago

they removed voice chat because of some people acting stupid about it and saying racest things

lodossrage2960d ago

it was affecting people actually trying to log into HOME. People couldn't stay logged in for more than a few minutes at a time because of the extra bandwidth voice chat took

Gambit072960d ago

Looks sweet, but sixaxis control...ughh.

Godmars2902960d ago

Wonder hen that Steampunk zone is coming?