Halo Reach hits a Metacritic of 93

With the embargo having lifted early this morning, reviews have been spawning across the internet detailing constructive opinion on Bungie's latest anticipated title, Halo Reach.

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Counter Strike3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Shitty websits that gave Mw2 100 are giving 80 to Reach and talk about longevity when Mw2 had 0 Story , No Co-Op and 3 Hours of gameplay... No tell me... how the heck can anyone say those sites arent biased ??

T9X693415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Even though that sounds really's true.

I know Gamesradar gave Reach an 8, but looking at their history they hand out 10's left and right.

Bayonetta got a 10/10, and even though I love Forza 3 they gave it a 10/10 and Forza 3 is not a 10/10, its a 9/10 at best.

They even gave Bioshock 2 a 10, and that was a disappointing sequel.

I think its to early for an article like this anyway, Metacritic only has 22 reviews out of the 100+ reviews Reach will probably receive.

Natsu X FairyTail3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

well most of the populus here on n4g will say those websites arent biased because they gave a low score to a xbox exclusive. you know how things work around here.Its Only Biased if it towards a Sony exclusive title.

Tinted Eyes3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

And they say PS3 fanboys are the only one who complain about bias and good review scores.

This is surprising though, it was hyped like crazy on here, killing all ps3 exclusives in ratings but it has a 92 GR and a 93 MC lots of PS3 exclusives beat that, shame

YellowLightofDeath3415d ago

But the best part is more people will be playing it and it will have a longer lifespan online than any other PS3 exclusive. It's a shame that PS3 players drop their online games like five dollar hookers.

Tinted Eyes3414d ago Show
YellowLightofDeath3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

They havent counted IGN AU ,,or OXM UK in that score yet, and they all gave it a 10. The reviews just started 12 hours ago, its not finished getting perfect scores just yet. Halo Reach has more content on it's disc than all those games you mentioned combined.

Also, Halo fans will be enjoying a great couple years of multiplayer action, while the PS3 fanboys like you will enjoy... nothing.

Lucreto3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

No complaining over a 93 a very good score and I bet it will get another point with some smaller sites.

Please stop trolling if Playstation gamers have a huge backlog from the last few month online takes a back seat. I have still 5 games to play.
edit: Seriously you think LBPs 3 million levels is nothing and LBP 2 will launch with all those levels.
Secondly I will troll just for you "The 360 has no games lolololol and only has Halo to play until COD and Gears."

RockmanII73414d ago

It's got a 94 now

also Giant Bomb gave Reach an 8 and MW2 a 10

Tinted Eyes3414d ago

Actually I will be enjoying all those exclusive games I listed plus more all with a higher MC or GR than Reach ;)

YellowLightofDeath3414d ago

Uh, this is a Halo Reach thread dummy. YOU'RE the one trolling.


I thought MC scores dont matter? Isnt that the mantra of the PS3 fanboys? Also, dont count your chickens before they hatch. The review process aint over til the fat lady sings.

When one of those games you mentioned have 5 games out the door, millions of combined sales, universal critical praise, and the biggest online community of all time, then you can come play with the big boys son.

Tinted Eyes3414d ago Show
bennyace3414d ago

@Tinted Eyes, don't want to argue here but only 2 PS3 exlusives beat Halo reach so far: LBP and Uncharted 2... So to me that's not a LOT of exclusives

3414d ago
ChineseDemocracy3414d ago

Bah, reviewers are so inconsistent these days it's ridiculous. In my opinion, they need to lay out a basis for reviewing games and just stick to it. It would make things a lot more technical , but it would allow us to see more consistent reviews.

Socrates3414d ago

Reviews are ultimately subjective. You can't simply break it down into neat little rules. Different games excel for different reasons. It's more about how the overall package influences you.

nix3414d ago

i think after 2 years... this is the first time Metacritic score has been brought up for 360 exclusive game.

oh well...

enjoy your games.

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hennessey863415d ago

will always score halo low. There either old school pc gamers who believe fps should only be on pc or killzone lovers

faraany33k3415d ago

Pro Halo sites will always rate it HIGH, There either xbox fanboys who belive only fps on planet that is good is halo lol

hennessey863414d ago

the reason halo is getting good scores and always has is it is wait for it .............. A GREAT GAME. Why cant people accept that. Ok if your not a fan your not a fan but theres no need to come on halo review threads if your NOT A FAN. I was never a fan of half life 1 but i now loads of poeple who love it. just because i dont like it deosnt mean it didnt deserve the great scores it got.

cayal3414d ago Show
Pistolero3414d ago

What are these heaps of amazing exclusives on the ps3?....the 360 still has more games rated above 90, above 80 and above 70....and it still had a better lineup of games this year for my tastes than the ps3.
Splinter Cell Conviction, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Fable 3 and Halo Reach trump the ps3 lineup of MAG, GOW3, Mod Nation Racers, LBP2 and least for my tastes.
if you like the ps3 lineup better that's fine...but please quit attacking the 360 with these vacuous and inane comments that are either blatantly false or completely subjective.

cayal3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

What are you talking about?

The only exclusives in the 90s the 360 has are: Halo (2), Forza (2) or Gears (2) and a couple of Arcade games.

There is no variety and lets not forget the fact that before Reach, the time between 90s are timely. Therefore there is nothing to be jealous about.

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Oldsnake0073415d ago

but that just sounds like someone is butthurt.

faraany33k3415d ago

Mw2 had Coop, Great Multiplayer and a blockbuster single player (weak on story but high on action). Still most played game on XBOX. The day MW2 was released in known to be the busiest day ob XBL. Stop bashing great games in the love of a game you haven't played yet.

StanLee3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

MW2 had co-op? You mean the half hearted Spec Ops mode where as Halo Reach has 4 player campaign co op and Firefight with matchmaking? A blockbuster singleplayer? You mean the 3 and a half hour travesty with no cohesiveness while Halo Reach has a campaign which on Heroic, the real Halo sweetspot, will push 8 hours? And to any reviewer who played the singleplayer on normal, you're a casual gamer because everyone knows Halo's normal is EASY mode. Great multiplayer? You mean the broken, imbalanced, glitch filled, booster filled mess while Halo Reach hosted a beta that saw changes and balances made to an already proven multiplayer that still sees more people playing its multiplayer 3 years later than MW2? This is true. Look at the playlist numbers for MW2 you'll see 300K plus people online playing the game but less that half in the multiplayer playlist. While Halo 3's number of total players online may be less, they have more in the multiplayer playlist, 3 YEARS LATER! MW2 was not a great game!

ASSASSYN 36o3415d ago

Heroic is the halo sweet spot!? Maybe for your sensitive hide. I live on legendary. Play hard or don't play at all.

Takoulya3415d ago

Get over it. Six-hour single player, a good co-op, but an awfully broken multiplayer. In real modern warfare, how many times do you see a 20 x 20 battlefield with everyone quickscoping eachother? Or running at the enemy with knives? MW2 was a mess, and just because it's the most played game doesn't mean it's the best.

hennessey863414d ago

agreed legendary is the only way to play halo.

el zorro3414d ago

MW2 is a decent game, but it's overrated in my opinion.

The campaign story sucks @ss and I don't even need to go into all the problems with multiplayer.

I have already been playing Halo Reach for about 5 hours today since I was able to get it early--not pirated--and I can honestly say that it easily surpasses MW2.

Of course, like all things it is a matter of opinion, but that is how I see things.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3415d ago

How did Saga Kin's post got marked as trolling? 93 is in fact a great score. There was nothing wrong with his post. I dont have a 360 but Reach looks like a great game, Bungie's definitive best so far.

Acquiesce3415d ago

Out of all the comments on this page, and Saga Kin's gets marked down for trolling?! He didn't even write anything that could be considered as "trolling!" The moderators on this site are so inconsistent and selective it's insane. Either mark everyone down for trolling (and let's face it, that's more than half the comments on this page) or no one at all. Don't just pick someone at random.

Fanb0y3415d ago

He has a huge history of being a troll. His Saaking account got banned, I believe.

Echo3073415d ago

Troll doesn't even begin to describe it. He/she is much more mild now, but back in the day Saaking put up a tough fight for biggest troll on N4G.

And BTW, 93 is an amazing score, and let's not forget that the amount of reviews will double over the next few days. That score is bound to go up/down.

And since I know Saaking is a mega ps3 fanboy (even though he tries to hide it now) I feel it's my duty to point out that 93 is higher than any PS3 exclusive title this year.

To the rest of you, I have much love for my PS3, just wanted to twist the knife just a tiny bit. :-)

tehReaper3414d ago

Eh, Saaking is a lot better than he used to be. I can vouch for him. He generally enjoys all games, but one can't blame him for having a preference. I'm pretty sure everyone here has a favorite, or at least, a specific console that gets them excited the most.

Lombax3414d ago

Do you belive that the Mods have anything to do with marking trolls? The mods don't do ANYTHING on the main page. It's all run by the commenters/members. That's why it's so screwed up!

The Mods have abandoned us...

evrfighter3414d ago

Well who wouldn't get better when they get banned. At N4G that's really hard to do.

I've been handed out suspensions left and right for making ps3 fanboys cry to their mommies so you know how much of an idiot he must have been to get banned. if that's what happened.

The funny part is he had a full row of bubbles if that shows anything.

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TROLL EATER3415d ago

only 20 reviews for crying out loud., wait till 80 den we see wah irts score is

Computersaysno3414d ago

Let down a bit by the singleplayer IMO. The COD series have delivered consistantly better campaign modes than the halo sequels

el zorro3414d ago

Couldn't disagree more. The narratives in the Halo games have all been vastly superior to the mediocre narratives in the COD games. The modern warfare games have totally loose and fragmented story lines.

spacetattoo3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

every web site that is worth a crude gave the game a 10/10. so As I look at it. this game can't be below 95 score. the 8 out of 10 from games radar was just a biased review.

wow looked at all the web sites that gave it a 8 and it seems they will give junk, crap games a 9 but halo, no I only own a ps3 WHy would I give that a good score.

nsnsmj3414d ago

I agree in that MW2 doesn't deserve it's score, but is a 90 something score for HALO: Reach really that bad? I personally think it doesn't matter that one game has a higher score than another, especially if said game is worse, because the time that a review is done plays into it as well.

Say for instance, a reviewer bought into the hype for a game and rated it higher than what they normally would have given it. Then another very hyped game comes out but they don't buy into the hype as much. So later on down the road after hype dies down for either game, they may see it in a different light. Jus saying.

theEnemy3414d ago

MW2 has story, but not a really good one. I like the twist at the end though.

MW2 has coop, it's called Spec-Ops.

MW2 has 6 hours of SP gameplay and hundreds on MP.


SephireX3414d ago

Quite a good score. Why are people complaining? It isn't going to be GOTY but it has done well. Seeing how disappointing ODST was, this game could have been a lot worse. GOTY will be between Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption and Mario Galaxies 2 anyway. Oh and GT5.

ShadowCK3414d ago

Metacritic is crap. You shouldn't care what score a game overall gets if you really like it.

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lugia 40003415d ago

Halo Reach will at least get an avg of 94/95...

Oldsnake0073415d ago

the best scores come first, than the meta goes slowly down.

it's obvious why mw2 got these high scores , it was like the most hyped game ever. Reach can not compare to the hype Mw2 got. Even Halo 3 was more hyped than halo reach.

outrageous3415d ago

Oddly, I've seen more commercials for Metroid M than I've seen for M$'s flagship IP. I really enjoy my xbox 360 and use it the most by far but Steve Ballmer seems to have little interest in moving 360 along in a hardcore competitive way. It seems they ( M$ ) is stretched in to many directions...Windows, Windows 7 Phone, Zune, XBL, PC and Kinect.

I know the gaming community doesn't need anymore hype about Halo but this is an opportunity to showcase the system to the up and coming gaming community at large who are looking to jump from Mario or Metroid M to a more hardcore experience. Halo Reach looks ten times the game that Metroid M is without even mentioning the multi-player, 4 player co-op, Firefight and Halo Forge...I mean C'mon...M$ should buy a commercial spot right beside Metroid, who's commercial BTW is an exact copy of Halo's commercials of the past couple of years and smash them with gameplay, graphics and value.

Steve Ballmer needs to hire a Games division president and keep his nose out of it.

RockmanII73414d ago

lol it has a 94 right now

Oldsnake0073408d ago

and now it has 92 so STFU and GTFO

bjornbear3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

the average usually goes DOWN with more data, its the general tendency rule. there are exceptions, but on average a huge collection of data causes the score to be reduced, not increased.

this is just the way most videogames on metacritic have gone, especially the high scoring ones, from exclusives to multiplats, most games start at a higher average and go down.

still, it will be 9+ and that's what matters, who cares if its 92,93 or 94, anything above 9 is as good as anything else above 9.

comp_ali3415d ago

I think it will drop to 91 or something after more reviews kick in. Just like Starcraft II dropped from 97 to 93.

RosoTron363415d ago

And SC2 is a brilliant game.

On a side note. I'm ready for some football!!!

BARF3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

huck it, chuck it, football!!!!!

Jikla3415d ago gave it a 8/10 and they actually had a great review and 3 review scores so people could see how much they liked singleplayer and multiplayer. Singleplayer got 7/10 and MP 9/10 :D

faraany33k3415d ago

^^ BEWARE plenty of HALO FANS up there, who rate the game without playing it lol