Ripten | Halo: Reach Review

Ripten: The perfect culmination of all the essential parts within the game outstrip the very best console shooters we’ve ever seen. Couple this with a brilliant story, redefined multiplayer modes and one of the best graphical engines ever seen on a console, and you really have a fitting end to Bungie’s involvement with Halo. Thanks for all the memories.

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DA_SHREDDER3417d ago

I seen 2 hours of gameplay footage and I really dont see how these sites give this game such a high score? Its halo 3 with an updated match making system and better graphics. Am I missing something here? Oh I forget, you can sprint now. Sorry, but Im not buying these high scores. I dont even see how this game is getting anything above an 8 considering every game I've seen come out get slammed for not being innovating, the graphics definitely aren't on par with even the older ps3 exclusives. I understand that you guys are Halo fanboys, but as a gamer, I think its time for you guys be real with yourselves.

thesithfreak3417d ago

i played it and i can tell you it deserves the high scores. yes its a shooter, no the graphics arent amazing. but the atmosphere is amazing and the campaign is amazing. its very intense. its refreshing to play a shooter again where you dont have to stop and hold L1/Left trigger to shoot accurately. that takes you out of the action i think. and your not taking cover doing pop and shoots. its very refreshing, very enjoyable

Drjft3417d ago

Exactly. Too many people are judging the game without playing it.

GuruStarr783417d ago

that shredder is a troll....look at his bubbles, he goes on every halo review and just talks s%$^, yet he's never even played the game.

outrageous3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

No need to cry, stop reading the reviews and go play the games you think are better. I wish a guy like you posted the games you think are better than Reach and why. I hope they don't include any single player games with out any multi-player or worse, even DLC???...Hmmmm...did you say " old " PS3 games???

Halo Reach, regardless if you like or not is a game known all over the world ( anywhere video games are sold ) for quality. Reach not only has a single player campaign but 4 player co-op, Firefight/horde mode, award winning multi-player and Halo forge map creating mode...Now how can anyone think that Halo Reach could possibly be anything other than a 9/10 regardless of any gripes short of the game is unplayable.

I haven't seen a game released this year anywhere near the value and quality of Halo Reach on any system. The game releases in 2 days to the gaming public at large...if the game is seriously flawed, it will come out then through the masses...but I doubt it. You don't even own a 360 why even post anything...oh yeah, that's right...sad really.

Sean Ryno3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

HAHAHAHAHAHOOO MAN! HAHAHAHAH! Enjoy your humble pie, I hear it is one of the leading treatments for sharp pains in the gluteus maximus, and surrounding regions. You can scratch your head and try to figure out how pretty much every reviewer holds this game up high. In the meantime the MILLIONS of Bungie/Halo fans will be having the time of our lives with lan parties and spending countless hours online this month. Nice gamer pic. Btw, before you go criticizing Halo:Reachs' graphics, you might wanna check out the graphics of the game you represent yourself with. Because if I do say so myself, they are shockingly bad.

Raider693417d ago

Already made all the comments on past posts!Enjoy it!

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