PlayStation Move Sold Out again in Germany

Last Week, the European PlayStation Move Starter-Kit was Sold Out at Germans biggest Online-Retailer Now, the PlayStation Move as Stand-Alone Bundle as well ...

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Hyrius3426d ago

Bu-bu-bu-but Move will bomb.

Omega43426d ago

You know it won't do well when Sony themselves say its not a day one purchase and don't expect large launch numbers.

Game-ur3426d ago

But it seems to be selling way better than Sony's expectations; maybe it will be slow only in America.

justlikeme3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Sony: The PSMove won't selll very well on day one.
Consumers: Oh yeah, we'll buy everyone until you are sold out!!
Sony: Fell right into our trap..... Mwahahhahahaha!!

rekof3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

@justlikeme : Dude LOL !!

Move will explode,.. Us Europeans like the shit that is good and works great !

shotgun_ps33426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

What there saying is that the initial software line up is crap, like who's really going to pay 75 quid to play a clone of Wii Sports like Wii Sports isn't bad enough already lol, but once games like Littlebigplanet 2 and Killzone 3 come out Move will start to pick up. There just being honest about there sales projections.

morganfell3426d ago

It is gong to do great game-ur. In addition it actually works unlike that ridiculous device ms is trying to shove down the throats of the public with advertising dollars rather than working technology. Some people are just feeling the pressure that they smack talked and supported a piece of junk.

ozps33426d ago Show
N4BmpS3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Omega4, your comment lacks...common sense, Sony probably knows that their gaming software lacks that extra ooh-ah factor, after all the games that are supposed to be the biggest pusher for the Move aren't coming out til 2011 (i.e. KZ3, SOCOM4, The Sorcerer etc.) so they don't expect a big bang, heck they probably expect Move to bitz the Holiday season quickly. But I bet they're hoping it does do all of that and more. Seems to me that the move is doing just fine.

WhittO3426d ago

They said they dont expect day 1 numbers but for it to steadily grow as more Software launches early next year etc.

You really are just a fanboy.

mrv3213426d ago

The evolution of Omega4

1st gen Omega4: The cost is important, look at the PS3 it's $599 while the elite is only $X... then Sony dropped the price to $299 and Microsoft still charges too much for it's add ons and online
2nd gen Omega4: It's the graphics that sells units... just look at Gears of War. Then Uncharted 2 came out and NOT a single 360 game released has able to look better... now graphics aren't important
3rd gen Omega4; Multiplatform graphics really sell units... Burnout Paradise looks better on PS3 and he shuts up.
4th gen Omega4: No one plays blu-ray... HD-DVD DIES!
5th gen Omega4: Installs are killing the PS3... Microsoft launches install feature... he shuts up
6th gen Omega4: Sales... look at teh sales clearly the 360 is better. PS3 3 million behind... he shuts up
7th gen Omega4: Motion controls, look at how advanced Natal is... Bam video everywhere and casual games.

When will Omega4 just shut up.

postofficebuddy3426d ago

@Game-ur Maybe their expectations in North America aren't high but they seem to be in PAL. Sony said they're projecting 500k Move units sold in Germany this fiscal year.

jony_dols3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

and get a fucking life.

The highlight of your existence is trolling N4g articles.

Get a life you socially retarded virgin. (thats a fact that is truer than any NPD bullshit you flash around)

Even the other Xbox fanboys on here will probably agree.

shotgun_ps33426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

either my fellow PS3 owners (be you fanboy or gamer) have turned against me or the the Nintendo fanboys have come out of the pipes at last.

morganfell3426d ago

You deserved the disagrees.

" who's really going to pay 75 quid to play a clone of Wii Sports like Wii Sports isn't bad enough already lol"

Anyone that believes Sports Champions is a clone of that ridiculous Wii Sports deserves the disagrees and bubbled down.

sikbeta3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Omega was expecting a sh!tload of Overhyping PR talk and massive budget in advertising Over-promising to ends up Under-delivering with the final product... hmmm... pretty much like kinect...


Casual Gaming + Hardcore Gaming = All with the Same Device = PlayStation Move

shotgun_ps33426d ago

It is an exact copy of Sports Champion because the concept of both games is exactly the game. Granted, tech wise the SC is way ahead of Wii Sports but the concept of both of them is to play mini games that are based around sports and show of the technology to developers. The reason Sony are releasing a game like this is because Wii Sports has so far sold around 72 million copies. If Sports Champion even sells even 10% of that it's 7.2 million copies sold ,which judging by the amount of disagrees I got will happen on the launch day lol.

hiredhelp3426d ago

omega4 your momma still not leting you buy a ps3 yet.!!
hope you had your fish today and your 5ive aday. ;-)

morganfell3426d ago

And all shooters are the same because there is shooting. See how ridiculous that sounds?

Look, you are wrong. No if, ands, or buts. You are wrong, you made a ridiculous statement, were slapped with disagrees. The fact is the two titles are not the same.

Instead of saying, "That isn't the way I meant it", or "I was off on that remark", you redouble your efforts. Redoubling your efforts when you aim is forgotten is known as fanaticism.

And there should be no more whining because you asked why you received disagrees. I told you. You just aren't mature enough to accept the answer you were given.

shotgun_ps33426d ago

I am willing to admit I am wrong about what I said if you can give me a reason why, judging it as a game and not including the technology behind it as we're talking about the concept (not genre) of the game, Sports Champions is an improvement on Wii Sports in any way shape or form.

morganfell3426d ago

This really shouldn't be necessary. It shouldn't. If you understand the technology and depth of control then that alone should be the beginning of understanding as to why the two collections are as different as Doom and Killzone 3.

I had time with Move as far back as GDC where we played SOCOM behind closed doors. The relativity between the two titles ends with the words Sports and Motion Control. That is all those subjects have in common.

I have had a Wii with all the accessories for quite some time and we are discussing night and day here. For a reasoning person it really shouldn't require anymore guidance to begin to see things clearly.

shotgun_ps33426d ago

with no clear answer in them. But since you have no bubbles left I guess the last word is this, I am not disputing the technology (never have been and never will) because the technology is what puts Sports Champion above Wii Sports and it's awesome. This article is about a 360 fanboy saying "Sony themselves say its not a day one purchase" and I remember reading an article where someone from Sony did say that. Instead of going against what he said, because what he said is true, I'm trying to give a reason why Sony would say that. it's because they know the majority of people that own a PS3 aren't going to be duped into buying an amazing bit of technology by games that haven't been getting good review scores and are pretty basic. I was thinking about getting Start The Party but after seeing the reviews I think I'll just stick with the move enabled games I already got. Since this is my last bubble for the topic here's a closing word FANBOYS SUCK!

btk3426d ago

No they are not saying the launch games is crap. What they are saying is that it is launch games and there will be much more to come.

Who will buy Wii Sports on PS3 with Move? Well - those who would like to play Sports games with the Move controller because it is accurate, HD graphics - and who has a PS3 console. I am one of those. If the PS3 was not going to get a wand motion controller, then I was going to buy a Wii.

Most likely a lot of Wii owners will buy PS3 + Move with Sports titles simply because the graphics is better and the Move is more accurate.

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bjornbear3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

No hyrius, no one ever thought that (no one worth taking seriously anyway)

the true doubt of move is, will catch on and be considered as an equal to DS3 instead of a gimmick/casual only alternative

that only time will tell, but it is shaping up nicely with KZ3, Infamous 2, Socom 4, MAG / MAG2, HR, LBP2 and RE5 support

but no way will Move bomb simply because of all the attention the Wii created for motion controls, people are naturally inclined towards Motion Controls now anyway

for this, we have Nintendo to thank (for taking the first big step)

morganfell3426d ago

I played the Ruse demo this morning and cannot wait to run the full game with Move. I have to Full Move sets preordered for pickup this week (Move, navigators, charging stations, ect) and can't wait. I am going to take Friday off and just spend the weekend with some great gaming.

Sheikh Yerbouti3426d ago

I found R.U.S.E. to be mediocre as did other reviewers. Under Siege might be the RTS to get for Move.

Solid_Snakeps33426d ago

i guess ze germans like to move it

Tailor-DKS3426d ago

hmm but i still dont know if i should buy move or not...

iamnsuperman3426d ago

I am getting it for RUSE now but if you do not want to play RUSE probs wait for LBP 2 or Socom and if they do not entise you then do not get it

Ravage273426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

it's usually the 2nd generation of software that makes hardware shine (e.g. Sorcery) so you could wait a bit before making a decision.

For my case, i'm buying a set next week coz Razing Storm and table tennis looks too fun to miss out on :p Also really looking forward to using them in LBP2,KZ3,inFamous2 and all the future first party software with Move support.

This is what sold me on Razing Storm:

Sneak-Out3426d ago

Move is great and will bomb in

Chaostar3426d ago

I caught the new ad on UK TV last night, still no KB for us :( but it did a good job (the ladies present asked me about it) and was on during a popular show, which i'm not gonna admit to half watching ;P

slightly more OT: This is great news for Sony, Germany loves the Move...

...and Hasselhoff.

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