The Buzz Media: Scott Pilgrim vs The World: the Game (Xbox LIVE) Review

The Buzz Media: Based on the comic series and just in time for the movie, the Scott Pilgrim game is a throw back to classic brawlers like River City Ransom and Double Dragon. Much more of a direct adaptation of the comic than the movie, the game is an excellent companion piece to the film as it covers a lot of the ground that the movie didn’t. Filled with in jokes, references to other games and hidden goodies, the Scott Pilgrim game is a lot of fun and offers up a lot of extras to inspire multiple play throughs. Some uneven difficulty and glitches keep it from being a perfect experience but if you are a fan of the comics or the movie (or both, as it should be) then you HAVE to pick this up on Xbox Live (or its original platform, the Playstation Network).

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