PressDemocrat: Halo: Reach review: Yeah, it’s great

With “Halo: Reach,” Bungie Studios says goodbye to its megahit franchise by taking the series that put the Xbox on the map to its logical zenith, creating its most finely tuned, feature-packed game to date.

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Garrus_Vakarian3418d ago

Where's the score?

Anyway, well-written review.

Garrus_Vakarian3418d ago

I was going to reply with nope. A score doesn't matter to me, I was just curious.

etownone3418d ago

Yes a score is necessary.

3418d ago
ArmrdChaos3418d ago

This is what all reviews should be like. NO SCORE...just informative feedback as to what they liked and disliked. Their dislike could be someone else's like.

Of course that would force people to actually read the articles instead of looking at a number, giggling like a little girl, and then hitting for forums to sling mud.

etownone3418d ago

I disagree.

Feedback yes. But I think scores are a necessity when reviewing video games.
At $60 a pop ... I do depend on reviews from sites like ign and game informer so I can make an informed decision for my next purchase.

Nintenuendo3418d ago

You can't draw that same conclusion by reading the review, without attaching an arbitrary number to the end of it?

CombatEvolving3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Fun idea for you. If you really don't know if you will like a game rent it first. Watch some gamplay videos or the dev diaries. Try to get into a beta if you can or play a demo if there is one. Most games are sequels these days, play the previous installment of the series. There is one thing in common with every review, some blatantly retarded assumption that affects the score whether it be good or bad. Take the time to read the entire review if you need an outside opinion, the score is almost always trash.

Unicron3418d ago

Chaos I've been sayin this for years. Nice to see others with the same sentiments, that arbitrary numbers are arbitrary.