Gamefocus Hands-On: Two Worlds 2 'a huge surprise for RPG fans'

Gamefocus: "What about the games that seemingly come out of nowhere? Either a new property that blindsides you or a sequel that turns out to be so much more than you hoped, those are the games that really make the long-lasting impressions. You know what I’m talking about, that game that you took a chance on checking out and walked away with a grin, knowing that you were able to get an early glimpse at something special. Well I do believe I found that in Two Worlds 2."

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Kal8533421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Bad link apparently

Arkose3421d ago

It's missing the ? for some reason. You can see the article here:

Fireballs that summon monsters sounds like fun. :)

harrisk9543421d ago

I'm amazed at the positive buzz that this game is getting considering how bad the first one was! It is on my radar and I'm actually looking forward to see how this game turns out!

3421d ago
Darkfiber3421d ago

I keep hearing this, but I'm also sure they're playing very short, closed, guided demos. We'll see in the end. I am looking forward to this though, but still skeptical.

jack_burt0n3421d ago

impossible to undo the damage the first did imo it was so bad.

HeroXIV3421d ago

The first was bad, this isn't. So I don't really understand your logic.

wray773421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The first one was a technical disaster. But I found it to be humorous, with interesting rpg elements. I enjoyed it more than the auto-leveling oblivion.

RedDead3421d ago

Killzone 1 is shouting at you.

Seriously though, don't base a game off it's predecessor

jack_burt0n3421d ago

Killzone 1 lol wasn't broken at all.

You cant get my logic!? of a game being one of the worst things i have ever played, thus leaving me with zero desire to have anything to do with the franchise!?

yeah crazy logic lol do urselves a favour try the new witcher.

HeroXIV3421d ago

I still don't get your logic. Just because the first game was bad doesn't mean the second will be. Isn't it better to learn mistakes, make improvements and create a great game instead of doing it the other way around? :|

Respected journalists have had nothing but good things to say about TW2, it may not be quite "The Witcher/ The Witcher 2" standard but from the looks of it will be a great RPG and you shouldn't dismiss it just because you had a bad experience with the first.

If you have "zero desire" keynote : ZERO to do with the franchise why are you in an article SPECIFICALLY regarding TW? Want to leave your opinion on the game, clearly, but that would mean you want SOMETHING to do with the franchise.

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