Classic Game Room: Halo Reach Review

Part 1 of 2. Classic Game Room reviews HALO REACH for Xbox 360 from Bungie. Noble Team, prepare to shoot everything that moves and is purple! Wipe the Covenant off Reach, this prequel to the first Halo is a jaw-dropping shooting-fest for fans of the Halo series and first person sci fi shooters. A fun campaign mode that tells the story of Noble Team takes players on an adventure through exciting alien landscapes, urban environments and into space. Halo Reach has all new multiplayer maps, a refined firefight mode and new and improved Forge map making mode. This CGR review of Halo: Reach from Bungie for Xbox 360 has gameplay from Halo Reach showing the campaign mode in Halo Reach with game play in Xbox 360.

alphakennybody4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

great reviews across the board but this and zero punctuation are the only reviews I'm really interested in, brutally honest and un-biased.

MeatAbstract4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

Zero Punctuation shouldn't be taken too seriously. He is brutally funny and nit-picks at games to fuel his comedy but many of the games he tears apart I and many other gamers enjoy.

I do like CGR as well. They seem to genuinely enjoy games and give everything a fair chance. They find enjoyment in pretty much anything they review but fairly tell you what flaws there is.

Trizard4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

Zero punctuation is the best, the problem is that he doesn't do online multi-player or other community based features like forge or custom games.

Marcus Fenix4766d ago

this guy is having a hard time being funny, so I'll just call him funny 2 make his life easier.

FishCake9T44765d ago

Dude WTF? CGR ownzzzzz. You should watch some of his vids on YouTube.

Marcus Fenix4765d ago

I do not hate him, I just don't find him funny.

T9X694765d ago

Reach reviews are great, but why was this approved? Linking to youtube is not allowed.

ElDorado4765d ago

it's me, but for me Video reviews are much better, cause you actually get to see it instead of only reading it.

4765d ago
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thorstein37d ago

Dogmeat: *bark!*

Translation: you are dead to me.


You can probably add Karlach to this from BG3


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just_looken105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

man what a failure halo wars 2 was the only good thing from this series on xbox one/series

10yr plan new ring that can change over time slipspace engine all gone now halo is another steam game sitting in the background.

Kids/teens today have no clue they halo we grew up with.

If a cod dev gets involved then that will be worse current cod out now is only popular because its the best out of the crap pile. i launched it the other day 4 cash shop popups one unskipable add then 30min trying to find the game through all the mt's.

purple101104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Your right, i once played Halo Reach, at a LAN party, for 32 hours straight! It was no joke!

(with food breaks, but no sleep) it was so good, I was totally addicted.

Now I'm a PS fan.. ps4 and ps5 have been the best money I ever spent, hands down, in terms of 'fun' & overall 'value'

PhillyDonJawn103d ago

I hated reach couldn't get into it but Halo 3, them all nighters was so much fun. Custom games with a full party was some of the best times I'll remember.

Chevalier103d ago

I remember sitting around and playing hours of Halo 2 daily with my friends just MP match after match for weeks on end. Was an incredible memory to this day.

PhillyDonJawn103d ago

Child please, Halo 5 MP was amazing. Campaign was trash tho.