GamesRadar: Halo Reach Review

Reviewing Halo games is hard.

See, you aren't judging just one experience – this is the rare franchise in which campaign and multiplayer are equally popular, and must be considered with equal weight.

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Chuk53414d ago

I think all these scores are legit. People aren't reviewing them with hype goggles. I hope other games coming later like GT5 get the same treatment.

deadreckoning6663414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Yeah, the best reviews are the ones that are as non-biased as possible.

gamesradar, Halo reach isnt less than a 9."

Why not? Please entertain us. Explain to everyone here why a person can not believe that Halo: Reach deserves less than 9+ score? Opinions are opinions. If someone gave this game a 3/10, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. I already know I'm getting Reach regardless if I buy a 360 this year simply due to the vids I've seen and the fact that I LOVED Halo 3's multiplayer.

The only reason I'm even looking at these reviews is to get info on the game to wet my appetite.

@Meisadragon- My friend, u must understand that not everyone sees things they way you do.

Meisadragon3414d ago

the production values its an AAA game 9 +

UP3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

I am with you on this one. This should also debunk the myth that only ps3 fanboys complain about good scores such as 8s and 9.4s and such.

Edit: why the disagrees saying that only ps3 fanboys complain about good scores is a myth. Go read every comment in every halo reach review and you will see some fanboys complaining about the good score. Look here for a easy one

whydoyouask3414d ago

i don't think anyone thought that only SONY fanboys complain about good's just that Sony fanboys are the only ones that complain about PERFECT scores.

just watch this.

UP3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

look at the link buddy someone complained about a 9.4
Also in that same video someone says that killzone 2 is worse because of the .1 difference.

mrcash3414d ago

This whole gen has based most of its scores around amazing graphics, killzone 2 had a decent campaign but the graphics gave it a free pass. Gow 3 was a big let down but again the graphics gave it a free pass, honestly the first gears campaign wasnt anything above average but again graphics gave it a free pass. All a game really needs this gen is decent gameplay with amazing visuals in order to score high.

I would place uncharted 2 on this list but although I don't believe it deserved a perfect score of 10 I'd still give it a 9 based on the overall experience which is more than i'd give other games.



I mostly agree with you and would even add the hype train factor as a free pass (CoD anyone?) or the desire to be noted (I loved Heavy Rain, it was good to great, but the ammount of reviewers praising it was unreal, it's obviously not a game we expect everyone to enjoy)... but GoW3? Really?

GoW 3 not only were a prettier GoW, but a better game too. I rushed through GoW 1 and 2 buttle mashing, even in titan mode if I want. But in GoW3 you can't do that, not even on normal, unless you want to stay 5 hours fighting Hades. It also features way better animation, more upgradables that even gives a reason for the auto-regenerable yellow bar be (in GoW2 it was only for slowmo), more and better boss fights...

Maybe it only looses to GoWII in enemy variety (would have to consider the color swaps and still woult not loose by much) and GoW 1 in story (as in the first GoW Krato's past were constantly being revealed, while in GoW 3 he looks like not bothered by nightmares or his past anymore, except when around pandora or in the final nightmare).

I'm a fan of hack'n'slashers first and foremost and GoW3 was the game to push the franchise into my top10. It was an improvement in almost every aspect, I don't think it was overrated at all.


Uncharted 2 doesnt deserve a 10 and yet you are here complaining because REACH deserves a 10 and not an 8?? The irony.

To your information Reach has the BEST graphics of any HALO today. It also has the most colorfull graphics of any FPS available. It cant compete technically with KILLZONE 2 but on the 360 it is the best looking FPS. Smooth, colorfull, clean and incredible effects and lightning is what I have to say about REACH graphics.

So saying they gave the games with high graphics achievement a better score is just stupid and really showed how ignorant and fanboy you are.


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Meisadragon3414d ago

gamesradar, Halo reach isnt less than a 9.

Chuk53414d ago

Personally, I wouldnt know. Unless you have it (and proof) neither would you.
I can't wait for the game but each reviwers opinion is their own.


Because is more of the same. Its not proffesional to judge other games on both consoles based on how much they bring new to the table but give a free pass to the biggest franchises like Halo, Mario and Gran Turismo.

I said its an 8.5 game. Its the best Halo but its more of the same. Lets see the disagrees roll... LOL!


DatNJDom813414d ago

gamesradar, Halo reach isnt less than a 9"


Pandemic3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Someone can't accept a less than average score.... :P


Sorry to dissapoint you but its not a 5 hour campaing... even on the easieast settings. Im not going to give more details but the single player campaing is solid. the best of any Halo to me. Ohh and way more cinematic. Any Halo fan will drool over it.

Also for me this series has been overrated and overhyped since the first and im tired that to some people you cant say something negative about it without being called a SONY fanboy. Not everyone in the SONY camp like God of War and they arent 360 fanboys. The same here, they believe Halo Reach is an 8 so that doesnt change the mind of the fans who are buying it day one.


Redgehammer3413d ago

not that I don't accept the score, I just dismiss its validity. A Review is nothing more than opinion that is being presented for people to accept or dismiss. I have bever found Gamesradar to be a site that factors into my opinion forming process. However, I do subscribe to Gameinformer, Gamepro, and OXM, and I typically prefer the reviews from those publications more so than just web based entities.

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TheLastGuardian3413d ago

GamesRadar is the sh!t. They know what they're talking about. I find it quite hilarious that this game is not as good as you fanboys were hyping it up to be. Most anticipated GOTY my ass.

Redgehammer3413d ago

You are going to dismiss the perfect scores that it has been given by other sites and publications, and accept the 8 from gamesradar, and then call out other people as fanboys? that is TFF.

Imperator3414d ago

Actually, isn't Gamesrader normally biased against PS3 games and lenient on 360 games?

morganfell3414d ago

Yep. They have written some ridiculous pieces about PS3 titles at Gamesradar. Their coverage of games like Gears of War 2 before launch was so good and their negativity about Killzone 2 before launch so prominent that the guys at Neogaf ripped them a new ass. When one writer posted a query, this happened:

T9X693414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Gamesradar gave MW2 a perfect 10. After that, anything they say means absolutely nothing to me, PS3 or 360.

ReservoirDog3163414d ago

The 8 is summed up by this.

"Do you buy Halo mostly for the multiplayer? Then Reach is everything you'd want and expect from Bungie's final contribution to the franchise – perfectly polished familiarity with exactly the right amount of fresh features and bold risk-taking. If you're counting on an epic, sweeping and satisfying campaign story, however, you might want to keep waiting for Halo 4."

The singleplayer just isn't unbelievably, perfectly and astoundingly perfect. Not bad, just not perfect. And rather than sweep that under the rug, they let it show on their final score. But if you're buying this for the multiplayer, well, $60 incredibly well spent.

TheLastGuardian3413d ago

You don't know what your talking about. I go to gamesradar every day and listen to every Talkradar and I love them but some times it just pisses me off at how biased they can be against the PS3.

Unicron3414d ago

Wow. Interesting review setup. Will they extend this setup to every game with MP now?

Also, kinda sucks they're forced to give it one score for the BS known as Metacritic.

Good job Bungie, congrats!

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