Cataclysm Release Update, WoW events, PES Wii & Kevin Butler: PiMP Daily Dose 11-12/9

In this weekend's Dose with Janna and Christina, we look at two new World of Warcraft events, an udpate on the Cataclysm release date, Pro Evo Soccer 11 on the Wii, and Kevin Butler up to his old tricks.

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aceitman3419d ago

looks bad big ones are nice but they just look like shiiiiit

goldensfree3418d ago

wont b happy 2 see you wit his girls XD

i dunno notin wrong with some jiggle tho mouthful sized aint bad :D

Lock4tw3409d ago

Someone should tell that lady her tits r so fake,and maybe to eat some food.Stupid woman like that deface the REAL gaming hotties....

SeanRL3419d ago

Why the hell are they in bikinis?

SeanRL3419d ago

Not to me, they look retarded.

r1sh123418d ago

isnt this a try hard version of the daily fix..

aceitman3419d ago

thats my take but they are pretty but bodywise eeehhhhh

Typical Gamer3418d ago

Though in fact they are quite ugly (to me at least) and they speak with an accent I can't put my finger on, they're still women half nude reading gaming news and I'm sure someone will watch / click it just for that.

GuruStarr783418d ago

anorexic arms and big fake boobs.....mmmm

3418d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.