PlayStation Move games already on sale, even though Move isn't

PlayStation Move peripherals won't be out until September 14, but some stores have apparently already received shipments of Move launch games. Clueless employees have begun putting them on the shelves, offering consumers the fine opportunity to read instruction manuals 600 times over before they can actually play the games.

Neocrisis has posted some screenshots from a Wal-Mart with Start the Party, Kung Fu Rider, and Sports Champions on display. Of course, they all carry a label on the front cover which states "PlayStation Move Required." Good luck with that...

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Jamegohanssj53415d ago

Just like the PS3. They were selling games before the console released.


SeanRL3415d ago

Oh, and btw

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Jamegohanssj53415d ago

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. And also who ever disagreed are idiots. If you walked into Wal Mart they were selling the games a week before the PS3 came out.


0mega43415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

but the games were on sale before the ps3 launched

additionally move games are already available not only at walmart but additionally bestbuy

i think that this is not due to error but actually just how sony wants there games marketed

Elven63415d ago


It's more to do with ship dates, for such a big launch most companies would rather have games available to coincide with hardware when it launches asap than have shipments that may take a week or more to get to certain locations.

Depending on the game and retailer, a few local stores here won't get games in until a few days after official release simply due to how shipments work. Big name titles are almost always guaranteed to be available throughout the city though.

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KILLERAPP3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

I bought the original Resistance, one week before the PS3 came out…

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Chapulin3415d ago

I imported a copy and it works with the card instead of the PS move. That was a UK copy thou.

Mmmkay3415d ago

eyepet works just as well as heavy rain, re5 and hv bowling....

Neko_Mega3415d ago

Most PS3 Move games don't fully need Move, heck EyePet just needs the cam.

An anyways, Wal-Mart are dumb. They sold copys of Little Big Plant when it was being recalled, funny part is that if you had your cell phone out by the game case they ask you for your phone.

Because you can't take pictures in the store.

remanutd553415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

i have bought Eyepet last wednesday and i cant play it yet , can you tell me how to do it ? because i have tried and it keeps going black and saying theres no playstation move controller connected , how did you do it ?

EDIT: at Skv007 just what i thought , thanks man

WildArmed3415d ago

The US version of Eyepet is Move only.

The UK/EU version that was released last year (?) was operated by a card, no Move required.

Neko_Mega3415d ago

They didn't keep it the same? Wow, anyways like I said wal-mart is pretty dumb.

Neko_Mega3415d ago

lol some lame person disagree, I just went to Wal-Mart today and they had PS3 Move games and Halo Reach items out for sell.

We all know Halo Reach isn't do until 13th at Midnight, Wal-Mart is pretty dumb at not doing street dates and I wouldn't be shock if some people get ban from their 360's for having Halo to early.

WildArmed3415d ago

Most of the things are same between the versions, except in the UK/EU version you use a card that functions like Move.

It had alot of issues when they launched it so they chose to implement Move as it was more precise and provided better control of Eyepet.

I believe EU Eyepet is going to be patched for Move controls too. (though they might not FORCE you to use Move like the US version will)

Neko_Mega3414d ago

Wow, I was hoping they keep it the same and just update Move later, I guess that is the reason the push it back more.

Well that is nice to know now, I feel sorry for all the people buying the games and not being able to play them.

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