Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International video

Check out a video of the off-screen trailer that was shown at Microsoft's conference in Japan this week of Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International.

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aceitman3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

because they had a lot left over and need to get rid of over stock thats y its in english with japan subtitles

CimmerianDrake3426d ago

With SE's laziness and the overall sh*ttynes of this game, that statement is probably not far off from the truth.

jazzking20013426d ago

what goodies does the game come with?
international version reminds me of star ocean 4 when i came to ps3

TronEOL3426d ago

This is exactly what I was thinking.
What does this version have that's better than any other version available?
Not to mention the 360 version was less "pretty" than the PS3 version and on multiple discs.

So if they wanted Final Fantasy XIII, they would have bought it on PS3 already. Especially since Square said it was exclusive to PS3 in Japan. The Japanese 360 owners probably went out and got a PS3 (if they didn't have one already) to play Final Fantasy XIII.

Very odd move and I have a feeling they won't see much of a profit on this one. Just because they bring out a game on two consoles, doesn't mean it's going to match the costs of boxing it and advertising it.

Godmars2903426d ago

Is Square just wasting their time and money, or will this lead to short or even long term gains for them as well, more importantly, MS?

Or - what I'm personally hoping for - will this lead to Wada getting run out on a rail and out o the company with someone who will stop putting a black cloud over everything Square does being put in his chair?

CimmerianDrake3426d ago

Here are the features... ready for it?

*Drum roll*

-English theme song by that Leona Lewis chick that no one likes.
-English V.O. with Japanese subtitles.
-Easy mode.

That's it.

And this game is already stuck on a permanent easy mode, so I'd like to see what this does. You probably just put the controller down and let it play the game out for you.

Redempteur3426d ago

"my hands " is probably the DUMBEST move ever mad in localisation thsi year for a video game ..

it served no purpose ..
you're telling me that with all the money they've got they couldn't do a english version of the original song ?? like all the kingdom hearts got ?

nickjkl3426d ago

anyone else feel like them releasing this game on 360 in japan is useless

like theirs only around 1.4 million 360s in japan

and last i checked final fantasy 13 on ps3 in japan only already passed 1.7 million

rekof3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

And this is relevant news to 99,9 N4G-users how?
I mean its cool and all ,..

Japanese will love to hear their staple FPR in Engris I guess,.. One of these days someone is really going to kill Wada,

CimmerianDrake3426d ago

The Yakuza seem to need some work so...


It's a joke people, don't get your panties in a knot just because 2 FF fans happened to threaten his life. I wasn't one of them. I didn't even know Wada had a Twitter. Though, he is a Twit, so it makes sense I suppose.

mricecreamman3426d ago

wtf now 13 is going to xbox in japan. screw this exclusivity anymore!