X-List: Top 5 Halo 3 Maps

With Halo: Reach set to render Halo 3 multiplayer obsolete, Blair Herter and Morgan Webb take a moment to recall their favorite 5 Halo 3 maps.

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Cmen3421d ago

Guardian was my favorite!

lugia 40003421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Playing customs and 1v1s for 3 years in that map.

Also this list is all wrong
3-The Pit
5-...maybe Heretic

aviator1893421d ago

Guardian rocked.
I hope the re-release some favorite maps in some of the Reach DLC. Hang 'em High comes to mind.

STICKzophrenic3421d ago

Team Slayer/Social Slayer Favorites
1. Construct
2. Guardian
3. Narrows
4. Foundry (Grifball anyone???)
5. The Pit

Big Team Favorites
1. Avalanche
2. Sand Trap
3. Sand Box

I absolutely HATE Standoff. I always do horrible on that god damn map. No matter what strategy I try to use, I have a negative K/D spread.