Paid demos? We’re pretty much heading there

Extra Guy writes: If releases like Case Zero continue to happen publishers are effectively hiking the price of games another five spot. Sure, you can argue that it’s optional. You still get the full version of Dead Rising 2 in stores. But the horse armor was optional. So was the “ending” of Prince of Persia. This is just taking us one step closer to high priced, episodic games. A future where publishers chop up full games and offer them at inflated costs.

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Stealth Disagreer3416d ago

Its gonna happen eventually.... didnt ea say a few months ago they were planning on offering "premium" demos for games.... Case zero was a ton of fun but it only takes 1 bobby kotick to turn it into something evil and when that happens its up to us gamers to tell them to go to hell

meetajhu3416d ago

Looks like publishers are going to create more pirates.

nickjkl3416d ago

do want you want the life of a pirate is free you are a pirate YAR HAR FIDDLE DEE DEE

mastiffchild3416d ago

@meethajhu-well, they certainly seem hell bent on allowing the same ones we already have to run round pretending they're modern day Robin Hoods taking from the evil, uncaring industry for poor gamers.

I just don't understand why the industry ALWAYS takes a heavy handed approach and appears not to grasp how piracy stays alive or even why some people do it as a way of seeing if they want to buy a game even today. Giving longer free trials to gamers would take away any NEED to pirate games to "check them out" and remove an excuse for those determined to be greedy gamers.

If they showed us legit gamers, and todays' youth who NEED cheap used sales to keep in with gaming and grow into tomorrows big game supporters more respect/value wouldn't there be a more unified hatred towards piracy and the like? I think it can only be killed when gamers won't tolerate other gamers who do it and for that to happen the industry has to take some responsibility and show a little appreciation for those gamers who actually
pay for the whole shebang.

Sadly, we just get more abrasive and divisive moves like this one-because too many high up in the industry these days don't play or care about games today, let alone tomorrow.No, just this week's balance sheet and it seems easier to rape our wallets again and again rather than make better games or actually work with us to stop the blight of piracy. Someone who really cared about the future of games would surely not take such a short sighted stance, would they? Am I just being romantic about this?

Whatever, I'm sorry for going on but this really winds me up-and why does it always have to be us , the people who support gaming as much as time and cash allow, that end up being told to pay more because of the greed of both the industry AND the pirates?

~End of badly written and over long rant. Sorry to anyone who bothered sitting there reading my addled bollox!

mastiffchild3416d ago

It's a classic case of gaming thinking it's a special case and, as an industry, not doing things to include their consumer base enough. Most gamers hate piracy but tolerate others doing it and that's partially because the attitudes like the one behind greedy ideas like paid for demos makes the pirates seem almost fair enough as they can point to the industry being just as big tools as they are.

The same shortsighted nonsense drives the campaign against used game sales with little thought given to who actually buys their games used in the first place; kids with not enough cash for new ones or those temporarily too skint for whatever reason. Should used sales be curbed or made pointless I see a lot of future, possible gamers going to other, more inclusive hobbies. Personally, I found used games the only way to keep myu passion going as a kid with no money and certainly no way of finding more for new games should they have banned used sales back then. Without staying in touch/getting hooked when I could barely afford games new outside of birthdays etc and the same's true now-and wouldn't the best way to stop used sales be to, you know, make games good enough for us to want to keep for good.

Sadly, the gaming industry only looks as far as the pennies lost today and rather than deal with actual crimes like piracy(cos that would be difficult, expensive and really involve them treating gamers better so EVERYONE found piracy intolerable and we couldn't have that could we?). They could share with us some of the savings from digitally distributed games instead of keeping any value for themselves or stop crying about second hand sales that every other sodding entertainments industry sees as part of life and an indication that not everyone wants their film, recordings or books forever. It's not even as if, with today's emphasis on online play and modes that there isn't an inbuilt need for people to "get the new Madden" anyway and once they decide it's time for the servers to go down on a title where's your bonus for loyally buying their games brand new?

Sadly, all we hear is how gamers are pirates, how we're cheapskates stealing from the mouths of developers kids if we trade a game that we didn't find that good or how kids who would otherwise not be able to take part in the industry/hobby of gaming without used sales allowing them to turn into tomorrow's big game buyers are in fact killing games themselves. Not once have I seen an industry figure say they should up their own quality and make games good enough to make us want to keep them.

I'm not saying gamers are perfect, I know they aren't yet we won't all trust the industry enough to root out things like piracy while us legit gamers seem to be the ones paying for EVERYTHING. I just think this whole paid for demos issue is further evidence of the divisive methods loved by the likes of Kotick(and not nearly only him and Acti)where the money men rule over the creatives allowing marketing budgets to dwarf development budgets and desire cutting every corner and service they can for a little extra profit TODAY and sod who's gonna make up the market tomorrow. Gaming's being run by people who genuinely couldn't care less if there's games at all when they leave their current positions.

I could be wrong, of course, but am I the only one who thinks the industry would do better with a little respect shown towards those who pay all their wages ?.

Urrakia343415d ago

Little too much time on your hands if you're writing comments this long.......

Axecution3415d ago

but bubbles anyway, for being far more intelligent than i. xD

CombatEvolving3416d ago

Case Zero was a great deal, but someone is going to twist the idea into something terrible.

Nate-Dog3416d ago

If that's the case then it looks like footage and developer info is gonna be the sole decider for me buying or not buying a game. Probably is just a matter of time until it happens. Maybe even the same with things like betas.

whydoyouask3416d ago

I think a lot of people will be confused.

The demo's the we think it will be are the one we are used to. The short ones that just give a sample of the entire game.

But i heard that the paid demos will actually be a fairly sizable part of the game. Just like how you can try the first third of Fable 2 and purchase the next 2/3's...of course that is free...but whatever.

omi25p3416d ago

as i have said before, A demo is a tiny section of a finished game.

Games like dead rising case zero are entirely different its shows off some of the stuff that is going into the full games and tells the story of how you get to the full game as well as giving you a few hours of gameplay for a small price. Think of it as more of a DLC that doesnt require a the full game rather than calling it a demo

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