News from Suda51 – 3DS, more talk of another No More Heroes, more

- Sine Mora not being in WiiWare is Digital Reality decision
- Suda51 wasn’t sure how charging the laser katana in No More Heroes would be received by fans, but everyone loved it
- He believes you have to be able to take risks.....

More at source.

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turok3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

too bad.

edit: I think its becuz Suda wanted travis or someone from NMH to be on the next smash bros but this could only happen if NMH kept exclusivity to nintendo. then again snake and sonic are in SSBB so who knows.

EYEamNUMBER13418d ago

or it can just be that suda is a total nintendo fan hes always going about nintendo this and nintendo that i believe he even went on to say he would love to work for them

SpoonyRedMage3418d ago

Can't wait to see what Suda does on the 3DS!:D

scofios3418d ago

Can't wait to see the horror game he is making with Mikami .

hatchimatchi3418d ago

ditto, NMH is cool and all but i'm really excited to see the horror game they're working on. I'd love to see another killer7 game too.

AWBrawler3417d ago

NMH is almost a prequel to killer 7, cos Garcian Smith is on part 1. its an Easter Egg. Also Travis is in Killer 7

Venox20083417d ago

this man is great :) love his games...and ideas

pcz3417d ago

i revisited nmh2 and realised its so overhyped. suda 51 is all style and no substance.

LoaMcLoa3417d ago

As Travis would've asked: "Ok, are you on the pipe?"

AWBrawler3417d ago

Suda51 is the Quentin Tarantino of video games!!!!

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