8 Reasons To Buy COD Black Ops

Many think it will be the same game as the last release but with a different look which in return is preventing many from potentially buying. Here is 8 reason why the game is different and why it would be a good buy.

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T9X693418d ago

I actually never had a problem with any COD game, even MW2. The community is what ruins the game for me, and they did a damn good job of ruining MW2, which is why I sold it.

Jordanemery3418d ago

I think being able to get your own server will fix this a lot. Find a good clan that offers you a server to play on and hopefully it will help. I don't think there will ever be another online gaming play that some don't cheat, hack etc. on. But you have a good point, it's not the game itself. It's the people.

I do though think that if hacks, cheats etc. weren't possible, it would eliminate those that damage the rep of the game and the fun you have when playing.

0mega43418d ago

the community who exploits the games are the problem.

Yet with Black Ops were be able to report any hacker/glitcher/booster with the theater system


I agreed with everything on this list but the "Own a Cod Black Ops RC Car"
The 80 dollar edition with the maps is enough for me
I do not need a toy car when it cost 70 dollars more than Hardened

Nitrowolf23418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Omega i think every online game needs the ability to record, this will specially help in gamebattles and what a better way to report cheaters

Stealth Disagreer3418d ago

You might need 8 reasons to justify buying this but i only need 1 not to


ExPresident3418d ago

Have a bubble on me MR. :)

gamerzBEreal173418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

wow dude so u wont play any guitar heros call of dutys are anything by activision? thats just stupid... im sorry but it is so ur letting activision screw us AND missing out on awsome games? what is not buying the games going to do? it wont stop them

but there gamers not anything else they play GAMES! there not judges not lawyers but GAMERS do your job and play GOOD FUN GAMES! gamers takeing a stand? we sit down are whole lives and PLAY GAMES!

GarandShooter3418d ago

How is that stupid? He doesn't like Activision's business practices or more likely Kotick's arrogance. So he's decided to not support them with his money. What would you have him do? Bitch and moan on the internet and start a useless petition? It may not stop them but he's making a stand, based on principle. It's exactly what he and every other gamer dissatisfied with Activision should do, and maybe that would stop them. You could learn a valuable lesson from him.

mastiffchild3418d ago

Indeed Garandshooter. Activision's p;ractises stink and gamers should be respected more by publishers. If we were there'd be less excuses for and less community tolerance of things like piracy and cheating which would nprofit us all.

Thing is if we stay sitting there just playing the games people like Kotick who only care if the company makes a profit this year will possibly run the industry into the ground. To me it verges on slash and urn and if I don't want to support that kind of thing then it's my right to do so, As I love my gaming I also find a duty to say why I'm doing it too, in the hope a few others might just think about things a little more the next time they're at the game store( real or online). With men like Kotick in charge, men who don't play games and wouldn't even think about them should they change company any time soon the quality will eventually go downhill as the corner cutting gets worse and worse--and as the games fall into a trough of repeating the formula ad nauseum.

I'm afraid that stances like BK's could hurt one of my passions yet I should just sit and fiddle while my gaming Rome burns around me. Or does anyone think Kotick's in it for the games

getonmylev3l3418d ago

Activision isn't trippin on losing your $60 dollars

vickers5003418d ago

"It may not stop them but he's making a stand, based on principle."

I guess some people just play games differently than you do then. I play games to have fun, not to make a statement. But it's cool if that's your thing.

Soldierone3417d ago

Exactly, play GOOD fun games. There are plenty of them, and alot of them dont have Activisions name on them. You know how many other GOOD shooters are coming out instead of COD? How many of them wont have rip off DLC for 15 bucks? How many Guitar Heros and other games that are worth playing coming out?

Meanwhile Activision found a sweet spot with MW1, hasnt changed it since (similar to how the series hardly changed before) and wants to milk the hell out of your wallet. So you just sit there and say Thank You? Its not how it works. I dont buy the game, my friend doesnt buy the game, other online friends see me playing MOH instead so they join in, and before you know it CODs on a decline until they....actually improve upon the franchise and say "you know what, lets actually respect our fans."

GarandShooter3417d ago

'I guess some people just play games differently than you do then. I play games to have fun, not to make a statement. But it's cool if that's your thing.'

You misinterpret my post. No one is playing games to make a statement, well, other than 'I love gaming'. Stealth Disagreer is not purchasing games from one publisher to make a statement. Huge difference. He is willing to sacrifice not playing games from Activision in lieu of sacrificing his principles. That deserves respect, even if you disagree that the action is needed.

No where in my post did I say no one should buy Activision titles, but espoused this course of action for those dissatisfied with Acti/Kotick. If I felt the need to play CoD:BO I would just buy the game used so someone other than Kotick got my money and would encourage my friends to do so. Kind of having your cake and eating it too.

@ gamerz

I am a gamer and many other things as well. My life, my person, is not defined by a single activity. I hope you have more than gaming alone as well.

One does not need to be a lawyer or judge to be principled and to act accordingly. It's a poor course of action to wait for others to fix things for us, for more often than not we will waste out entire lives waiting. The common man is capable of making amazing changes, especially when banded together.

Kran3417d ago

Does it exactly matter who publishes the game? Would you rather have Activision or Respawn? Thats what I wanna know..........

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JsonHenry3418d ago

Zombies is the only reason I need to buy it.

Deputydon3417d ago


gtamike3417d ago

same old cod think of this game like a mod cause thats what it really is.

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CombatEvolving3418d ago

Halo Reach has 1-6 and balance.

Serjikal_Strike3418d ago

cuz Im sick of MW2 and bad co.2 as well

Nate-Dog3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

"New gameplay", "new online gameplay", zombies; not really anything new. The gameplay has a few minor changes but it won't really change how the game is going to play so I don't see how the changes can be described as "new" or "different".

And own a RC car, well my my I've never seen one of those!

gamerzBEreal173418d ago

not anything new? seriously? theres already so much new stuff in the game
new killstreaks ability to record matches custom charecters new guns you listed 3 reasons not 8 xD

vickers5003418d ago

Theatre mode, weapon customization, clan customization, emblem and icon customization, a complete rebalance of what we saw from mw2, combat training, wager modes (one in the chamber, gun game, sticks and stones), are not "minor" changes.

Hardly any good games even have a theatre mode these days. What are they, Halo and Unchared 2? And the red dot sight customization, emblem customization and clan tag customization are pretty new and different elements. What other console FPS lets you change the shape of the red dot on the red dot sight? What other console FPS lets you put your engraved clan tag on your gun? What other console FPS has modes like Gun Game, One in the chamber, and sticks and stones? What console shooter lets you have a theatre mode besides halo and uncharted 2?

I can't really think of any, and if there are any at all, they certainly didn't do a great job of standing out.

So yes, Black Ops is bringing something new to the table. Maybe not new as in the very first time someone has thought of something (but no upcoming games can claim something like that, except for maybe lbp2, but even then, they weren't the first people to think of the idea, just the first to implement it), but they are definitely bringing something new in terms of new that we haven't seen in a great while.

Soldierone3417d ago

Yeah thats stuffs all "new" and "out of this world" for all the casual players that havent ventured past COD lol....

Nate-Dog3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

@GamerzB: Killstreaks were in the previous game. Recording matches isn't really gonna change the game although it's good for anyone that likes making montages or things like that.

@Vickers: Yeah, but are those gonna change how the game plays? Are any of those to do with a new game engine, do they change how the game controls (like heavy or light)? They are minor changes because a new mode in an online section like wager mode, while something slightly different to other online, won't convince anyone to buy the game because it's just a small adaptation something already in the game.

vickers5003417d ago

You lack reading comprehension. Where do these things exist on a console game? Because not everybody plays pc games. Tell me, what other console games this generation have those things?

"Are any of those to do with a new game engine"

Not everybody cares about a new game engine. Graphics don't matter to some of us.

", do they change how the game controls (like heavy or light)?" So you think a game must completely revamp its controls with each sequel? I could most likely point out to you a lot of games that you like, that haven't changed their controls at all.

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Eazy-Eman3418d ago

8 reasons why I hate articles like these...

ExPresident3418d ago

1. Opinions pass as news on a site called 'News for Gamers'.

Lets change it to O4G.

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