How Uncharted 2 Saved My Life

The year was 2009 and Uncharted 2 had just come out. At the time this gamer couldn't be bothered to pick it up because Uncharted: Drake's Fortune had pretty much turned them off to the whole linear platformer thing. Not to say that the original Uncharted was a bad game. It's just that after playing Infamous how could they ever go back to an on-rails platformer again.

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3416d ago Replies(3)
3416d ago Replies(3)
gamerzBEreal173416d ago

a game saved u from a boring weekend? i mean games save me from a boring anything

BulletToothtony3416d ago

but 2 days ago they were writing about how uncharted 1 sucked.. man what a joke of a site..

doing it all to get an extra $10 from google ads.. what a joke..

hits whores.. man up and do some real journalism

OneSneakyMofo3416d ago

bitmob is pro-360. They're just trying to cover their tracks.

ABizzel13416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Can't you skip the cutscenes in MGS4. I know you can skip the flashbacks.

Anywho if you have a PS3 and haven't played Uncharted 2 you're doing yourself, Sony, Naughty Dog, and the entire PS3 community and injustice. The game is one of the best games ever. It's one of the few games that's great all around. It's hard to find a fault with this game, even if you're not into TPS/ Action/ Adventure games you should still give it a try.

Oh and Chloe all the way :D

Spydiggity3416d ago

but you don't speak for everyone. I love all those types of games you mentioned and i don't particularly like Uncharted 2 (even though i have played through it 3 times).

and here's someone that can find a TON of things wrong with it:

cjflora3415d ago

Hahahahaha, you played through the game 3 times even though you "don't particularly like Uncharted 2"? I call shenanigans.

Trebius3415d ago

I played it through 3 times on evil and twice on good, and unlocked everything, but absolutely hated it! /s

See what I did there, spy?

You're full of sh!t.

Spydiggity3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

of course you do, because you have a narrow perspective and like to express opinions without being at all informed.

i happened to spend the summer helping take care of a very very sick relative and i only took my ps3 to keep me entertained in my free time. i played through several games including uncharted 1 and 2. i played them cuz they were entertaining enough and pretty short so it didn't require a major investment of time and effort and they kept my mind off of what i was dealing with.

i realize ps3 fanboys are obsessed with anything that comes out on the system so when someone that isn't a fanboy says "i don't really like that game" the only thing your limited think juice allows you to come up with "he must not have played it." yes, i did play it (probably more than most of you) and no, i don't particularly care for it. and if you want proof (though i'm quite sure you don't cuz evidence doesn't work well for fanboys trying to make a case), add this name to PSN and you can compare trophies. although the last play throughs won't show up unless i hook up my ps3 to my router which i'm hesitant to do cuz i don't wanna sit and wait for ANOTHER 20 minute update to download and install.

@trebius same statement goes to you, moron. add me on psn. instead of calling me out for something you know NOTHING about, compare trophies...i'm willing to even bet i've got you beat in %completed.

my god, i hate you ps3 fanboys (all fanboys are terrible, but you ppl make everyone else look tame...sane even)

EDIT: okay, i hooked it the updates will be soon as this incredibly slow network sends me the rest of the patch.

vickers5003415d ago

Good job telling spydiggity what HE likes guys. /s


HBK6193415d ago

It's your wording SpyDiggity.

It just generally doesn't compute when somebody says they played through a game 3 times despite not liking it. It's like saying I watched Sex and the City 3 times over even though I despise it, but just watched it because it was on or something of the sort. If you don't like it, why play/watch it? You know?

Certainly you had extenuating circumstances that led to you playing it that amount of times, but it still isn't exactly something that makes a whole lot of sense at the end of the day. I would've just thought maybe pick a few games that you do like and play them instead? Or just a real time guzzler like a Fallout/Oblivion type of game to take your mind off things?

Also in regards to your PS3 Firmware issue, download the firmware updates from your Computer, save them to a USB and install it that way. Far quicker and less hassle so you can just jump straight onto the PSN.

PopEmUp3415d ago

is that UC1 is actually harder and scarier than UC2

morganfell3415d ago

Really spydiggity? Zero Punctuation? The reviews are funny but they are hardly valid. Even they know this.

And here is something else of which you and several others should be aware. No review site or magazine is valid that does not list a lengthy in-depth explanation of their grading standards.

It is bad enough they are so cowardly that 5 out of 10 is no longer average. But they fail to publish any sort of standards. This is of course omitted with purpose so they can change their minds willy nilly.

I despise every reviewer, every site, every one reviewing any game that is so yellow, idiotic, or corrupt they can't list in detail how they take an "OBJECTIVE" look at a game.

Of course as soon as one has standards then there is something to which you can be held accountable and despite their demands of publishers, developers, and hardware manufacturers, reviewers are the most irresponsible people associated with gaming.

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Red_Orange_Juice3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

"though Uncharted 2 didn't save my life "

cant you decide? bitmob articles suck and thats a FACT , I know what Im saying, dont argue

bjornbear3416d ago

I highly doubt it

FISHING FOR HITS CONFIRMED - a bad writer always compensates with a stupidly exaggerated title that has NOTHING to do with the article at hand.

vhero3415d ago

It only does saving lives! LOL taking a bit far I know..

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Then getting your penor wet would probably kill you. I'm glad you stepped away from the ledge (or whatever) and enjoyed Uncharted 2 (srs).

- loldidnotread

Red_Orange_Juice3416d ago

nah, hes was doing some pills and then said, damn i need to finish that damn game before I die, so he finished it, but then he was like damn I need to wait for Uncharted 3

coolbeans3416d ago

Cool, I suppose. I can imagine a few games saving my weekend.

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